[the Designer Starter Kit] design sketching Book in Spanish!

A good number of you guys come from countries speaking Spanish, such as Colombia, brazil, Spain…  and some asked me if I would consider a translation of [the Designer Starter Kit].

the Designer Starter Kit eBook Cover in Spanish

  • Guía1 Prepárate con 5 consejos
  • Guía2 Dominando el bolígrafo
  • Guía3 Tener un sentido de la proporción
  • Guía4 Ver en perspectiva

the Designer Starter Kit eBook Materiales in Spanish
the Designer Starter Kit: Materiales

the Designer Starter Kit eBook in Spanish Consejo Dibujo virtual
the Designer Starter Kit: El dibujo virtual

After discussing with some of you, I though it would be great to make a try!
I would like to thank Oscar Campo, reader of the blog for his precious help at translating the eBook. He did an amazing job.

the Designer Starter Kit Spanish eBook Perspectiva
the Designer Starter Kit: Perspectiva con 1 o 2 puntos de fuga?

Design sketching is a universal language. I hope [the Designer Starter Kit] eBook could help many more countries.

To get the eBook, you just need to Sign up and I will send you the guides in both languages: English and Spanish.

See you!

PS: If you have already subscribed to the blog, you just need to check your email. I have already send a copy of the Design Sketching guides in .PDF to you guys. Any question, feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

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