How to draw a Bag in 4 steps (Creative Doodle Technique)

how to draw bags easy

For this bag sketching tutorial, I am using the Concept app on iPad PRO. Let’s draw a Bag using the Product Designer’s Sketching method! RECOMMENDED SKETCHING TUTORIALS: How to start drawing anything better in 4 steps | the Random Product technique: Draw more ideas with the random product technique (+ Photoshop quick render):…

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24 Tips to Boost your ID Sketches! (Industrial Design)

24 tips to boost your id sketches

24 Drawing Tips to raise your Product Design skills Today, I share with you how to start drawing from a reference picture and create your own product design! I started to search on Google pictures about tools and found an interesting cordless grinder. I like its mechanical features. I share with you a series of…

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How to Draw Dynamic Sneaker Design! (Ballpoint pen)

how to draw dynamic sneaker design tutorial video choutac chung

HOW TO DRAW DYNAMIC SNEAKER DESIGN! From Static to dynamic Sneaker Sketch Design Draw Sneakers in 2 phases Know your basics of sneaker drawing Don’t look for perfection Make your design sketches attractive Create your own style Everyone can sketch. You included! Transcript: How to draw from static to Dynamic Sneaker Sketch Welcome to TheDesignSketchbook.comFeel…

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How to Progress Faster using the “Copy-Doodle Technique”!

How to copy to progress faster in 7.35min! One of the “Superpowers” of a designer is to draw from imagination FAST. But before being able to create, it is essential to learn how to copy. Too many beginners put their egos in the wrong place and refuse to copy existing products. If you are in this case, you have to…

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My CONCEPTS APP Sketching Tips (iPad Pro)

concept app iPad - sketching tip

Download Concepts app here for iPad Pro or Microsoft. The basic version is free, and is very complete! Hey guys, Welcome to today we discover the app Concepts on iPad Pro! But first of all, I have here a very special glove which is going to help me to solve one of the major…

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My 1st sketch on the app for Product designers: SKETCHA on iPad Pro

Hello ! My friend and student Oliver Esther recommended me a new sketching software called:  SKETCHA. I couldn’t wait  to make a try and show it to you! Hehe. The software is minimalist. And it helps you draw with dynamic lines! I am glad to discover that it has been created by designer for designers!…

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How to Draw Hatching (and Rise your Speed of Sketching)

Hello!   I hope you are having a great day! : )   In product design sketching there is something essentialyou need to have: It is your Speed of sketching.   That’s why I’m going to help you with today by teaching you how to draw Hatching.   I do use Hatching in all my sketches:    …

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Sketching Tips with Harley Quinn! (Photoshop)

If you follow me for a while,
you know how I invite you to explore diverse sketching style
to build up your own as a Designer.

If like me you like the Marvel and DC, you might like today video :).

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36 Sneaker Sketching TIPS | 7m. Drawing Challenge!

To make sure you receive news on the launch of the Sneaker Sketching course, make sure to Register to the blog! 🙂 It took me 10 hours and 30 minutes of sketching to complete the 7-meter canvas in 4 days. It’s an amazing experience I recommend you to do once in a while to sit, focus, and enjoy drawing…

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A simple trick to draw sneakers more real

Sneaker drawn by Amor Jiménez // Loveworks_design

Hello Design Sketchers! Last year I met Amor Jiménez in Madrid. 🙂 I met him in real while eating croquetas in his home country! We were sketching on the coffee shop table with Antonio and Pedro Luis. We all have in common the passion for design and Sneaker sketching too. I even made a Live sneaker…

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How to Draw a Cube (1-Point Perspective)

Learn perspective easy Pretty often beginners feel overwhelmed in front of perspective. There are so many lines going here and there that you even don’t know how to start. So I made this video to show you stroke-by-stroke how to draw a cube in an easy and simple way. (And the relaxing way) In this…

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Drawing with ARTBOOKS CHALLENGE #1 / Inkwork by Darren Quach

As a Product Designer, I find plenty of inspiration in Sci-fi movies such as Star wars and Concept art sketches. * You can discover Edward Eyth interview who created plenty of sketches and innovation for Back To the Future II, Disney, MARVEL… that inspire nowadays creation such as the kitchen robot ! Recently I asked you…

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How to draw New products in 3 steps with this simple creative technique

Today we are going to cover a sketching technique to draw more creative sketches in a few minutes only! I love using it when I have no idea what to draw. : P If you face the blank page or feel afraid of sketching, I invite you to try this technique that will give you…

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The Art of Drawing Fast & Ugly Anywhere! (Professional Designer Technique)

A designer needs to draws without looking for perfection! (Vlog in Tokyo, JAPAN) BIG NEWS: This October 2021, The doors of my online Design Sketching course: Sketch Like The Pros reopen! I will show you how to master a professional sketching level even if you start as a True-beginner. If you are looking for making…

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21 Drawing Tips on How to Make a Designer Sketchbook

Today, I wanna share with you about How to Make a Sketchbook! During one of my recent trip to Spain, I met Antonio who is one of the students of my online course Sketch Like The Pros. Antonio did show me one-to-one his sketchbook, and he generously accepted to share with all of us 21…

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