365 Drawing Ideas for Your Daily Sketchbook!

Need drawing ideas? I can help.
I made a list of things to draw to spark your imagination and challenge your skills to start a Daily Sketchbook!
You are now ready to draw even if you have no prior drawing skills!

Hi, I’m Choutac, an industrial designer who sketches daily with a kid’s soul. 🙂

Welcome to my blog,
where I share with you “365 drawing ideas for your daily sketchbook”.

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Feel free to participate a creating this page by sending me your ideas and drawings!

365+ Drawing Ideas for your Sketchbook

Drawing ideas for Artists Enthusiast and Designers

If you love drawing, but you feel bad?
I wanna start by saying that: “You can draw anything!” as an artist or a designer.

Here, I give you hundreds of ideas for art enthusiasts and professional designers:
– animals, plants, furniture, landscapes, portraits, cartoons, patterns, shapes, colors, emotions, dreams, memories, fantasies, etc.

Pick a topic you like and have fun developing your creativity!

1. Draw your soft toys

Minions from Despicable Me are full of funny expressions!

Draw Minions Easily

Start drawing circles,
then draw the Minion’s head!

How to draw Minions easily – Despicable Me


  • Fill your page with circles
  • Use Minions pictures as reference pictures. Choose silly faces!
  • Draw 1 minion head per circle

2. Draw and make your Bespoke Plush!

At first, I thought you could draw your plushes at home.
I discovered you can create your plush from imagination, and order a Bespoke Plush.
All they need is your drawing!

Create your Bespoke Plush!

Kids showing their drawings and Bespoke Plush

Bespoke Plush


  • Draw with your kids or nephews if you have
  • Their imagination can be limitless and inspiring
  • Dare to go crazy and draw without overthinking

2. Choose an object, and draw an architecture with it

That is a great example that how imagination can create new things using existing things.

See inspiration everywhere!

From Felipe Castro


  • Simplify your object with simple forms like Boxes, cylinders, cones, or spheres.
  • Find a reference picture of architecture you like
  • Add the details of the architecture to your drawing

2. Draw your favorite animal with Le chat potte eyes

Draw your best companion in your image with a cute style!

Drawing Big Eyes gives a “baby face”.

Le Chat potte – Shreck


  • Draw the animal with a chubby face. You can add red cheeks.
  • Draw the eyes big and shiny like mangas!
  • Add personal accessories of yours like your favorite bag, or hat.

TIP 1: How to Start Drawing Daily?


Just draw and have fun like a kid!
And you will draw so much more often.

Draw every day, big or small, easy or hard, doodle or neat drawing…
Come up with 1 drawing a day!

2. A self-portrait using only geometric shapes

Visualize the face in 3 dimensions

Pencil drawing with geometric shapes


  • Take a selfie, or look at yourself in a mirror.
  • Visualize the surfaces of your face, and try to simplify them in flat surfaces
  • Spot the big elements first and draw basic geometric shapes.
  • Then you can draw the smaller elements.

2. The 10 min, 1min, 10 seconds Speed Drawing Challenge

10 min, 1 min, 10 seconds

Joe Hogan Art


  • Choose a simple drawing to warm up
  • Before starting to draw, try to figure out a sketching strategy
  • Don’t overthink, draw!!

3. A scene from your favorite movie or book

Did you know sketching “bad” on purpose is an incredible tool for the creation of a movie?
When you look at the Making of of animated movie, you discover the phase of Storyboarding.

At that stage, we want to capture quickly the core idea, the composition that delivers the action.
Since the project is highly subject to changes, we wanna work fast and efficiently. We draw with low detail fidelity on purpose.

Spiderman Into the spider verse Animation story board drawing

Sketching scenes with low details are great for storyboarding!

Animation Drawing of “Spiderman Into the Spiderverse


Draw at home watching Netflix, on the bed, or on your desk.
Draw in a plane on the tiny screen on a napkin. It doesn’t matter, just draw! 😀

  • Press PAUSE at your favorite scene, and draw it.
    (If you want to train your memory and your fast sketching skills, do not press pause!)
  • Start by drawing the scene first, pay particular attention to the composition
  • Then only you can draw people inside the scene.

