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How to draw shoes

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The good way to start to draw, with valuable advice.

– Marco, Italy, Designer in Aircraft interiors company

The designer kit is a great intro to learning how to sketch! It is not intimidating. Very easy to understand lessons.

– Cad, USA, Environmental Graphic Designer

It was a fun start. Looking forward to more lessons

– Dheepan , Singapore, Mechanical Engineer

It’s an awesome tool for beginners or even advanced designers to help then to control their pen in a better way and to always remember how to practice.

– Vitor, Brazil, Product Designer

It really helped me to sharpen my sketching skillsss !!! Thank you so much for making it! 😀

– Devanish, India

It really helps me to sustain the habit of sketching every day!

– Aisha, Belgium

The art to explain drawing simply.

– Amit, India

Well….All I can say is that all tips and basic exercise help a lot . So for me this kit is good tool.

– Julio, Brazil

It’s amazing! I think this is the ideal way to start off sketching for a beginner. It is channelized into a proper manner in which there is a proper learning flowchart with illustrations and notes in the side of each instruction just to keep checking on what you learned! Brilliant stuff!

– Sumedh, India

It was really well done and nicely presented. Everything was well explained and easy to understand for people who have just started to learn all of these things. For me it’s a nice reminder of how some things work and I will for sure recommend it to other people!

– Igor, Australia

I think its amazing, it helps me to understand and know how i have to do the essential parts of a sketch.

– German, Colombia

It’s simple, easy to read and understandable, a really good portfolio look like for the document, and the pics are self explanatory.

– Camilo, Colombia

I feel the Designer Starter kit will be beneficial for the people like me, who are enthusiastic about art and design. Thanks for providing such a great platform!!!

– Manisha, India

I think that the designer starter kit is very good for an aspiring designer. I hope you will make more of these kits also for with more advanced designer. Thank you very much for the effort!

– Fadi, Netherlands

Really like it Nicely layed out although its a really nice start I wish it had gone deeper. It would have been a great tool for my kids and some of their friends that i give lessons to.

– Steve

First of all, amazing insight into some of the fundamentals of sketching. I have been drawing for a long time now but not always in the right manner. Your guide will definitely remind me to keep the healthy habit 🙂

– Rudy, India

It’s really helpful. It is what it is, a great starter kit. Very well explained and entertaining.

– Xicotencati, Mexico

Download the Designer Starter Kit

Learn the proper drawing posture (sample)

Download the Designer Starter Kit

Easy perspective drawing (sample)