Do you draw always the same thing? Do you feel your sketching skills or creativity are limited?
Today I show a special design technique to draw new forms fast and easily!

How to Draw New Forms (Fast and Easy)
| Sketching SONY Earphones 11.59 minutes

I have a new sketching video tutorial for you. 🙂

  • If you face the blank page pretty often
  • or if you feel your drawings always look the same

Try this creative technique:
You will generate maximum ideas in no time!

> What to watch next:
I use this technique using bike elements as inspiration:
How to draw like a Concept Artist

Draw like a concept artist youtube video

How to draw new forms fast and easy - sketching sony earphones
How to draw new forms fast and easy sketching <a href=httpselectronics Sony Comaudioheadphonescin ear data type=url data id=httpselectronics Sony Comaudioheadphonescin ear target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>sony earphones<a>

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