4. A logo for a fictional brand or company

You are the boss!
And you want people from all over the world to remember your logo!


  • Think of what is the mission of the company, how they help people, and who are their fans and customers.
  • Write down 4 to 5 emotions that the company triggers. Find a name for the company.

5. A character from a video game or anime

Who are your favorite characters?
Personally, I love the ones from the Arcane animation movie!

Arcane Making Of on Netflix

First, imagine a story.
Use it to define your character attributes!

Making of ARCANE on Netflix

Without a story, it is pretty tough to start drawing.
We do not know where to start!


To create your own characters, here are some creative tips!
Are you gonna draw a Super Hero or a Super Vilain with powers?

  • What’s his story? His friends, his trauma…
  • Imagine his past and current situation. Does he have superpowers? What is his personality?
  • Does he have a mission to accomplish?
  • Find accessories, weapons, clothes, and body attributes that would translate them.

6. A collage of objects that represent you

Collage is a French is from the word “Coller”, to glue.
In other words, you can create a mood board that represents you!

How to make a collage

A collage is a “story-telling”.
Lead people’s eyes on what you want them to see first.

Collage / Moodboard of ideas and inspirations


  • Gather your favorite objects.
  • You may spot the moments that matter to you. Maybe it was a gift from your best friend, a relative?
  • Associate these objects with your personality traits.

6. A Cartoon character that represents you

Draw a character that relates to your personality.

Imagine your “cartoon twin”

New Jeans and their cartoon avatars of Power Puffs


  • Identify what is your main character trait
  • If you can’t find it, a trick is to wonder what your friend or family would think about you
  • To express the personality, choose a facial expression and body posture that signifies it
  • Feel free to exaggerate. For example, if you are strong and grumpy, you may draw a character like Hulk

7. A comic strip about your day

Artists and storytellers get inspired a lot by their daily life. Sometimes, they can have a banal life, but still, come up with interesting stories. They are observant and try to pick up the good moments they see.

Draw a funny moment you had today.

Draw your own Comic strip


  • Spot the different “action moments” of your day and select one for the comic strip.
  • Start with a storyboard using Stickman.
  • Adjust the comic strip to your story. Interesting events tend to occupy a bigger space in your comic strip.

8. A tattoo design that you would like to have

Tatoo of an elephant drawn with one line

Take a pen and draw on your own skin or friend!

Tattoo design of an elephant drawn with one line


  • Import a picture of yourself in Photoshop or Procreate.
  • Draw the tattoo directly on your foto with a graphic tablet!
    (Remember to create a new layer to draw on it, and lock your original foto to protect it)

9. A still life of fruits or flowers

Draw the contour first,
then add the shades.

Drawing of a rose with a ballpoint pen


  • Catch a fruit or find flowers. Go out and walk in a garden or a park and draw.
  • It is ok to draw standing up. Think of buying a writing pad, you can use to draw on with a steady position.

10. A giant fantasy creature or monster

Add a small character to indicate the scale

Scaling of a human size vs. a giant creature

Creature drawing on tablet


  • Think of an animal you like and add some new abilities.
  • Do you want to make it fly? Spit fire? Launch fireball with its tail?
  • Think like Pokemon. Each creature has 1 main superpower.

11. A Pirate map of a hidden treasure

What obstacles your pirate will face during his adventure?

Easy to draw treasure map of Pirates!

  • Draw at least 1 monster
  • Draw hostile locations

12. A caricature of someone you know or admire

What obstacles your pirate will face during his adventure?

Roy Pallas drawing caricature

  • Is the head shape squarish, round, or oval…?
  • Can you see a mole, a boxer’s nose, or big ears?
  • Spot the uniqueness of the face, and exaggerate them.

13. A pattern or mandala using different shapes and colors

Drawing mandala for meditation

Floral Mandala drawing

14. A silhouette of an animal

Draw the contour of a Safari animal

Minimalist silhouette of animals

15. Draw People on a notebook

Portraits, figures, expressions, gestures, emotions, etc.
People are fascinating and diverse.

draw people on notebook

To draw people, dare to look at them. Do not be shy.

Notebook drawing of a woman (Malaysia)

16. Draw a Dragon’s head

  • Dragons, unicorns, fairies, mermaids, etc.
  • Fantasy creatures can spark your imagination and challenge your skills.
Drawing a dragon face

Draw a Dragon using the symmetry tool.

