Welcome and Congrats on joining this series of
7 beginner video tutorials, with the Designer Starter Kit!
We’ll cover the basics of sketching, step-by-step.

  • About art material, all you need is a ballpoint pen (I like the Bic Crystal and Papermate)
    and some blank paper. (I like the DOUBLE A 80g.)
  • We keep it simple to focus on your hand sketching skills,
    not expensive or complicated tools or software.
  • That way, you will surprise yourself with how from 24 hours
    to a single week of training can make you level up so much,
    even if you have never drawn before! 🙂

Trust yourself,
and let’s start with these 7 sketching tutorials for beginners!
(At the end of this series, I give extra videos to level up your skills even more!)

1- How to draw straight lines (no ruler)

– 16 minutes, 5 seconds

Today let’s draw straight lines freehand.
As soon as it gets too easy, try drawing long straight lines.

This is the most simple movement of drawing (after the dot) you need to master.
If you can draw well a straight line, you can build a good perspective setup for more advanced sketches. This is why we talk about foundations.
To communicate visually, we have to start with learning the “drawing alphabet”.
The straight line is the letter”A”.

TIP: If you struggle with your lines, you may check your body posture and desk setup.
Your chair can’t be too high, your desk can’t be too low.
Remember to do not rest your elbow on the desk, but keep your whole arm in movement.

Keep your elbow free of movement when you draw.

2- How to draw circles

– 5 minutes, 15 seconds

Have you ever wondered how to draw beautiful circles?
I show you why you failed for so long, and you can solve it with the ghost drawing!
After that, I invite you to try this fun drawing game where you draw the minions from your circles.
Because having fun is the key to success!

3- How to draw ellipses

– 18 minutes, 36 seconds

After mastering the circles, let’s draw ellipses freehand like a boss!
If it gets too easy for you, you can level up with this ellipses and cylinders tutorial.
Now, do you start seeing ellipses everywhere around the objects around you? Do you dream of ellipses? Are you becoming a geek of ellipses? This is for you: How to draw ellipses in 7 steps (in perspective).

4- How to draw squares

– 7 minutes, 1 second

One of the technique I use the most, is to turn the paper when I draw. So I don’t have to draw like a contorsionist if I want to draw my lines with a certain angle. To practice that, let’s draw squares!

5- How to gain a sense of proportion

– 5 minutes, 18 seconds

As a beginner, proportion is pretty tricky at start. That’s ok. I show you how a simple geometry trick can help you with better proportions.
If you are already familiar with perspective, here, is an extra exercise to practice proportions in perspective.

6- How to draw cubes with a 1-point perspective

– 7 minutes, 35 seconds

Pretty often beginners feel overwhelmed in front of perspective.
There are so many lines going here and there that you even don’t know how to start.

So I made this video to show you stroke-by-stroke how to draw a cube in an easy and simple way. (And the relaxing way)

In this video, you will realize it’s actually easy.
There is nothing to be afraid of drawing a cube in perspective.

With a bit of practice, you will know how to draw a cube from multiple angles forever!

7- How to draw cubes with a 2-point perspective

– 8 minutes, 44 seconds

Can you feel how your 3d vision starts to build up?
Now, let’s go to the 2-point perspective setup!


If you feel like a soul of a ‘sketching geek’, you might want to “perfect” your art, become more picky to level up your line expression.

That’s what these 3 extra videos are made for.


– 7 minutes, 33 seconds


– 8 minutes, 54 seconds


– 8 minutes, 7 seconds

+ HOW TO DRAW A PLUG EASILY (with the block technique)

– 15 minutes, 28 seconds

What to do next?

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If this series of basic tutorials for beginners helps you,
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