Drawing a glass with ice cubes

How to start a daily drawing routine? (Beginner sketcher)

Are you a beginner sketcher? First of all, You don’t need years to learn how to sketch. But you need to realise: Your sketching results don’t depend on HOW LONG you practice drawing but HOW you practice. You could spend thousands of hours drawing the wrong way and repeating the same mistakes, you still do…

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design competition idea lamp bulb

Is it competitive to become a Designer?

“Is it competitive to become a Designer” is a legit question. But… It also means:  “Is it risky to become a Designer?” Alright! I will answer this. First,  I want you to reverse this question to trigger something important. Ask yourself this: “Is it risky to miss your chance to become a designer and trade…

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iteration mindset

How to Learn Drawing Faster (with the Iteration Mindset)

Today, I give you 1 sketching rule you absolutely need to learn from start. Most beginners struggle at sketching.Some evolve faster than others. You wonder why. Let me share with you how the main Sketching rule you need to adopt now to learn drawing efficiently and so much faster than you do now. “How long…

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How to Draw a Plug Easy (Block Sketching Technique)

How to Draw a Plug Easy (with the Block Sketching Technique) Today, we draw a plug design by APPLE. And you learn the Block Sketching Technique. Study it and it will open in front of you a door with an infinity of Product sketching possibilities! To follow this tutorial, you need to go through the…

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Do you have this character trait to succeed (Design career)?

No matter how good you are in drawing by today, a more important character trait you need for your design career is Courage. When you’ll become a professional designer, you will fight daily for your ideas (with your team). A designer faces the superhero journey daily as a leader, creative and problem solver. Today, if…

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Designer working at desk with coffee

So, you (really) want to Become a Designer? | It’s possible.

Have you ever heard about this? “You can’t have a career in Art. It’s a hobby.” This belief needs to be strongly demystified. It’s one of my mission with the Design Sketchbook blog. : ) Today, I still see plenty of people follow the “Corporate path” instead of listening to their “Creative calling”. I receive…

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Lizard drawing

8 Reasons Why You Should Sketch Daily (Having Fun!)

DRAWING CHALLENGE TIP-A-DAY 14/30 Are you? Are you thinking about Sketching Daily (or at least more often)?Let’s see the 8 benefits to draw anytime without pressure and happiness. At the end of this article, you may feel inspired to start drawing daily by tomorrow or even today! : ) Feel Daily Inspired I’ve just gone to an…

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How to draw cast shadow on sphere step by step

How to Draw a Sphere | Easy Shadow

There are plenty of complex explanations of “How to shade a sphere” on the Internet. And they are overwhelming! This following 6 steps shadow drawing tutorial is made easy:I made it simple for Industrial design beginners to start gaining confidence in sketching with “How to draw a sphere with easy shadow”. I believe in learning…

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Insta Stories puppy filter on my drawing portrait

FUN: Publish your drawing portrait on InstaStories (Puppy filter)

Wanna play something cool? I have a fun and easy game with Instagram for you to play with your phone camera! This morning, I experimented with the Insta stories filter on my portrait drawing, and it worked! Follow these 3 simple steps: STEP 1| Draw someone’s portrait STEP 2| Open your Insta stories and select…

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How to draw a body - Character Design sketching

How to Draw a Girl Body| Character Design Sketching

DRAWING CHALLENGE TIP-A-DAY 10/30 Hey look: To draw an attractive character design (male or female) with clothes, the outfit has its importance. However, to succeed is counter-intuitive: You have to start by drawing the (nude) body first. Then we will draw the fashion clothing style. Let’s see together how in the video: 1. Find a…

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How to draw a bike pedal with digital tablet

How to draw like a Concept artist | INSPIRED BY BIKE TECH

I’ve always been fascinated by bikes tech from Shimano since my childhood. You know this bike handle or brakes where you see their white logo. My friend in Singapore started to ride a bike for Food Panda delivery. He has sent to me pretty pictures of his new bike. That’s how I got the idea…

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How to draw a skull with ballpoint pen

How to draw a skull easy | Ballpoint pen art

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE 6/30  I’ve just arrived in the new Taco restaurant: “TACO DEL SOL”They have such a great skull logo! I always keep my ballpoint pen in my pocket ready to draw anytime.Waiting for my taco to arrive, I want to show you how to draw this 2D illustration into 3 dimensions drawing. It’s…

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How to draw with proper standing posture

How to Draw with Proper Standing Posture

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE 5/30 You love going out drawing urban sketching, statues in a museum, people in the street, do product observation in shops… But you struggle to draw on the go? To solve this, I found a great accessory to make drawing outside fun and comfortable. So you can draw anything you see standing…

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5 Tips to find your best ballpoint pen for drawing!

5 Tips to find your best ballpoint pen for drawing!

This morning, I arrived 1 hour early to the Consulate of France. I walked around to kill time and I found a pen shop! Let’s test some pens to look for one with good comfort and that will bring higher results in drawings for your sketchbook! 5 good practice to choose the best ballpoint pen…

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How to draw Cylinder forms (to create many products)!

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE: 2/30 TIP 1| Draw with a Papermate Flair M Learning a new technique is often intimidating at the start. As a beginner, we lack precision. This is why I recommend you to practice with a thicker felt nib: The Papermate Flair M is my favorite. Draw without looking for perfection and enjoy…

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