Drawing a dragon on a graphic tablet (with Sketchbook Pro)

17. Draw your favorite food

Japanese mushroom with bacon drawing

Sketch food with low-fidelity

Tutorial: How to draw Japanese food

pizza, cake, sushi, etc.
Food is delicious and appealing, and you can experiment with different textures and shapes.

17. Draw a hero or villain from DC Comics

How to draw Harley Queen

Use Harley Quin reference pictures

Tutorial: How to Draw Harley Quin

  • Search for reference pictures
  • Spot the elements that interest you and import them into your sketch of Harley Quinn

18. Draw an anime character’s head

Start drawing a sphere with a blue lead pencil

Drawing of Luffy from One Piece

19. Draw complex mechanical pieces

Draw details big Sense of observation using a mental magnifier

sewing machine drawing mechanical piece

Feed your memory of forms for small objects

Drawing mechanical pieces of a Sewing machine.

21. Write your name with Graffiti letters

Letters, words, tags, murals, etc.
Graffiti is a form of street art that can be bold and expressive or subtle and intricate.
Write your name with this Graffiti alphabet.

Write your name

Graffiti alphabet

22. Draw Patterns in many small squares

Geometric, floral, abstract, etc.
Patterns are repeating designs that can create visual interest and harmony.

Draw thumbnails of mini-patterns

Easy Pattern to draw

Easy Pattern to draw

23. Draw a chic sport outfit

Clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.
Fashion is a way of expressing yourself through what you wear.
You can draw different styles and trends or create your own designs.

Draw Nike Tennis fashion outfit

Draw the body first, then draw the clothes

Drawing Nike outfit in Photoshop

24. Draw an animated floor sack (or pillow)!

Draw pillows in action!

Floor sack playing tennis

Draw cool animated flour sack playing tennis
  • Exaggerate the movement

25. Draw a Futuristic Car

Vehicles are machines that can transport people or things.
They can be realistic or futuristic or even fantastical.

Draw without knowing what you draw!

Drawing a car with the Happy-Accident technique

Draw a car on graphic tablet

26. Draw city buildings using a 2-point perspective

Houses, skyscrapers, monuments, etc.
Buildings are structures that can show the architecture and culture of a place or a time period.

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Do not skip perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

27. Draw a chair from different angles

Furniture design is fascinating. Chairs, tables, sofas, etc.
Furniture are objects that fill a space and serve a function. They can be practical or decorative or both.

Furniture drawing - Chair by Vincent Vedie

Draw various views

Furniture drawing – Chair by Vincent Vedie

28. Draw a DIY Electric Tools

Hammer, scissors, knife, etc.
Tools are devices that help you do something. They can be simple or complex or even improvised.

Do not copy 100%. Modify the original.

Drawing an electric grinder

  • Improve faster, and have more fun with creativity.
  • Copy the perspective
  • Copy the main elements
  • Then you can start a freestyle creation by customizing the tool as you wish!

Think out of the box

An exciting way to innovate is to defy the status quo.

Ok, tools are most of the time made for men.
However, what if you could create a tool collection made for Woman?
How would they look, how the ergonomy would change, what specific DIY application they need, and so on.
The more questions you ask, the more differences you might reveal and get precious information to create something new, and maybe outstanding!

29. Draw Sci-fi Military Weapons

Paint weapons using the value of grey

Jason Cao weapon sketches

30. Draw a hard-disk for Fashionista

How would you reamagine this Geek item for fashionistas?

  • Should you make it fit into a handbag?
  • Is it trendy? Can we customize it?
  • How to make it visible as a fashion accessory?

Imagine a New Hard Disk design for the Fashion week!

Fashion Week of New-York

30. Draw a Banana (or any fruit) behind Duck tape

Notice that the tape is in front. A common beginner mistake would be starting drawing it. However, starting with the banana first will make the process a lot easier. Decide on the shape of the banana first, then adapt the tape forms accordingly.

Do not try to redraw the banana entirely as what you see.
You are free to choose the shape of it as you wish. Or even choose to draw an other fruit or vegetable!

