Car design Tip | Sketch with the “Happy Accident”!

TIP 180 Car sketching using the happy accident - The design sketchbook

Hey guys, Today I would like to share with you a Tip I learned at my Design school. When I was student in Product design, I was so fascinated by Car design that I went to ask for information to the transport design students. One of them shared with me that his teacher one day…

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Wanna get cool design sketches? Do not start with details | TIP 162

TIP 162 Don't start with details - The design sketchbook - product and industrial design sketching tutorial - adidas sneakers drawing - cintiq wacom tablet

Should I get an Ipad Pro for sketching? I really like the idea of “On and draw”. That machine looks really cool. After so long, and deception with the previous Adonit Jot pen (Stylus for Ipad) – Apple seams creating something better than the Samsung Pro Note tablet. “Ipad Pro or not Ipad Pro? That…

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How to choose: Markers or Wacom tablet ? |TIP142


Daniel has just started Design sketching. Yesterday, he let me a public comment asking me a question that you may wonder as well: Q: I bought a Wacom tablet. Should I still practice with pen and marker by hand ? Hello Daniel, About the markers,if your school aims to teach you how to use them,…

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How to start digital sketching ? (Material and software)

Digital tools

When I was student (2003-2009), my classmates and I didn’t have any Graphic tablet at school to practice on. The first tablet I put my hands on was an humble Graphire* from Wacom I bought from the IT store.  I was so happy to make my first steps on digital that I doubled my walking…

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How I bring my IMac 21″ and Wacom Cintiq 22″ by plane ! | TIP130


I have just flied back to my hometown in France where I will set up a new office space to have more time to create new tutorials and great content for designers. Keep posted ! Today I share with you an experience you may face as well, and may also give you a lot of…

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Perspective | How to visualize and spot the converging lines? | TIP106 | VIDEO

sketching razor-converging lines perspective-sketchbook pro-feat

When you sketch an object, most of the time you can’t possibly draw the full set of Perspective: Horizon line Vanishing points Converging lines. However, it’s SUPER ESSENTIAL to always keep in mind the perspective rules to make sure that your sketch is correct. With practice, your brain will end visualising the converging lines intuitively.…

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Warm up drawing with a loose hand | TIP96 | Video


When you start a drawing session, you may wonder why your first sketches are clumsy. Your hand muscles are not yet that agile. It’s good to start with a bit of warm up. For that, draw anything with a loose hand. Warm Up drawing with a loose hand – Wacom Cintiq 22HD with Sketchbook Pro…

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The Wacom tablet I get cheaper than a Cintiq


For a student, buying the Wacom Cintiq is most of the time a dream. It’s so expensive. Let me tell you more about the alternative Wacom product I used to have. However, note that it seams to be tricky to find a retailer if you don’t live in Japan. The Wacom tablet I get cheaper…

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The furniture I get at Ikea to install the Wacom Cintiq 22HD


I am the happy owner of a Cintiq 22HD Touch for 10 days already. I faced some problem that some of you may face as well. I share with you how I fixed them getting suitable furniture at Ikea. I started with a bit of difficulties to draw on the tablet. Why? It was not…

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Do not skip your perspective lines |TIP63


Last month I was in Penang, Malaysia. I took my sketchbook and sketched outside what I saw. This week I decide to try reaching the next level. Instead of reproducing the reality, I want to be able to create my own environment. I start to gather some inspiration digging pictures from my different trips. Above,…

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First day with a Wacom Cintiq 22 HD Touch


This article is not a review trying to give a mark to the product. It’s just a share about my first impression and real experience. You will see the plus and minus I met as a Cintiq new user. 22HD or 24HD ? Two different format. XL or XXL ? The Cintiq 22HD is the…

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Just started with a digital tablet? Don’t panic |TIP59


I have just acquired a new Wacom Cintiq 22 HD tablet. I though I would get used to it quickly, I was wrong. It took me few hours to get some results. I remember my first tablet. It was a Wacom Graphire 2. It has the colourful Macintosh look. It’s a classic tablet that you…

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When I saw the Samsung Note Pro 12.2, I couldn’t resist drawing something on it. The tablet carry a customized version of Sketchbook pro.* * That you can’t find on a Windows Surface 3 expo product. TIP 21 To get a tablet, Do not believe the specs My first tablet was a Graphire Wacom tablet.…

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Sketching with the Samsung Note Pro 12.2 | Tablet Review


Chilin at the airport, I made a stop at the IT store. I saw the latest Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 inch tablet – with a sensitive pen pressure feature . It really looks promising.  Let’s have a closer look. Two birds one stone Why not sketching  the 11th sketch at the IT shop testing…

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How to get a more sensitive pen with Sketchbook Pro? | MAKE YOUR SKETCH CHANGE THE WORLD | TIP 8 – 9

Head close-up

Earphone is a great subject for sketching various forms. They could be organic or minimalist. Today is just a quick sketch of an earphone which got a flat wire. The plus is that you could easily customize or replace the wire color. Simple. Did you notice that most of defectuous earphone come from the wire…

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