My new tech accessory: the Ergotron for Wacom Cintiq 22 !


Hey guys, Today I am super excited as one of my dream has been realised ! As a user of the Wacom Cintiq 22HD, I did myself a little present: The Ergotron arm ! If you are also a Wacom Cintiq user, I think you are gonna love it !  What is this about ? The Ergotron…

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7 Colour and Graphic websites to get inspired from for your mood boards


When I was student, we made a lot of mood boards to visually communicate on the brands, users and products. We spend hours looking at relevant pictures to convey our ideas on our presentation board. One of the main issue we faced was finding great websites where we could get unique pictures – so our…

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How to choose a ball point pen for sketching ? With Brent George pen test selection.


Hey guys, Which pen are you drawing with ? (Tell me in the comments !) If you are still wondering with which pen to start with, let me share with you the series of test from Brent George, one of my student at Sketch like the Pros did during the Module 1. I hope our today article will…

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Show all what you got in your design portfolio!


It’s 4:58 am and I can’t sleep. I guess I am still a bit Jetlagged after my 28 hours journey door to door from France to Singapore. I was in bed with my mind fully awake thinking about writing to guys. And I remembered something when I was at school, there was an interesting debate about:…

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Interview with Vincent Védie, who never gave up to follow his dream as a designer


Hey guys, Many of you told me it’s valuable to discover more about the profession of a Product designer – knowing more about the real life out there after your design school. Today, I am very happy to introduce you my friend, Vincent Védie. We are good friends and he has been my classmate for 4 years…

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Should I start learning to sketch on paper or Ipad Pro? | TIP 185


Hello from Paris Airport! It’s 6.19am, and I am waiting for my flight to Singapore with a transit at Ryhad. Today I wanna share with you a question I received from Yanik, who left a message on one of my video tutorial on Youtube. Oh, I will keep you updated about the preparation of the online…

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7 ways to build confidence in yourself as a designer


Hey guys!! I have been travelling these last 3 weeks in France, Boston and New York visiting family. Today, I am pretty excited to share with you something only a few know about. I tell you more at the end of this article! 🙂 But first, the topic of the day is something that matter more than anything: it’s self-confidence.…

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12 tips to progress faster as a student designer

12 Tips to progress faster at your design school - The design sketchbook - product and industrial design sketching tutorial blog

  Erwan who is an upcoming student product designer, has just send me an email. He’s from France, 20 years old and will join soon the ISD Rubika design school at Valencienne (in France). How to start in great condition and progress fast? Hey Erwan, Your question is pretty interesting as it’s a sign that you are proactive, which…

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Start your sketch with a light pen pressure |TIP 182

TIP 182 Draw with light pen pressure - The Design Sketchbook - Product design

It’s late at night, it’s quiet and I suddenly saw a small booklet I handmade with watercolour paper and a golden pliers I bought at Tokyu Hands shop. I grab the closest ballpoint pen I see and sketch. Sketching is like practicing sport. Start with a warm up! My first lines are a bit rigid. So…

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Rise your perspective skills – by dividing a box

TIP 181 Divide a box using 3 point perspective - the design sketchbook - product design sketching

Hello!! I have prepared for you a cool VIDEO tutorial introducing the 3rd point perspective! It will give your sketch an extra level of realism!  This tutorial will help you visualise simple volume in 3D space. We’ll be using simple rule of geometry (division and subdivision) that will help you to trim your volume with precision, but…

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Car design Tip | Sketch with the “Happy Accident”!

TIP 180 Car sketching using the happy accident - The design sketchbook

Hey guys, Today I would like to share with you a Tip I learned at my Design school. When I was student in Product design, I was so fascinated by Car design that I went to ask for information to the transport design students. One of them shared with me that his teacher one day…

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How to draw the Nike Air Max | The Sneaker 1 minute sketching tutorial

TIP 179 How to draw Nike Air Max sneaker - the design sketchbook - product and industrial design sketching tutorial

These days, we have been talking about Footwear design with Mr Bailey from Concept Kicks, so I felt it would be cool to publish the second 1 minute tutorial about How to draw a sneaker – and we’ll be using the Nike Air Max, the lady version. I have a personal preference for lady shoes as their…

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Was it difficult to become a Footwear designer? – Interview with Mr Bailey – Concept Kicks

Was it difficult to become a Footwear designer- – Interview with Mr Bailey – Concept Kicks - The design sketchbook - industrial and product design sketching tutorials

Today, is meaningful to me. I am interviewing Mr Bailey, founder of ConceptkicksLab, a Footwear design and Development agency – and also Concept Kicks, a blog of reference about sneaker design. When I was student Mr Bailey published (still) awesome sketches from sneaker designers on his blog. It was a huge influence for me to become a Footwear…

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How to draw a coin? | The 1minute tutorial!

TIP 178 How to draw a coin with the 1 minute tutorial - The design sketchbook - Product and industrial design sketching video tutorial - ellipse

Hey guys, Because you are super curious at discovering new things, I am trying a new format of SUPER SHORT video tutorial and I would like to get your opinion about it. After watching it, let me know in the comment if you would like to see more of these. 🙂 I will carry on with…

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“Don’t focus on the end result, but your drawing journey!” – Roy Pallas | TIP 177

-Don't Focus on the end result. But THE journey!- Roy Pallas - Blog le dessin

  Hey, Today I wanna share with you a motivational TIP I learned from my friend Roy Pallas, from the French blog: (blog-the-drawing) I knew his blog before I met him in person. I am happy to say that his blog is full of generousity and kindness – like how he is in real life.…

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