  • Draw the banana (Feel free to choose an other fruit or vegetable)
  • Draw the tape.

Remember to add the banana’s shadow on the wall

The 120 000$ Banana Art Basel

30. Draw a Bunny

Start drawing the 3 circles with light pen pressure

How to draw a Bunny – Alex Braun

30. Draw a Cat

Draw the curves of the cat with a sensual touch

How to Draw a Cat

30. Draw a Taco

Draw the Taco Shell First, then add the filling

How to Draw a Taco

30. Draw a Popscicle and its Fruit Flavor

Draw a Popsicle and its fruit flavor in the background

Watermelon popsicle

30. Draw a cup with a teabag

Draw different tea cup shapes

Red cup with tea bag illustration

30. Draw a Fridge for Military Soldiers

Military soldiers need an excellent diet to perform on the field.
They may camp for weeks or months on unfriendly fields.
How would you recreate a fridge that fits a soldier’s needs?

Recreate the traditional fridge to soldiers’ needs

Rory Lewis Military Portrait Photographer

Try to put yourself in their boots!

  • What if the fridge was easy to carry like luggage? Does it have a wheel and handle?
  • How to power it without a heavy generator? Can we think of a solar source of energy?
  • What if the fridge could be collapsible, foldable, and easy to carry empty?
  • What if the fridge included a water pump and filtering system
    so soldiers could drink fresh water from the river?

30. Draw a USB key for secret agents

Carrying secret information is a must for spies.

How would you hide the Key?

Kingsman movie

How would you revisit the USB Key?

  • Is it indestructible? Or does it have an auto-destruction function?
  • How to hide it? Is it small, flat, or flexible?
  • Does it have a camouflage function?
  • Does it have a camera function?
  • What if the technology is not USB, but a neural connection?

30. Draw your facial expression when you eat a food you dislike

Draw thinking how it smells and taste

Kid refusing to eat vegetables

30. Doodle unicorns with clouds

Doodling cute animals without looking for realism is satisfying.
We remove the stress of drawing well and just relax playing with our imagination.

  • Try to doodle the unicorn with a minimum of lines
  • Doodle some decoration with clouds, rainbow, and stars

Doodle cute unicorns in a cartoon-style

Unicorn doodles

30. Draw a Hamburger

Add as many steak and cheese layers as you want!

Drawing burger from EasylineDrawing

30. Draw Homer Simpson’s favorite Donut

Draw the donut top view

Homer Simpson’s donut

30. Draw a Hot-Dog

If you are a dog lover (I am!),
what if you draw a hot dog with a drawing of your own adorable dog inside?

What if you draw a dog inside?

Hot Dog with a Dog

30. Draw with One line only, a croissant

With training,
you can come up with beautiful art

Croissant sketched with one line

30. Draw 6 Happy Easter eggs

I remember my kindergarten teacher helping me to empty an egg for me to decorate it.
Even as an adult today, I love drawing on it like a kid!

Draw joyful easter patterns

Happy Easter egg decoration

30. Draw a Cookie

Drawing cookies

Draw cookies in many states

Cookie drawings

30. Illustrate a Starbucks coffee cup

Illustrate a Starbucks coffee cup

Decorate the cup with your favorite motifs

Vivian Wong

30. Draw a Boba Bubble Tea

Make your Bubble Tea colorful!

Bubble Tea – Freepik

30. Draw an Avocado character

cute avocado drawing character

Give him some activities to do!

Avocado drawing – Freepik

30. Draw a Tree

Visualize a simple shape first, then draw the details

Drawing of a tree – Ma-Nur

30. Draw your family

Choose a basic form for each family member

Family Drawing

30. Draw a Rainbow

Rainbow drawing with chalk

Draw each color side by side following the curves

Rainbow drawing with chalk – Freepik

30. Draw Snowman

Draw snowman with personalised scarves

Drawing of a snowman – Freepik

30. Draw a Gemstone

Choose the gem form

Drawing gemstone assortment

30. Draw a Feather

Imagine the wind

Red and white feathers

30. Draw a Leaf

Fraw various leaves

Drawing of leaves

30. Draw a Butterfly

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw insects

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. From a scribble to drawing peoples

Start your drawing from a random scribble

Video here:
From scribble to people drawing

30. Draw Dog house and toys

Draw dog's house and toys

What’s your dog’s favorite toy?

