How to draw a skull with ballpoint pen

How to draw a skull easy | Ballpoint pen art

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE 6/30  I’ve just arrived in the new Taco restaurant: “TACO DEL SOL”They have such a great skull logo! I always keep my ballpoint pen in my pocket ready to draw anytime.Waiting for my taco to arrive, I want to show you how to draw this 2D illustration into 3 dimensions drawing. It’s…

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Sketch people with loose lines (drawing with my Ipad)

Hello sketcher! I show you the time-lapse of today’s sketching session at a cafe called Phuc Long in Ho Chi Minh City. I took a cup of Milk Tea with ice and sit outside to sketch with my Ipad Pro and Pencil. I put the earphone with music I love in my ears, and I…

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