How to Fix your Curved Lines? (Check your Sketching Posture) Today I wanna share with you a common body posture mistake that may damage your sketching progress forever. The earlier you fix it, the better.
It’s a very simple thing, but worth adjusting if you are concerned.

I have received a video from Jasper who is a student of my course Sketch like the Pros.

He is facing some difficulties at drawing straight lines that tend to curve. So he asked me if I could help him to fix it.

Can you spot the mistake in Jasper’s video below?



Jasper’s shoulder is too high when he sketches.
That put him in an uncomfortable position where his elbow has restrictive freedom of movement. Whenever Jasper tries to draw a straight line, his full arm can’t move as he would.
Jasper body posture position How to fix your curved lines.
Rise your body posture with a higher chair. relax your shoulder so you can draw moving your elbow free.


If you make this drawing mistake as well, you have to double-check your chair and table height.

  • Your shoulder should be relaxed when you draw.
  • Remember that to draw straight lines, you have to move your whole arm.

It’s a very simple thing that unfortunately affects a lot of beginners who are not aware of the importance of body posture. You can learn more about the correct sketching body posture in this article.

If you wanna go further and starting sketching with the right habits, I invite you to receive the Designer Starter Kit. 

Hope it helps!
PS: Thank you Jasper for accepting to share your video with other members and all readers of the Design Sketchbook blog! 🙂

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