Dog house and elements

30. Draw a Bee Mandala

Draw a Bee Mandala

Draw a Bee and leave blank space for a mandala

Drawing of a Bee Mandala

30. Draw a Snail traveler

Draw a snail traveler

Drawing of a snail traveling on a tree

30. Draw a Fantasy carrot house

Choose a vegetable and make it a house!

Fantasy carrot house drawing

30. Draw a fairy

Draw a fairy with the same color palette as your vegetable house

Fairy drawing

30. Draw a Monkey

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a Nespresso Coffee machine

Can you identify the simple forms?

Coffee machine Nespresso Vertuo

30. Doodle swimming fish

Draw a flow of fish

Doodling small fish

30. Draw a Crab

Draw the crab symmetrical, except the claws

Drawing of a crab

30. Draw a Seahorse Mandala

Draw with perspective lines

Drawing of a seahorse mandala

30. Draw a Cactus

30. Draw a Mushroom

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a Camera

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a Cap

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a Shoe

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a Watch

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a Lion

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a Robot

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw something that make you happy

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a wallet with money inside

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a Heart

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

30. Draw a famous monument

Drawing Japan - Ginza buildings

Draw with perspective lines

View of city buildings of Ginza, in Japan

Draw a graffiti or street art style lettering

Draw a robot or cyborg

Draw a portrait of a famous person or celebrity

Draw a doodle or sketch of something that makes you happy

Drawing brings peace of mind

Drawing is a fun and creative activity that can improve your mood, reduce stress, and enhance your cognitive skills.

Draw an optical illusion or perspective drawing

Draw a zentangle or abstract art

Draw a cartoon or animation character

Draw a food or drink that you love

Draw a vehicle or machine that you find interesting

If you want to push up your creativity, a great solution we do in Industrial design, is to add “Constraints”.
This extra data will arouse your imagination.

You are not only drawing a Basic chair.
You are now drawing a chair for senior who need to commute, or for hickers!
Can you see how in spark of a second, your imagination visualize different forms of the chairs?

That’s what I wanna train you below with these series of drawing ideas for Designers: Industrial designers, Fashion designers, transport designers, Acrchitect or interior designers, Video game designers…

No Time?

It is often not about time. It is about priorities.
If drawing is important to you, you will find or create time.
Plus, you don’t have to spend hours drawing per session.
If you have a 5-minute break at a coffee, pick up a pen and your Starbucks receipt and doodle on it!

For Industrial Designers

Imagine you are working for an innovative Design company such as Apple, Sony, Dyson, Tesla…
Here are amazing ideas you could draw for your sketchbook to develop your creativity, and eventually add in your Design Portfolio.

CREATIVE TIP: “What if?”

Ask yourself the question “What if:” to trigger unexpected ideas!
Let your mind FREE to imagine anything possible.

Wearable products

CREATIVE TIP 2: Think of the user.

