A Sketching book made easy for Beginners!
Get results easy and fast with clear and step-by-step lessons.

Cube in perspective

Get the sketching techniques of the pros today!

  • The Book includes 4 simple guides I made for beginner industrial designers.
  • Learn with this step-by-step method, and you will prove to yourself that you can sketch and be proud of your first success!
  • Some design sketching techniques may appear very basic.
    However, as a future professional designer, you will use them every day!
  • You will learn the right way on how to hold your pen and how to draw with a proper drawing posture.

The designer starter kit preview book

Remember that learning the basics of drawing from the start
will make you progress so much faster!

Practice with 1 guide per day!

Example of pages from the book

The designer starter kit drawing with the correct posture
How to draw with proper posture

The designer starter kit draw step by step point perspective
Follow step by step the easy <a href=httpswww Thedesignsketchbook Com things you asked about design sketching part new upcoming creative program >design sketching tutorial<a> to progress fast

My students’ testimonials from
all over the world!

Thank you so much for your kind words!
Send me your feedback in the comments below. 🙂

“I just wanted to thank you personally for the amount of help that I’ve received from your services at the design sketchbook. And you are just so so so awesome for making this starter kit for aspiring designers like me! Just SO much awesomeness.

Thank you very much!” 

Gautam, India

“It’s great for beginners and a good reminder of the fundamentals of sketching for designers.”

Durand, USA
The hand position for drawing with a pen
The <a href=httpswww Thedesignsketchbook Comtip ways to hold your pen> ways to hold your pen for drawing<a> with precision

Incredibly useful!!
It suits people who don’t know how to start practicing Design sketch!!”
Jimmy, Taiwan

“Great tool, great help. I draw better pictures now.”
Bas, Thailand

“I think it’s a great reminder and the steps are well explained to start, very helpful.
I really appreciate your work and your involvement in this project. Thanks!” 
Elisa, France  

Hey, thanks a lot for giving me the knowledge of basics and perspective.
From your lessons now I can make perfect circles and ellipses
My straight lines and my hatching also improved.

Thanks for guiding me. 

“It’s very helpful. It helped me correcting my straight lines.
Catarina, Portugal

We always have to review the basics, and I really appreciated your technics!”
Nicolas, France

“It´s really helpful. 
It is what it is, a great starter kit.
Very well explained and entertaining.”
Xicotencati, Mexico

“First of all, amazing insight into some of the fundamentals of sketching
I have been drawing for a long time now but not always in the right manner. 
Your guide will definitely remind me to keep the healthy habit :)”
Rudy, India

It made me think about things I hadn’t thought about previously.
I hadn’t even realized how basic a skill it is to draw a straight line
and how you could become better at it.

Practicing makes such a big difference.

And I found it easy to read and absorb.
Having each section broken into such small pieces meant that I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

I feel confident to try the exercises.
And I WANT to do them – instead of just staring at a blank white piece of paper :-D” 
Jane, Ireland

“I must say this is a Well-thought-out guide,
and it is a great tool for beginners and even for artists
who have been at it for a while,
but just need help with drawing like an architect or draftsman. 

Great book. Keep up the great work!!”

Thedesignerstarterkit cube point perspective
Make your first steps in <a href=httpsen Wikipedia Orgwikiperspective graphical target= blank rel=noopener title=>perspective drawing<a>

“I would like to thank you for the book that you have made the effort to send me, it had really helped me fix my sketching issues.
It had actually helped with me conveying my ideas to my professor and fellow architecture students.
They even asked me how I learned these techniques,
so I recommended your page and they are obliged to subscribe to it! 😀  

Thanks from us to you :)” 
Nano and his friends from architecture class from Philippines

“It’s a very essential thing every designer should have I found it extremely helpful and informative” 
Nischchal, India

“Really like it Nicely laid out although its a really nice start I wish it had gone deeper. It would have been a great tool for my kids and some of their friends that I give lessons to.”

“I think its amazing, it helps
 me to understand and know how I have to do the essential parts of a sketch” 
German, Colombia

“It’s very helpful for a beginner and for someone who is willing to learn the basics again in order to improve on his/current skill-set. It’s very reader/user-friendly.

