Drawing a glass with ice cubes

How to start a daily drawing routine? (Beginner sketcher)

Are you a beginner sketcher? First of all, You don’t need years to learn how to sketch. But you need to realise: Your sketching results don’t depend on HOW LONG you practice drawing but HOW you practice. You could spend thousands of hours drawing the wrong way and repeating the same mistakes, you still do…

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design competition idea lamp bulb

Is it competitive to become a Designer?

“Is it competitive to become a Designer” is a legit question. But… It also means:  “Is it risky to become a Designer?” Alright! I will answer this. First,  I want you to reverse this question to trigger something important. Ask yourself this: “Is it risky to miss your chance to become a designer and trade…

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Designer working at desk with coffee

So, you (really) want to Become a Designer? | It’s possible.

Have you ever heard about this? “You can’t have a career in Art. It’s a hobby.” This belief needs to be strongly demystified. It’s one of my mission with the Design Sketchbook blog. : ) Today, I still see plenty of people follow the “Corporate path” instead of listening to their “Creative calling”. I receive…

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Lizard drawing

8 Reasons Why You Should Sketch Daily (Having Fun!)

DRAWING CHALLENGE TIP-A-DAY 14/30 Are you? Are you thinking about Sketching Daily (or at least more often)?Let’s see the 8 benefits to draw anytime without pressure and happiness. At the end of this article, you may feel inspired to start drawing daily by tomorrow or even today! : ) Feel Daily Inspired I’ve just gone to an…

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Drawing people and sneakers at hospital

2 TIPS to improve your drawing skills (even if you are busy)

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE 9/30 If you wonder how to improve your drawing skills, you may find great opportunities in all the “in-between moments” of your day. It could be in transportation time in the bus or subway, waiting for the doctor, after your lunch you have a dozen of minutes before going back to work……

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The 5 mind shifts to keep up and succeed in your Design school!

New project upcoming! Before starting, I am happy to share with you I’m working on a New blog specific on Shoe design! If you follow me for a while, you may know I did work for Adidas and other shoe design companies in other countries. I will be able to tell you more soon and share with you more on Footwear design over…

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How to become an Industrial designer | in 7 questions

Hello, It’s Chou-Tac, I’m very happy to have this conversation with you about Industrial Design. I received a series of 7 questions from Jimmy Huynh who has also a YouTube channel about Industrial Design. And he also has shared these questions with other YouTube channel designers. Alright, so let’s start. So with the 1st question!…

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A trick for artists and designers to beat the blank page

Hello guys! It’s raining. I stay home and I’m in the mood to sketch something. But what could I sketch? I don’t know what to sketch, and I’m facing my blank page on the screen. How to beat the Blank page syndrome? For years, I thought copying was Cheating. “Cheating is bad.” I told myself.…

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6 steps to be Extra-Ordinary

Hello guys, Have you ever see great sketches people do on Internet. You try. You Fail. You get angry. You give up. It happened to me so many times. We’ll see today how to get rid of this failing repeating pattern to get into a virtuous loop to keep learning and progressing. “How to become Successful…

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How to Start Drawing now | Overcome Procrastination

The biggest obstacle at learning a new skill such as drawing, playing music, singing, speaking a new language is… “Never starting”. We need to overcome procrastination. We feel like that “Resistance“. Something that pulls us away from our goal or passion by making excuses. “I start tomorrow! But…” Have you ever told yourself: “I start…

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Go from bored at home to Creative drawings

When I ask my friends how things going with the confinement due to Covid-19, they tell me: “Home is boring. Help!”  And Yes, I agree. It is! But I believe there are 2 kinds of boredom: The “Passive Boredom” when you watch movies and scroll social media all day. The “Creative Boredom” when imagination activates…

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Go Museum to Sketch (with your iPad)

Hello Design Sketchers! Please, go Museum to draw when the Coronavirus will be beaten. At this time, I recommend you to stay home and sketch! I am publishing this article with about 3 weeks late. I was in quarantine for 14 days with a limited connection in a military camp in Vietnam – since I…

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How to be in the top 10% student (School of Art and Design)

You aim for an interior, architecture, fashion, transport, or product design school… Great! But When you sign one of these schools of art and design, you know you will sleep less… and you will face plenty of obstacles on the way to graduation. Let me show you how I survived my design school and target…

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How to stop procrastinating

Today, I wanna give you a simple trick to stop procrastinating your homework for your design school.  You know when your school project deadline is coming, but your mind tells you “It’s ok. I’ll start tomorrow”. You know tomorrow will be tomorrow again and again… The power of momentum Let’s talk about housekeeping. We all…

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Create your own luck to “get your ticket” to become an Industrial Designer

“Oh! you are so lucky!” Sometimes, people say:  “Oh! You are so lucky! You can draw as a living!”. So far I remember, when I used to be a design student people told me:  “You are so lucky! Your are very creative studying in a design school!”.  Before my design school:  “Wow you are so…

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