For example, if you create a new concept of mobile speakers for kids, or for an adult or a senior, the design will be very different! Think of what specificity or problems your user is facing today. So you can look for improving or solving them!
  • A sleek and futuristic laptop with a touch screen and a holographic keyboard
  • A wearable camera that can capture your memories and emotions
  • A wireless earbud that can translate any language in real time
  • A smart watch that can monitor your health, fitness, and mood
  • A VR headset that can immerse you in any virtual world
  • A portable projector that can turn any surface into a touch screen
  • A smart ring that can control your devices with gestures
  • A wireless charger that can charge multiple devices at once
  • A smart speaker that can play music, answer questions, and control your smart home
  • A drone that can follow you and take photos and videos
  • A wireless earbuds that can cancel noise, play music, and also translate languages
Smart Products for IT Geeks
  • A smart watch that can project holograms and control devices with gestures
  • A smart pen that can write on any surface and digitize your notes
  • A smart glasses that can augment your reality with information and entertainment
  • A smart bracelet that can change its color and shape according to your outfit and mood
  • A smart mirror that can give you personalized beauty and health tips
  • A smart pillow that can adjust its temperature, firmness, and sound to help you sleep better
  • A smart toothbrush that can clean your teeth and detect any dental problems
  • A smart scale that can measure your weight, body fat, and muscle mass
  • A smart fridge that can keep track of your food and suggest recipes
  • A smart oven that can cook your food automatically and perfectly
  • A smart coffee maker that can brew your favorite coffee according to your preferences and schedule
  • A smart lamp that can change its brightness, color, and pattern according to your mood and activity
  • A smart fan that can cool or warm you with natural breeze
  • A smart clock that can wake you up gently with natural sounds and light
James Bond Products
  • An electric suit that can enhance your strength, speed, and agility
  • An electric glove that can generate electricity from your movements and power your devices
  • An electric shoe that can charge your phone with every step you take
  • An electric jacket that can warm you or cool you depending on the weather
  • An electric hat that can protect you from the sun or rain or snow or wind or anything else
  • A drone that can fly autonomously and take photos and videos
  • A smartwatch that can hack into any electronic device, control drones, and project holograms.
  • A pen that can shoot tranquilizer darts, emit a laser beam, and record audio and video.
  • A pair of sunglasses that can scan faces, display information, and switch between different modes of vision (infrared, night, x-ray, etc.).
  • A suit that can change color, camouflage, and resist bullets and explosions.
  • A car that can fly, submerge, and transform into different vehicles.
Home security and comfort
  • A smart lock that can recognize your face and voice and grant you access to your home
  • A smart doorbell that can show you who is at your door and let you communicate with them remotely
  • A smart thermostat that can adjust the temperature and humidity of your home according to your preferences and weather
  • A smart security camera that can detect any intruders and alert you instantly
  • A smart smoke detector that can sense any fire and smoke and notify you and the fire department
  • A smart vacuum cleaner that can clean your floors and carpets without any supervision
  • A smart robot that can assist you with various tasks and chores around the house
  • A smart flower vase that can preserve your flowers longer and change their color and scent
  • A smart thermostat that can adjust the temperature and humidity according to the weather and preferences
  • A digital camera that can zoom in and out with eye movements and also edit photos on the spot
  • A smart lock that can recognize faces, fingerprints, and voice commands
  • A electric scooter for kids that has lights, sounds, and also a horn
  • A electric toothbrush for kids that has games, rewards, and also a timer
Product for pets
  • A smart pet feeder that can feed your pets automatically and monitor their health and behavior
  • A smart pet collar that can track your pets’ location and activity
  • A smart pet toy that can play with your pets and keep them entertained
  • A smart plant pot that can water your plants automatically and monitor their growth and health
Electric Home Products
  • A hair dryer that can style and dry hair in minutes
  • A electric kettle that can boil water in seconds and also brew tea or coffee
  • A blender that can make smoothies, soups, and sauces with voice commands
  • A wireless speaker that can levitate and change colors according to the mood
  • A portable air purifier that can filter out pollutants and allergens
  • A solar-powered car that can drive itself and communicate with other vehicles
  • A wireless charger that can charge multiple devices at once and also act as a lamp
  • A smart mirror that can display information, notifications, and personalized recommendations
  • A electric toothbrush that can monitor oral health and give feedback
  • A robot dog that can play, learn, and interact with humans and other pets
  • A microwave oven that can cook food perfectly and also scan nutritional information
  • A smart fridge that can keep track of inventory, expiration dates, and recipes
  • A gaming console that can stream games from the cloud and also play Blu-ray discs
  • A smart TV that can access any streaming service and also play games

Create for people

Anyone can make things different.
It is actually easy. But it doesn’t mean it is innovative, or valuable.
A good product design is a creation that makes sense to the people who use it.
Like what Philip Stark said at Thomson years ago:
When you create, consider the users as if they were your sisters, your mom, or your family.
Create things that matter. Create with intention and love. That will make an amazing difference.
Virtual Reality
  • A VR headset that can create immersive and realistic simulations
  • A fitness tracker that can measure heart rate, blood pressure, and calories burned
  • A smart scale that can measure weight, body fat, and also give advice
Electric Transportation Products
  • An electric bike that can fold into a backpack and charge itself with solar power
  • An electric scooter that can balance itself and navigate autonomously
  • An electric skateboard that can speed up or slow down according to your gestures
  • An electric car that can drive itself and park itself
  • An electric plane that can fly faster, quieter, and greener than conventional planes
  • An electric boat that can glide on water without any noise or pollution
  • An electric submarine that can explore the depths of the ocean without any limits or risks
  • An electric hoverboard that can levitate above the ground and fly in any direction
  • An electric jetpack that can propel you into the sky and let you soar like a bird
  • A sleek and futuristic vacuum cleaner that can also be used as a jetpack
  • A electric bike that can fold and fit in a backpack

