After sketching The Grand Budapest Hotel in the plane with a Twin Marker, I wanted to practice an other tool. I opened my pen case and pick up a mechanical pencil. That was not a common one, that one had a red lead inside.

red-pencil-fragile-theDesignSketchbookGreater croquis with a color lead

Color leads naturally give some nice effect to your croquis. I personally appreciate blue and red leads. Note that these leads are more fragile than the regular grey graphite.

1- A 0.5mm lead tends to break easily. I recommend to use a 0.7 or higher thickness.

2- Choose only mechanical pencils that include a metallic tube to support the lead.

Chou-Tac Chung – Red pencil girl


Today I passed by an art shop, I picked up some new color. I choose mechanical pencil of the same color as the lead.

That’s all for the TIP of the day.
See yah!

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