Why anyone with GOOD LOGIC can learn how to sketch ?

Hello from Osaka !

I am travelling with my good friend Eliane and her big family in Japan.
We are a group of 10 people travelling all over Japan ! :).
Last night, we arrived at a new apartment near Namba area, we rented for few days.

After unpacking my things, I sat on the sofa,
Switch ON my Samsung Pro Note graphic tablet and started to give correction to my students of Sketch Like The Pros course.

The 2 youngest kids of the group, Angelina (11yo) and Theo (12yo) came to look at my tablet to see my student’s sketches.
They looked interested even though they did not know much what “Product design” is about.
Most important, they was curious and felt attracted by the drawings.

I told Theo how sketching is fun.
And her mom Loan, with enthusiasm and encouragement said he could also learn sketching like how I did !
We never know, she may have planted a little designer seed in her mind ? 🙂
Then Theo said he’s very bad at sketching.
I guess he meant that he doesn’t have the required skills to succeed. I replied him If only he could see my first sketches !

Here is the sweet spot.

The reason why most people fail or never start – is not a lack of skills, but a misunderstanding.

I call this “the mythe of the innate talent” that is most often relayed by people who themselves don’t know how to sketch… who somehow think like “I can’t do it, why could you do?”.

Have you ever heard:
“It’s only for gifted people.”
“To become a great sketcher, you HAVE TO be a great artist !”
“Oh of course he can succeed, he has talent. Not you.”

It’s all simply FALSE. And super wrong.

To illustrate my point of view,
I gave Theo a straight forward example.
Let’s say you wanna learn Piano.
Do you think you could play well from start ?
The answer was no.
You will have to go through the basics and get exercises to practice first, right ? So only you can soon enjoy playing music !