How to Draw Straight Lines (4 exercises)

HOW TO DRAW STRAIGHT LINES | THE 4 CONFIDENCE EXERCISES Exercise 1: The ghost drawing Exercise 2: The constellation Exercise 3: The star Exercise 4: The pen pressure sensitivity Hello guys! Many beginners wonder how to get started in Industrial design sketching. You may tend to have clumsy sketches no matter how much effort you…

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How to draw from imagination (with Basic perspective)

HOW TO DRAW FROM IMAGINATION Hello ! It’s Chou-Tac, My neighbor came home to say hello. She’s a creative person and loves DIY for home decoration. However, imagination drawing seams impossible for her. She thought that Drawing is a talent that: “We born with it” or “We do NOT born with it”. The innate talent…

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How to Sketch an Easy Reflection Drawing | Beginner level

Easy reflection drawing on coffee carafe

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE 13/30Related article: How to draw a bottle (with a digital tablet) How about you? I have friends who go shopping only when they have something specific to buy. For me, I like to go there to find plenty of design ideas for free!Today I found a Coffee Carafe to inspire me to show…

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How to Draw a Sphere | Easy Shadow

How to draw cast shadow on sphere step by step

There are plenty of complex explanations of “How to shade a sphere” on the Internet. And they are overwhelming! This following 6 steps shadow drawing tutorial is made easy:I made it simple for Industrial design beginners to start gaining confidence in sketching with “How to draw a sphere with easy shadow”. I believe in learning…

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How to Draw an Ellipse Freehand

Do you lack confidence, and no matter how much you try, you fail at drawing freehand ellipses?Don’t worry, it is actually simple when you know these tricks: I start by showing the 5 common beginner mistakes. Then I give you 8 easy techniques to succeed your ellipses by today! Take a ballpoint pen, paper, and…

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How to draw multiple backpack designs with thumbnails

How to draw BackPack thumbnails

DRAWING TIP-A-DAY CHALLENGE 1/30 How to find ideas drawing with thumbnails? If you wonder what to draw, thumbnails are great to generate ideas. I love drawing with thumbnails. It’s a fast sketching method to come up with multiple and creative ideas in a very short time. Multiply ideas fast. You don’t want to make 1…

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24 Drawing Tips to raise your Product Design skills

Today, I would like to share with you how you can start drawing from a reference picture to create your own product design! I started to search on Google pictures about tools and found out an interesting cordless grinder. I like its mechanical features. I share with you a series of 24 sketching tips to…

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How to Draw Sneaker design with a Dynamic style! (with your ballpoint pen)

HOW TO DRAW DYNAMIC SNEAKER DESIGN Transcript: How to draw from static to Dynamic Sneaker Sketch Welcome to so feel free to go on the blog to get some more free tutorials. From Static to dynamic Sneaker Sketch Design Okay so in today’s video we are going to see how to draw sneakers from…

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How to Progress Faster using the “Copy-Doodle Technique”!

  First of all, I’m thinking of reopening the doors of my sketching course soon! (I open only 1 or twice a year only) In the next few days, I’ll send you an email asking for your personal input. :)) Stay tuned!One of the “Super power” of a designer is to draw form imagination FAST.But before being able to create, it is essential to learn how…

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Sketching Tips on iPad Pro | with CONCEPT APP

You can download concepts app here for iPad Pro or Microsoft: Hey guys, Welcome to And today we discover the app Concepts on iPad Pro! But first of all, I have here a very special glove which is going to help me to solve one of the major problems that issue that has…

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My 1st sketch on the app for Product designers: SKETCHA on iPad Pro

Hello ! My friend and student Oliver Esther recommended me a new sketching software called:  SKETCHA. I couldn’t wait  to make a try and show it to you! Hehe. The software is minimalist. And it helps you draw with dynamic lines! I am glad to discover that it has been created by designer for designers!…

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How to Draw Hatching (and Rise your Speed of Sketching)

Hello!   I hope you are having a great day! : )   In product design sketching there is something essentialyou need to have: It is your Speed of sketching.   That’s why I’m going to help you with today by teaching you how to draw Hatching.   I do use Hatching in all my sketches:    …

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Sketching Tips with Harley Quinn! (Photoshop)

If you follow me for a while,
you know how I invite you to explore diverse sketching style
to build up your own as a Designer.

If like me you like the Marvel and DC, you might like today video :).

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36 Sneaker Sketching TIPS | 7m. Drawing Challenge!

To make sure you receive news on the launch of the Sneaker Sketching course, make sure to Register to the blog! 🙂 It took me 10 hours and 30 minutes of sketching to complete the 7-meter canvas in 4 days. It’s an amazing experience I recommend you to do once in a while to sit, focus, and enjoy drawing…

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A simple trick to draw sneakers more real

Sneaker drawn by Amor Jiménez // Loveworks_design

Hello Design Sketchers! Last year I met Amor Jiménez in Madrid. 🙂 I met him in real while eating croquetas in his home country! We were sketching on the coffee shop table with Antonio and Pedro Luis. We all have in common the passion for design and Sneaker sketching too. I even made a Live sneaker…

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