Are you a perfectionist?
Did you know that personality traits slow down your progress?
Today I show you my secret sketching technique so you draw with your feelings and draw more ideas fast!

Start practicing this technique daily, and you will improve faster!

How to Draw Sneakers “Fast & Dirty”! (7min14)

  • 00:25 Draw with a thick nib
  • 01:12 Start drawing with the “Shoe Last”
  • 01:39 Add simple color blocking
  • 01:47 Select a dark grey
  • 02:57 Fail? Draw a new sketch!
  • 04:58 Imagine your design on a store shelve
  • 05:50 Draw Fast & Dirty!

I love trying new sketching apps
and testing them like a geek. 💻

I believe if you have an Apple Pencil,
​​​​​​​you may be like me too!

I use the app “Morpholio Trace” for Designers.
it is actually popular for architects, but it also gives great results for product and fashion design work.

The app is Free, and you can create 5 artworks.
Beyond that, you can subscribe to unlock all the features, including new brushes!

I drew Sneakers with the “Fast & Dirty technique” on my iPad!

Have you heard of it?

It’s a technique that most beginners
don’t know because they think they should sketch nicely and neatly to succeed.


to make amazing designs of sneakers or any product,
I recommend you need the “Fast& Dirty” way of sketching!

00:25 Draw with a thick nib

A great way to start a sketch is to choose a thick nib.

  • You purposely avoid neat sketching to go for messy!
  • You want to draw fast and spontaneously
  • You wanna express speed and organic shapes for your shoe design

01:12 Start drawing with the “Shoe Last”

Always remember the simple steps to start drawing a shoe.

Draw the shoe last.
I invite you to try this 1 minute tutorial on sketching a Nike shoe!

  • You will start getting your main form and proportions.
  • You will gain confidence from start by using the proper shape of your sneaker design.

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01:39 Add simple color blocking

Explore the various color palette included in MORPHOLIO Trace.
You will find plenty of great ones!

  • Select no more than 2 colors, and add a neutral such as white, black, grey, or beige for example.
  • I choose this mix of yellow and blue, a great combo for sports shoes!

01:47 Select a dark grey

To refine your rough sketch, select a dark grey to draw on top.
Feel free to create a new layer (optional).

  • You give more charism to your design
  • You add more details and can take your time to refine your ideas.

02:57 Fail? Draw a new sketch!

The great benefit of sketching Fast and dirty, is to be able to come up with many proposals fast!

  • Don’t fall in love with your design, you may be tempted to “save it” and waste your time with frustration, unfortunately.
  • Instead, drop your sketch, and do a new one using the mistake you learned. you will gain in productivity, and enjoy the creative journey a lot more!

04:58 Imagine your design on a store shelve

A quick test of the color combo you have applied is the store shelves visualization.

  • Does your design pop from the wall?
  • Is it easy to recognize and stand out from the competition?

Irregular lining for comfort

Love spending time on tiny details such as:

  • the lining
  • the logo
  • the shoe laces
  • some written indications
  • the texture of the shoe material
  • the Adidas stripes on the quarter
  • the outsole…

05:50 Draw Fast & Dirty!


  • We completed the core design in just 1 minute!
  • And we took 6 more to refine and add some quick color combo matching. 🙂

Drawing sneakers with Morpholio Trace on iPad

Keep studying and practice your shoe last.
When you can master it, your brain has a blue ocean of creativity to explore!

Sketching shoes is not that difficult.
We just need to learn the right way, and things get easy 🙂

If you want to learn step-by-step, with my VIP mentorship,
you can join my online course Sneaker Sketch Pros waiting list here.

See yah!


At the beginning of a design project, it is the creative phase.
We tend to draw very roughly.

Then, the more you get confirmed phases in your project,
the neater your sketches will become.

I explain to you more about
the 5 phases to present your design project in your company here.

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