  • A smart ring that can monitor health, activity, and sleep
  • A electric fan that can oscillate, tilt, and also humidify the air
  • A smart pen that can write on any surface and also digitize the notes
  • A smart pillow that can adjust the firmness, temperature, and also play soothing sounds
  • A electric shaver that can trim, shave, and also moisturize the skin
  • A electric piano that can play any song and also teach how to play
  • A smart lamp that can change colors, brightness, and also sync with music
  • A electric razor that can cut any length of hair and also style it
  • A smart plug that can control any device remotely and also monitor energy usage
  • A electric violin that can produce any sound and also record it
  • A smart water bottle that can track hydration, temperature, and also remind to drink water
  • A smart doorbell that has a camera, speaker, and also a motion sensor
  • A smart mug that can keep drinks hot or cold and also display messages or images
  • A electric skateboard for kids that has safety features, stickers, and also a remote control
  • A smart frame that can display digital photos or videos and also change them with gestures
  • A electric bike for kids that has training wheels, pedals, and also a motor
  • A smart candle that can flicker, smell, and also play music
  • A electric drum set that has pads, sticks, and also headphones
  • A smart coaster that can detect the drink type, temperature, and also light up



Wireless, noise-canceling, earbuds, etc.
Headphones are devices that deliver sound to the ears.
They can have different shapes, sizes, and features.


Digital, mirrorless, action, etc. Cameras are devices that capture images or videos. They can have different lenses, sensors, and modes.


LED, OLED, 4K, etc.
Televisions are devices that display images or videos on a screen.
They can have different resolutions, sizes, and smart functions.


Portable, home theater, soundbar, etc.
Speakers are devices that produce sound from a source.
They can have different shapes, power, and connectivity.


PlayStation, PSVR, PS5, etc.
Consoles are devices that allow playing video games on a screen.
They can have different controllers, games, and accessories.


Boxes, bags, bottles, etc.
Packaging is the material and design that wraps a product. It can protect, display, or promote the product.

For Architects and Interior Designers


  • A minimalist coffee table with hidden storage compartments
  • A modular sofa that can be rearranged into different shapes and sizes
  • A wall-mounted desk that folds up when not in use
  • A floating shelf that doubles as a plant holder
  • A geometric rug that adds a pop of color and texture to any room
  • A smart mirror that displays the time, weather, and notifications
  • A floor lamp that changes color and brightness with voice commands
  • A cozy bean bag chair that can be inflated and deflated easily
  • A multifunctional ottoman that can be used as a seat, a table, or a storage unit
  • A hanging chair that creates a relaxing nook in any corner
  • A wireless charger that blends in with the decor
  • A digital photo frame that rotates through your favorite pictures
  • A bamboo ladder that serves as a towel rack or a magazine holder
  • A stackable bookcase that can be customized to fit any space
  • A magnetic board that can be used for notes, reminders, or art
  • A portable fireplace that adds warmth and ambiance to any room
  • A collapsible basket that can be used for laundry, toys, or plants
  • A reversible duvet cover that changes the look of your bed in seconds
  • A bedside table that has a built-in night light and a drawer with a lock
  • A curtain rod that has hooks for hanging accessories or plants
  • A pillow that has a built-in speaker and a microphone for hands-free calls
  • A clock that projects the time on the ceiling or the wall
  • A vase that has a self-watering system for your flowers
  • A candle holder that has a hidden compartment for matches or other items
  • A coaster that has a built-in bottle opener
  • A shower curtain that has pockets for your toiletries or gadgets
  • A tissue box that has a slot for your phone or remote control
  • A soap dispenser that has a sensor for touchless operation
  • A toothbrush holder that has a UV light for sanitizing your brushes
  • A toilet paper holder that has a shelf for your phone or books

