Was it difficult to become a Footwear designer? – Interview with Mr Bailey – Concept Kicks

Was it difficult to become a Footwear designer- – Interview with Mr Bailey – Concept Kicks - The design sketchbook - industrial and product design sketching tutorials

Today, is meaningful to me. I am interviewing Mr Bailey, founder of ConceptkicksLab, a Footwear design and Development agency – and also Concept Kicks, a blog of reference about sneaker design. When I was student Mr Bailey published (still) awesome sketches from sneaker designers on his blog. It was a huge influence for me to become a Footwear…

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Don’t trust your first idea. You can create more than that!


I am now in the flight from Singapore to Bangkok. No movie to watch. Let me share with you a story from when my friends and I was student in design school. Our teachers told us often: “Do not stop at your first idea.” As a young student, it was tough to find ideas that…

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Majored in Civil engineering but in love with Design | Interview with Huang Li-Chung, 47yo

Majored in Civil engineering but in love with Design - Interview with Huang Li-Chung, 47yo - The design sketchbook - product and industrial design sketching tutorials

Today we meet Huang Li-Chung who has an atypical background. He took a common path (Civil engineering) but then decided to follow his passion for design. He definitely gave a new orientation to his life. I though it would be great to learn from him – so let’s discover some more from Huang Li-Chung through…

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Get a high distinction choosing a great topic | TIP137

Graduation Day

Wether you study Industrial design for 3, 4 or 5 years, you might end given a project to carry, defend and promote yourself for several months. The main obstacle you shall meet is the choice of your topic. Make sure it has a great potential, and that you love it ! I remember for my…

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Why being perfectionist will make you fail? |Tip125

Chung Chou-Tac The Design Sketchbook - Sneakers Quick Sketch Adidas

Today I would like to share with you an article I read from 99U, written by Elizabeth Grace Saunders, writer of The 3 secrets to effective time investment. How many of us who love Design Sketching have Perfectionism tendencies ? And don’t realise how much it affects our learning journey ? We may be our…

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9 Must-see website for industrial designers |Tip124

Le Manoosh Gallery

Nowadays, the world move fast, maybe too fast sometime. To keep updated a designer has to allocate some time at forecasting innovation and trends. I share with you some websites that I enjoy reading when I was student and still today. I share with you different type of content where some are more about Technology…

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How to publish a Design portfolio online? |TIP 123

Coroflot - Chou Tac - Footwear Adidas

Alessandro Millione from Italy Design student Q: How to publish a portfolio online ? Nowadays, it’s super easy to publish a portfolio online. There is several platform that allow designers from different field to put online there work and resume as well. It’s like a fusion of [LinkedIn x  Instagram]. If you are lucky, your…

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5 phases to present your project to your design company |Tip120

Funnel process - Target Design

Question from Nur Aktas Industrial design student, Turkey As a designer, how do you present your product to the company?As a designer when you present a project to your company (or a client), we don’t straight away present a final project. We set up few meetings in advance to build the project TOGETHER. Why ?…

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Sketching value and digital tools w/ Martijn van de Wiel and his classroom |TIP117

Introduction Design Sketching Class - Martijn

Martijn Van de Wiel is an Industrial Design teacher at Eindhoven University of Technology – I was pleased to be invited as a guest to converse with him and his sketching class. We did a Skype call Singapore – Netherland and had a great time sharing some points about Product Design and Photoshop. This course…

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Top essential art material for a student designer


When we first join a design school, we may receive an art material list. After a visit in any art shop, you realise that the material is costly and that our budget may be quite limited. But we start so excited that we tend to be non reasonable, and buy the maximum of things from…

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10 Tips to keep up as an Industrial Design student |TIP 114


If you have decided to join a Design School, get ready to sleep less. 😉 You will face new challenges and obstacles that drive you to change your daily habits for an exciting Design journey. I list a number of difficulties or situation you may meet during your journey, and hopefully give you some useful…

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7 reasons why designers use Photoshop |TIP113


Thank you Chetan Yadav for sending me your question. I remember I actually asked my self the same question when I was student. Q: Do I need to be proficient in Photoshop to work in the industry ? In the Product or Transport design industry, it usually doesn’t matter which software you use as long…

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How to keep Mr Procrastination away |Tip110


To constantly improve at Design Sketching, we know that Practice is the key. But M. Procrastination like to call us one time in a while. It may be a sign that we need a break. It’s ok. No harm.  Just don’t rest with him too long.* We all know how we feel comfortable watching movies…

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10 steps to Be irresistible at your Design interview


Anything can happen! The interview itself could be short, or could stretch on for upwards of three hours. It could involve an office and call for professional formal attire, or it could take place casually on a café terrace. You could be invited to take a plane to another country for a day for just…

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18 meters of sketches in 7 Days >> Roll of Paper Challenge |TIP93

7 days roll of paper challenge-feat

7-days Roll of paper challenge I started without knowing the lenght of the roll. But I needed to set up a time limit to the challenge. I took 7 days, fair enough. The challenge is not about making each sketch a piece of art, but a design journey to study and explore “new sketching territories”.…

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