Do you end drawing always the same thing?
You can’t figure out how to draw new forms?

The good news is that anyone can learn to become creative.
I believe you might also face these creative blocks as a designer enthusiast:

Today I show a special design technique to draw new forms of SONY earphones fast and easily!
I call it: “Improvisational Design Sketching“!

How to Draw New Forms (Fast and Easy) in 10 Steps

Two industrial design students practice sketching
Two industrial design students practice sketching

Today, we’re exploring how to quickly generate numerous design ideas for earphones and speakers.
Let’s start with the 10 Actionable steps:

  1. Start incorporating design sketching into
    your daily routine to stimulate creativity and generate new ideas rapidly.
  2. Begin your sketches with random shapes,
    then develop these into volumes or products to bring unexpected forms from the subconscious mind.
  3. Aim to create an extensive library of forms through regular practice, which will enhance your fluency in creating new shapes.
  4. Use this technique as a tool against creative block and as a way to nourish visualization skills in three dimensions.
  5. Make sure each drawing is quick (around 4-5 minutes),
    focusing on the main volumes and details rather than perfecting every aspect of the sketch.
  6. Utilize large canvases (3000 by 3000 pixels) for initial drafts,
    filling them with drawings before refining individual proposals.
  7. Embrace generosity in your creativity;
    remember that improvement comes with continual practice rather than immediate perfection.
  8. Incorporate elements of sensitivity and emotion into designs,
    allowing feelings to translate your lines into more fierce (severe) or rounded (cute) designs based on current emotions or experiences.
  9. Take regular breaks during sessions; use this time not only for rest but also for revisiting older drawings for evaluation purposes – identifying both merits and flaws can be beneficial for growth
  10. Share completed works online or with peers – feedback can provide valuable insights toward improving future works
  11. EXTRA: Download the book: Designer Starter Kit for beginners. (It’s free)

How to draw new forms
How to draw new forms (organic forms)

Improvisational Design Sketching

In this drawing video tutorial,
we’ll begin with random shapes, then work on defining their volume.
Unlike typical drawing where you start with a clear idea in mind, this exercise encourages spontaneity.
You won’t know what you’re creating at first – that’s part of the fun!
This approach can lead to unexpected forms and designs.

My sketching method involves:

  • starting with simple lines,
  • adding contours lines
  • and elements inspired by earphones or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Use reference images if needed or just let your creativity flow freely.
The goal is not perfection but rather improvisation which will help expand your library of forms.

The more you practice, the better you become at creating new shapes.
If you ever feel stuck creatively, engage in these ‘happy accident’ sessions – quick sketches without specific goals except self-improvement.

Remember not to spend too much time on one sketch; four to five minutes maximum is ideal as it prevents overthinking and fosters creative fluidity.

Once done with one piece move onto another variety quickly multiplying opportunities for fresh ideas.

Let’s Practice!

  • For this exercise use a 3000×3000 pixel canvas aiming to fill it completely while zoomed in 100%.
  • Keep producing new designs without striving for perfection – abstract beginnings often evolve into well-defined volumes training your brain to think three-dimensionally.
  • Initially go wild with your creations before gradually imposing criteria making them more relevant product-wise later down the line.
    Remember even talented designers don’t always get it right from the first try so be bold generous with your ideas enjoy yourself knowing improvement comes naturally over time.

Drawing isn’t a skill you master in a day, it’s an ongoing journey of improvement.
That’s why I love sketching – it pushes your limits and makes the once difficult tasks easier.

Draw new forms with your feelings

When drawing the earphones, let your feelings guide your hand; they can translate into curves on paper.
If you want to portray something fierce or cute, adjust your lines accordingly to communicate these emotions effectively.

The products I design are usually organic but structured designs work too.
The best approach is merging both skills by understanding the fundamentals of drawing while also embracing abstract beginnings.
This enhances your creative abilities and helps create new forms.

Remember that progress isn’t always linear so practice as much as possible.
Even if one attempt doesn’t go well, each stroke teaches something valuable that could level up your skills unexpectedly.

Give a rest to your Creativity

Art student is thinking of new creative ideas at design school
Art student is thinking of new creative ideas at design school

Take breaks when needed because resting can rejuvenate creativity.
After a restful sleep, revisit old drawings and refine them further; this refreshing process aids growth.

A useful tip for product sketches is adding logos like Sony’s for instance; it adds solidity to the product depiction making it more realistic – whether plastic or metal or wood textured surfaces etc., try to capture their essence in detail using all senses.

Designing requires imagination about how users will interact with the Sony earphones: will its surface be grainy?
Will touching it feel warm or cold? Consider such parameters during the designing process even though they might seem abstract initially but they enhance user experience considerably which contributes significantly towards becoming a great designer.

With every new design proposal, you grow better at understanding yourself
and push beyond the boundaries of what was thought achievable earlier.

Feel free to share drawings at!
If you’re just starting out with design sketching download our starter kit
from our blog page where we offer free books after signing up via email.

I have a new sketching video tutorial for you. 🙂

Try this improvisational creative technique, and you will generate maximum ideas in no time!

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How to draw new forms fast and easy - Sketching SONY earphones
How to draw new forms fast and easy – Sketching SONY earphones

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