The topics were discussed in a very simple manner and that helped. Complicated guides or tutorials usually confuse or even intimidate the readers.”
Migo, Philippines

“It´s simple, easy to read and understandable, a really good portfolio look like for the document, and the pics are self-explanatory.” 
Camilo, Colombia

“It is perfect for someone who has no knowledge of art and who wants to start with the basics. The layouts are crystal clear and well detailed.” 
Riju, India

“It is easy to understand, thus making it interesting and inspires us to want to learn more.” 
Vinay, India

“Well…. All I can say is that all tips and basic exercise help a lot . So for me this kit is good tool.” 
Julio, Brazil

“I think the Designer Starter Kit is very well developed, it has some nice notions about sketching in industrial design, and what to do with it, plus it gives you some nice insight about simple tools that can really take you sketching experience to another level.”

It’s amazing!
I think this is the ideal way to start off sketching for a beginner.
Brilliant stuff!
Sumedh, India

“I feel the Designer Starter kit will be beneficial for the people like me, who are enthusiastic about art and design. 
Thanks for providing such a great platform !!!” 
Manisha, India

“I think that the designer starter kit is very good for an aspiring designer.
I hope you will make more of these kits also for with more advanced designers.
Thank you very much for the effort!”
Fadi, Netherlands

“Very simple and easy to understand guides.
I’m very shy with a pen, but the guides help me to get more confident with it by practicing based on this kit.”

“A very nice project. 
As Student industrial design I like to watch it once in a while.”
Robbe, Belgium

“It was really well done and nicely presented. 
Everything was well explained and easy to understand for people who have just started to learn all of these things. For me, it’s a nice reminder of how some things work and I will for sure recommend it to other people!”
Igor, Austria

“It really helped me to sharpen my sketching skillsss!!!
 Thank you so much for making it! :D”
Devansh, India

Stephanie, USA 

Moch up designer starter kit horizontal book open


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  • Hey, I really appreciate it that you’re able to provide beginners a free guide but I still haven’t received mine. I am not sure what to do.

  • Hi Chou-Tac Chung, im so happy to find you again,my major is Industrial Design but im not good in this major, i want to learn from you to be better from past, thank you so much for your help.

    • My pleasure Zahra.
      I am always happy to help, and glad you wanna improve.

      I learned something:
      “Your past results do not equal your future results.”

      That’s dissociated.

      Have faith in your action today,
      and you will be able to shape your future. 🙂

      I believe it resonates with you too.

      By the way,
      you come back when I’m reopening
      the registration for my sketching course very soon.

      Stay tuned!

  • Hi Chou-Tac!
    I’ve been trying to get the book but it’s not been sent to my mail, please could you help me?

  • Hello,
    I’ve tried signing-up several times for the book download, but no success. Nothing in my e-mail box.

  • Hi Chou!

    I have signed up for the book(two-times) but i haven’t received anything :-(.
    Could you possibly send it to me?

    Thank you

  • Hi!

    I have signed up for the book a few times now but i haven’t received anything :(.
    Could you possibly send it to me?

    Thank you

  • Hi! I’m come from Taiwan ,I’m a college student . I want to be a industrial designer in the future ,so I need to learn how to draw sketch well . If I can have the book , it very helpful .

  • Hi! I registered but unfortunately, I did not get the book, could you please help me? I really like your youtube videos!

  • Hi! I registered but unfortunately, I did not get the book, could you please help me? I really like your youtube videos!

  • Hello! I subscribed to your website, but I have not received your book. I checked inside the spam folder, but is not there.

  • I agree to receive the newsletter and information on chosen topics from MDB. The administrator is StartupFlow s.c. located in Kijowska 7, Warsaw. The administrator processes data following the Privacy Policy . . Interpult Studio – всегда эффективное продвижение

  • I started painting a few years back. In order to improve I started drawing. I love both, and I am hoping to earn a degree in illustration. Lol I’m 45, and just now discovering what I want to be when I grow up. So for me this is another step closer to my dreams.

    When can I expect the email?

  • Hello I’m Hussain from India and I wanna learn how to sketch as I’m keenly interested in Designing automobile

  • hey chou-tac .. I signed up but but didn’t find the book link so can you just send it to me on my gmail please

  • Tried down loading book nothing happening. Can you please send me a copy.

    Thanks Mick

  • Hi, I did not get any link to download “Guide”, could you please resend it.

    Thank you,

  • I did not receive the guide. pls resend it or is there any other way I can download it without email?

  • Hello! I liked your site and introduction and wanted to try your tips, but I didn’t receive anything… I tried applying more than once but it won’t work, it’s been hours and nothing, not even in spam folder. 🙁 Can you help me?

  • Hi… I am Teresa, a Furniture and Interior Designer from India. Being a mommy on career break, I wish to revamp my skills as a designer.

