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Portfolio application for Design school // with Art Center LIVE Q&A CHAT // Take some notes !!

START (0:00) Hey guys! How you doing? Today, I’m pretty excited because we have done something which is pretty new. So for the first time we have organized a Live Q and A chats. We have the followers of the Designs Sketchbook Blog and we have ART CENTER College of…

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mr bailey footwear designer interview

How to Become a Shoe Designer? | Mr. Bailey –

[caption id="attachment_16682" align="alignright" width="345"] Mr. Bailey, founder of Concept Kicks[/caption] Today we discover how Mr. Bailey's experience can help you on How to become a shoe designer. Today's interview is meaningful to me. When I was a student Mr. Bailey published (still) awesome sketches from sneaker designers on his blog.…

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