Draw Sneakers with the “Fast & Dirty” Technique!

the fast and dirty way to draw sneakers

How to Draw Sneakers with the “Fast & Dirty Technique”! (7min14) 00:25 Draw with a thick nib 01:12 Start drawing with the “Shoe Last” 01:39 Add simple color blocking 01:47 Select a dark grey 02:57 Fail? Draw a new sketch! 04:58 Imagine your design on a store shelve 05:50 Draw Fast & Dirty! I love…

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Draw SONY projectors with Cylinders

how to draw a projector with cylinder - sony design 30mn

How to draw with cylinder, Sony Projector Design My dog Katy is itchy. I just caught a flea.Sometimes it is not easy to sit and draw – avoiding distraction. The phone rings, your dog or cat is seeking attention, or you get water in the kitchen … To help you sketch more often with better…

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How to Draw New Forms (Fast and Easy)

how to draw new forms - sony earphone design

How to Draw New Forms (Fast and Easy)| Sketching SONY Earphones 11.59 minutes I have a new sketching video tutorial for you. 🙂 If you face the blank page pretty often or if you feel your drawings always look the same Try this creative technique:You will generate maximum ideas in no time! > What to…

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Contour Lines | Drawing Tips and Tricks for Designer

Contour Lines | Sketching Tips and tricks for Designers ChouTac Chung

Receive your FREE copy of the Designer Starter Kit here CONTOUR LINES | Drawing Tips and Tricks for Designer 10.02minutes When I started as a beginner designer,I wondered how professional designers come up with sketches so fast! (and so good!) One of their main secrets is The Contour lines. We cover that today! Take a pen!…

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How to Draw Japanese Skewers in 5 steps! | FOOD DESIGN

how to draw japanese skewers in 5 steps - food design

FOOD DESIGN: How to Draw Japanese Skewers in 5 steps! 13.10minutes Did you know Designers could make Food designs?| remember, food design was one of our school project at my 1st year of Product design school. It was so much fun! BONUS: You can download the printable tutorial file at the end of the article.…

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How do artists deal with stress?

How do artists deal with stress?

Not confident? Yes! You are on the right path! “Good” and “Bad stress” are both your friends All professional designers started a beginner Use stress as your life and ‘creative career’ compass Keith wants to become an animator in the next 5 to 10 years. He’s now studying at a Science university. Besides, he hustles…

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How to draw every day? (3 mind-hacking Tips!)

how to draw daily

Emmanuel struggles to find time to draw.Sometimes, he stops for days or weeks, and it feels like a hurdle to go back to drawing. He asks me: “How to commit to drawing every day?” When we learn something new, we put a cap written “STUDENT” on it.We start learning very motivated, especially at the beginning. But sometimes…

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5 reasons to drop Academic for Design School.

5 reasons to drop academic for design school

You want a career you love, not a job! Art and design school are not risky as people say. You are not a machine. You are a creative person! You have the rebellious mind of a Designer. You love to discover, study, and learn all your life! Have you ever felt “not belonging” at your…

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How to draw Mechs? Draw the skeleton first!

how to draw mechs

“How to draw mechs?” Asked Josh (one of my students of “Sketch Like The Pros“) His job as a designer may require him to create mechs and robots, and he would need some drawing tips to start :). To make it short, a mech is somehow animated like a human or animal. Even though it…

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3 Macbook Software for Artists and Designers

3 macbook software for designers

3 Macbook Software for Artists and Designers While plenty of graphic apps are developed on iPad, my Macbook remains my main working station. Above, I am writing to you using my iPad as a secondary screen. 🙂 In the previous article, we saw 4 apps for iPad for artists and designers. Today, I share with…

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4 iPad Apps for Artists and Designers

4 ipad apps for designers

4 iPad Apps for Artists and Designers I’m hunting for new apps for artists and designers to spice up my learning journey. It’s a great feeling when you upgrade your skills using new digital tools :). I searched for my iPad, Macbook, and also Oculus Quest2.It’s not a complete review of each, since I am…

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10 Tips for Industrial Design Student to Keep up!

keep up as a design student

10 Tips for Industrial Design Students to Keep up! Keep faith. Fail and grow. Target the top 10% of your school Don’t study for a job, but a passion Study (Or do internships) abroad Invest in yourself Get rid of your eye bag Don’t be a perfectionist Believe in yourself Don’t blame others Compete with…

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How to Draw Straight Lines (with Confidence)

how to draw straight lines

HOW TO DRAW STRAIGHT LINES VIDEO TUTORIAL | THE 4 CONFIDENCE EXERCISES Exercise 1: The ghost drawing Exercise 2: The constellation Exercise 3: The star Exercise 4: The pen pressure sensitivity Hello guys! Many beginners wonder how to get started in Industrial design sketching. You may tend to have clumsy sketches no matter how much…

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7 Tips to Start Drawing!

how to start drawing

7 TIPS to Start Drawing! Draw on your sketchbook’s first page now! Keep your sketchbook private Capture your ideas like Pokemons! Mix ideas to create new ideas Learn with baby-steps Draw with a kid mindset! Start drawing many crappy doodles! This morning, Kavita (Seattle, Washington) sent me a message.She loves sketching and dreams of her…

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12 TIPS to Progress Faster as a Student Designer!

progress fast at design school

Dream big, grow big! Fight your fear Draw with ugly doodles! Cut down your phone distraction Draw anything you love! Get inspired Feel stressed? Draw with fun like a kid! Learn your sketching fundamentals ASAP Compete with your classmates Learn graphic design / visual communication Let your ideas divagate Think benefit. Not technology. Erwan is…

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