Draw Sneakers with the “Fast & Dirty” Technique!

the fast and dirty way to draw sneakers

How to Draw Sneakers with the “Fast & Dirty Technique”! (7min14) 00:25 Draw with a thick nib 01:12 Start drawing with the “Shoe Last” 01:39 Add simple color blocking 01:47 Select a dark grey 02:57 Fail? Draw a new sketch! 04:58 Imagine your design on a store shelve 05:50 Draw Fast & Dirty! I love…

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How to Draw New Forms (Fast and Easy)

how to draw new forms - sony earphone design

How to Draw New Forms (Fast and Easy)| Sketching SONY Earphones 11.59 minutes I have a new sketching video tutorial for you. 🙂 If you face the blank page pretty often or if you feel your drawings always look the same Try this creative technique:You will generate maximum ideas in no time! > What to…

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Contour Lines | Drawing Tips and Tricks for Designer

Contour Lines | Sketching Tips and tricks for Designers ChouTac Chung

Receive your FREE copy of the Designer Starter Kit here CONTOUR LINES | Drawing Tips and Tricks for Designer 10.02minutes When I started as a beginner designer,I wondered how professional designers come up with sketches so fast! (and so good!) One of their main secrets is The Contour lines. We cover that today! Take a pen!…

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How to Draw Japanese Skewers in 5 steps! | FOOD DESIGN

how to draw japanese skewers in 5 steps - food design

FOOD DESIGN: How to Draw Japanese Skewers in 5 steps! 13.10minutes Did you know Designers could make Food designs?| remember, food design was one of our school project at my 1st year of Product design school. It was so much fun! BONUS: You can download the printable tutorial file at the end of the article.…

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How to Draw Straight Lines (with Confidence)

how to draw straight lines

HOW TO DRAW STRAIGHT LINES VIDEO TUTORIAL | THE 4 CONFIDENCE EXERCISES Exercise 1: The ghost drawing Exercise 2: The constellation Exercise 3: The star Exercise 4: The pen pressure sensitivity Hello guys! Many beginners wonder how to get started in Industrial design sketching. You may tend to have clumsy sketches no matter how much…

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How to draw from imagination (with Basic perspective)

start drawing from imagination perspective

HOW TO START DRAWING FROM IMAGINATION USING PERSPECTIVE My neighbor Bilitis came home to say hello.She’s a creative person and loves DIY for home decoration. However, imagination drawing seems impossible for her. She thought that Drawing is a talent that:“We born with it” or “We do NOT born with it”. The innate talent is a…

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How to sketch glass reflection (Easy)

how to sketch reflection easy

Drawing glass reflections with a coffee carrafe. Draw the vertical axis Set the proportions with a few rough lines Draw the profile with symmetry Draw the coffee carafe elements Spot the functional details Draw the simple light reflection Add tiny light spots Create a new carafe design! Start drawing unlimited design! Keep drawing more. Add…

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How to Draw a Sphere | Easy Shadow Technique

how to draw a sphere easy

How to Draw a Sphere | Easy Shadow Technique Draw a circle Draw the cast shadow with an ellipse Draw hatching for the shadow Draw 3d volumes with 2 ellipses only Draw the core shadow Light source from the left There are plenty of complex explanations of “How to shade a sphere” on the Internet.…

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How to Draw a Girl Body| Character Design Sketching

How to draw a female character

How to Draw a Girl Body | Character Design Sketching Find a cozy cafe Look for inspiration in historical fashion Find a comfortable seat Learn from the past to create something new Interprete with your own style Start with a vertical axis Draw the body following the axis Draw the arm visualizing the bones Draw…

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How to Draw Ellipses Freehand

How to draw ellipses

How to Draw an Ellipse Freehand Do you lack confidence, and no matter how much you try, you fail at drawing freehand ellipses?Don’t worry, it is actually simple when you know these tricks: I start by showing the 5 common beginner mistakes. Then I give you 8 easy techniques to succeed your ellipses by today!…

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How to draw backpacks with thumbnails

how to draw backpack thumbnails

How to draw backpacks with thumbnails TIP 1 Start by drawing basic forms TIP 2 Ask for feedback early TIP 3 Brainstorm ideas TIP 4 Use underlay to save time! TIP 5 Draw with inspiration pictures How to find ideas for drawing with thumbnails? If you wonder what to draw, thumbnails are great to generate…

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How to draw a Bag in 4 steps (Creative Doodle Technique)

how to draw bags easy

For this bag sketching tutorial, I am using the Concept app on iPad PRO. Let’s draw a Bag using the Product Designer’s Sketching method! RECOMMENDED SKETCHING TUTORIALS: How to start drawing anything better in 4 steps | the Random Product technique: https://www.thedesignsketchbook.com/tip-138-how-to-start-drawing-anything-better-in-4-steps-with-the-random-product-technique/ Draw more ideas with the random product technique (+ Photoshop quick render): https://www.thedesignsketchbook.com/how-to-multiply-your-ideas-with-the-random-product-technique/…

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24 Tips to Boost your ID Sketches! (Industrial Design)

24 tips to boost your id sketches

24 Drawing Tips to raise your Product Design skills Today, I share with you how to start drawing from a reference picture and create your own product design! I started to search on Google pictures about tools and found an interesting cordless grinder. I like its mechanical features. I share with you a series of…

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How to Draw Dynamic Sneaker Design! (Ballpoint pen)

how to draw dynamic sneaker design tutorial video choutac chung

HOW TO DRAW DYNAMIC SNEAKER DESIGN! From Static to dynamic Sneaker Sketch Design Draw Sneakers in 2 phases Know your basics of sneaker drawing Don’t look for perfection Make your design sketches attractive Create your own style Everyone can sketch. You included! Transcript: How to draw from static to Dynamic Sneaker Sketch Welcome to TheDesignSketchbook.comFeel…

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How to Progress Faster using the “Copy-Doodle Technique”!

How to copy to progress faster in 7.35min! One of the “Superpowers” of a designer is to draw from imagination FAST. But before being able to create, it is essential to learn how to copy. Too many beginners put their egos in the wrong place and refuse to copy existing products. If you are in this case, you have to…

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