Today we practice real products from SONY (or any favorite brand of yours like Bose, or Parrots)!
I want you to put your newly acquired knowledge about cylinders with fun!

How to draw a SONY Projector with Cylinder

Sometimes it is not easy to sit and draw – avoiding distraction.
Just now, I saw my dog Katy is itchy. She just caught a flea.

Anything can happen during a long sketching session.

  • The phone rings,
  • your dog or cat is seeking attention,
  • or you get water in the kitchen

But you need to focus and deliver your work sharp the day after in the morning at school or the design studio.

To help you sketch more often with better quality time,
I thought about making a simple and easy tutorial
where you could draw with me for 30 minutes.

  • Maybe 30 minutes may look long?
  • But perhaps it seems a short time to sketch for you?
  • It depends on how long you can resist distractions.

Get some paper and a ballpoint pen.
Let’s start our 30-minute sketching session!

How to draw a projector with cylinder for 30 minutes

Today, draw with me and see how much you can draw within that 30-minute timeframe.

You can use your ballpoint pen or your graphic tablet.
Both are fine. We will draw 4 variations of a SONY projector using a cylinder base.

4 projectors SONY using a cylinder base.

By learning how to practice for half an hour,
you will soon sketch for more than 45 minutes, 1 hour, or maybe all night!

Zoom in on projector sketches

There is a French expression saying:
“When we love something, we don’t count!”

In other words, we love drawing endlessly.

Zoom in on projector sketches

If you want to learn further about cylinders,
I recommend you practice with this sketching tutorial (beginner level):

How to draw an infinity of products with ellipses and cylinders.

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