Urban Furnitures

  • A modular bench that can be rearranged in different shapes and colors
  • A solar-powered street lamp that also serves as a charging station and a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • A bike rack that doubles as a sculpture and a playground
  • A public fountain that creates different patterns and sounds with water jets
  • A vertical garden that covers a wall and provides fresh air and greenery
  • A smart trash bin that compacts waste and notifies the authorities when full
  • A bus stop that has a digital display, a roof garden and a seating area
  • A swing set that generates electricity when used and lights up at night
  • A picnic table that has a built-in grill, cooler and speakers
  • A hammock park that offers a relaxing spot to nap or read
  • A mural that changes colors and images according to the weather and the time of day
  • A recycling station that rewards users with coupons or tokens for depositing their waste
  • A flower pot that grows different types of plants and flowers depending on the season
  • A chess board that has interactive pieces and a voice assistant
  • A vending machine that dispenses healthy snacks and drinks
  • A fire pit that has a cozy seating area and a music system
  • A mini library that allows people to borrow or donate books
  • A telescope that lets people observe the stars and planets
  • A sandbox that has hidden treasures and puzzles to solve
  • A slide that connects different levels of a building or a park
  • A bird feeder that attracts various species of birds and plays their sounds
  • A yoga mat that has sensors and guides users through different poses and exercises
  • A ping pong table that has a net, paddles and balls
  • A water dispenser that offers different flavors and temperatures of water
  • A massage chair that has various modes and settings to relax the muscles and the mind
  • A giant crossword puzzle that has clues and answers on a board
  • A rocking chair that plays soothing music and stories
  • A skateboard ramp that has lights, speakers and sensors
  • A dog park that has obstacles, toys and treats for the furry friends
  • A phone booth that allows people to make free calls or video chats with anyone in the world


Mountains, forests, oceans, skies, etc.
Landscapes can capture the beauty and mood of nature.

For Fashion Designers


Gowns, cocktail, casual, etc. Dresses are garments that cover the body and the legs. They can have different shapes, lengths, and fabrics.


pencil, A-line, pleated, etc. Skirts are garments that cover the lower part of the body. They can have different widths, lengths, and patterns.


jeans, trousers, leggings, etc. Pants are garments that cover the legs and the hips. They can have different fits, cuts, and colors.


shirts, blouses, sweaters, etc. Tops are garments that cover the upper part of the body. They can have different necklines, sleeves, and prints.


coats, blazers, hoodies, etc. Jackets are garments that cover the upper body and the arms. They can have different closures, collars, and pockets.


boots, sneakers, heels, etc. Shoes are footwear that cover the feet and the ankles. They can have different styles, materials, and heights.


caps, berets, fedoras, etc. Hats are headwear that cover the head and the hair. They can have different shapes, brims, and decorations.


purses, backpacks, clutches, etc. Bags are accessories that carry personal items. They can have different sizes, shapes, and straps.


earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. Jewelry are accessories that adorn the body. They can have different metals, stones, and designs.

Scarves: shawls

For Shoe Designers

Boots: ankle, knee, thigh, etc. Boots are shoes that cover the feet and part of the legs. They can have different heels, toes, and zippers.

Sneakers: running, casual, high-top, etc. Sneakers are shoes that are made for sports or everyday wear. They can have different laces, soles, and logos.

Heels: pumps, stilettos, wedges, etc. Heels are shoes that elevate the heel of the foot. They can have different shapes, heights, and straps.

Flats: ballet, loafers, sandals, etc. Flats are shoes that have no or very low heels. They can have different materials, patterns, and buckles.

Slippers: moccasins, flip-flops, clogs, etc. Slippers are shoes that are easy to slip on and off. They can have different fabrics, colors, and embellishments.

Boots: cowboy, combat, rain

For Graphic Designers


Symbols, pictograms, emojis, etc.
Icons are small graphics that convey information or meaning.
They can be used for apps, websites, interfaces, etc.


logos, colors, fonts, etc.
Branding is the identity and personality of a product or a company.
It can create recognition and loyalty among customers.


Letters, words, fonts, etc.
Typography is the art and technique of arranging text.
It can affect the readability and attractiveness of a product.

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