3 Macbook Software I found for Artists and Designers

3 Macbook Software for Artists and Designers While plenty of graphic apps are developed on iPad, my Macbook remains my main working station. Above, I am writing to you using my iPad as a secondary screen. 🙂 In the previous article, we saw 4 apps for iPad for artists and designers. Today, I share with…

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4 iPad Apps I found for Artists and Designers

4 iPad Apps for Artists and Designers I’m hunting for new apps for artists and designers to spice up my learning journey. It’s a great feeling when you upgrade your skills using new digital tools :). I searched for my iPad, Macbook, and also Oculus Quest2.It’s not a complete review of each, since I am…

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10 Tips for Industrial Design Student to Keep up!

Today, An article for all Industrial Design Students who need a long-term motivational boost that won’t fade after finishing reading that article. 😛 I thought about writing this article because I wish I had someone to guide me many years ago.Hopefully, I can give you some useful tips to help you overcome them. To do…

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How to Draw Straight Lines (4 exercises)

HOW TO DRAW STRAIGHT LINES | THE 4 CONFIDENCE EXERCISES Exercise 1: The ghost drawing Exercise 2: The constellation Exercise 3: The star Exercise 4: The pen pressure sensitivity Hello guys! Many beginners wonder how to get started in Industrial design sketching. You may tend to have clumsy sketches no matter how much effort you…

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7 Tips to Start Drawing in 2022!

Start drawing sneakers ipad hypersketch

7 TIPS to Start Drawing in 2022! This morning, Kavita (Seattle, Washington) sent me a message.She loves sketching and dream of her own footwear business! Her husband bought a little sketchbook and a pencil for her as a present. She would love sketching daily on it. But she doesn’t really know how to start, and…

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12 tips to Progress Faster as a Student Designer!

Erwan is an upcoming student Product Designer. And he’s looking for how to progress Faster as a Student Designer. He’s from France, 20 years old and will join soon the ISD Rubika design school at Valencienne (in France). He asked me by email: – How to start in Great Condition and Progress Fast? My answer:…

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Urban Sketching for Vietnam Television! VTV4

Drawing urban sketching in vietnam temple sitting on the floor

  Hello! It’s Chou-Tac, How are you today?   Last month, I had the chance to present a national TV SHOW called: VIETNAM DISCOVERY where I make a Travel Sketchbook!     Let me share with you what I learned from it, and how it can help you sketch more often and get results.   When I…

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To become a Mechanical Engineer or a Product Designer?

Job or passion career

“Should I become a Mechanical Engineer or a Product Designer?“ Yesterday, My mailbox got an email from Louis, a young student in Mechanical engineering. He feels pretty bored at school and doesn’t do well in class. He’s so disinterested that passing his 3rd-year might be tough… “I feel I don’t belong here”. He said. However,…

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8 Ways to Build Your Confidence as a Designer

the confident tortoise rocket and the hare race

I am pretty excited to share with you something only a few know about… It is something that matters more than anything (even more than your sketching skills) to succeed: “How to build your Self-Confidence”. You may feel shy, hesitant to draw to show your idea?You may wonder how to build your confidence? Let’s cover this…

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How to draw from imagination (with Basic perspective)

HOW TO DRAW FROM IMAGINATION Hello ! It’s Chou-Tac, My neighbor came home to say hello. She’s a creative person and loves DIY for home decoration. However, imagination drawing seams impossible for her. She thought that Drawing is a talent that: “We born with it” or “We do NOT born with it”. The innate talent…

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The Designer Coffee Chat#1 “I want to draw stuff from the future.” – Michael DiTullo

Today, I am super happy to share with you the 1st Design Sketchbook COFFEE CHAT! 🙂 I hope to interview more designers around the world to demystify the creative and design industry. This morning, we welcomed Michael DiTullo: “There is someone behind every object you see around you!” 🙂 Today I have a special designer guest that…

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Toy Designer | Dwayne Vance Interview (Hot Wheels)

I had the great honor to chat with Dwayne Vance! Together we share about what it takes to become a designer. I am a super fan of Dwayne’s work, especially because of a sentimental attachment for the products he created at Hot Wheels! To know more about Dwayne, here are the links to his work.…

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How to start drawing daily? (Beginner routine)

Drawing a glass with ice cubes

Are you a beginner sketcher? First of all, You don’t need years to learn how to sketch. But you need to realise: Your sketching results don’t depend on HOW LONG you practice drawing but HOW you practice. You could spend thousands of hours drawing the wrong way and repeating the same mistakes, you still do…

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Is it competitive to become a Designer?

design competition idea lamp bulb

“Is it competitive to become a Designer” is a legit question. But… It also means:  “Is it risky to become a Designer?” Alright! I will answer this. First,  I want you to reverse this question to trigger something important. Ask yourself this: “Is it risky to miss your chance to become a designer and trade…

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How to Learn Drawing Faster (with the Iteration Mindset)

iteration mindset

Today, I give you 1 sketching rule you absolutely need to learn from start. Most beginners struggle at sketching.Some evolve faster than others. You wonder why. Let me share with you how the main Sketching rule you need to adopt now to learn drawing efficiently and so much faster than you do now. “How long…

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