  • hi chou-tac! really nice videos and tips! the cube challenge is awesome! i’ve alreade signed up but didnt receive your book. could you please send it to my email? really looking forward getting it. thank you!

  • I too didn’t get a copy… Was going through cubes tutorial and there u mentioned we recieve the book … If subscribed … I hv subscribed news letter and m following the site too… Can u please send me the book

  • Hi Chou-Tac,

    I really like your website, however, I haven’t received any guide or book to my email yet.
    Could you send me the book please? Thank you!

  • Hi,
    I suscribed few days ago, but same as some others,
    I didn’t received any email.
    Could you help me ?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Chou Tac, i have already signed up but have not received the book yet. Could you help me? Thanks! greeting from Hong Kong!

  • Hi,
    suscribed 2 weeks ago, but same as some others,
    I didn’t received any email.
    Could you help ?

    Thank You

    • Hello Stephane,

      Yes, sometime the guide is playing Hide & Seek in the spam folder or Promo folder if you have a Gmail account. I am glad you have let a message here to let me know about it.

      I have send the Designer Starter kit manually to your email 😉

      Have a nice day !

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  • Hey ,
    I am siddhant from India , I am an architect and I like to design products. I love to paint and making portraits. Sketching is my breath.Hope the design sketchbook help me to learn new style of sketching

    • Hello Mim,

      you just need to register, and you will receive them by email.

      If you can’t see them, have a look in your spam, and/or PROMO if you use Gmail.

      Let me know how it goes 🙂


  • hie I haven’t received anything yet please do something helpful , I really need the guide ..thank you

  • Hello,

    I have a little problem I can’t have access to the book, could you resend me ? My old link doesn’t work.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Chou! I’ve already signed up and recieved the 1st guide.I was just wondering… when would I receive the rest? Thanks!

  • Hi, I still haven’t received the guide. Checked my mail thoroughly. Can you send it again?


  • Hey,

    I still haven’t received the guide. Checked my mail thoroughly. Can you send it again?


  • hey chou-tac, thank you for pulling together and sharing all this great information!

    i just wanted to share back a small tip with you: i used to sometimes forget to sketch everyday, but then i got a daily page-a-day calendar like these —

    now every morning before work i peel away a page from the calendar and fill it with small sketches. i’ve also found that just getting started sketching on one page is great motivation to sketch some more ! 🙂

    • Hey Jon, I really like your TIP! :))

      I hope you are keeping all of them in a box! Would be great to see them as a collection of the year. If you do, please send me a picture of your work! 😀

  • Hey I still haven’t recieved anything in my email yet, could you make sure you send me the guides? Thanks

    • Hello Mark,

      You can check your email. Just got resend the guides to you back.

      See you!

      PS: have a look at your spam of promo folder of Gmail. Let me know in case if you find it there. It happens sometime.

  • First off i want to say thank you because my mind works exactly like yours. Also this is the only guide thats actually been helpful to me, (i even tried lynda). Best of all yours is free!

    – I finished the guide pretty quickly, i would love to sign up for the waitlist of your one on one class. Seriously take my money because i haven’t learned like that in a long time.

    • Hey Collin,

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s great to know the guide is giving you a lot of values.

      Sure, I will let you know about the next 1-to-1 registration opening! It’s closed for the moment, but I do my best to reopen soon! 🙂


  • Hello Mr. Chou. I’m a rookie on this issue, and I’m just trying to start to draw sketches. I’d appreciate if you could send me the spanish version of the book

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for your great work.
    And as it couldn’t be enough, it’s free!

    +start at zero
    +every day one mail, one lesson
    +15 minutes a day, great concept

  • Hi! I registered but unfortunately I did not get the book, could you please help me? 🙂 I relly like your youtube videos!

    • Hey Znib,

      Sure, I have already send you an email just now.

      Glad you like the videos ! Feel free to browse some more content in the blog.

      See you!

  • Hey Sir Chou, I am a Lebanese self taught artist I signed for your guid but i did not receive anything… Hope ill get them soon Cheers 😀

  • Hi! it was very helpful! Do you have similar guides for wacom users as well(e.g. sketchbook)? Thanks!

  • Hey Chou-Tac,

    Fantastic guide! I love the style and it’s really rounding off the fundamentals for me. Only thing, where do you recommend I go next to continue developing? The guide was great but I really want to keep going and continue learning to draw, but the guide stops very quickly. Do you have any more guides that build on the next step or can you recommend any books or other guides so I can continue to develop?

    Thank you!


    • Hello Ryan,
      Hello Ryan,

      I am glad that the guides was helpful.

      I give online courses. It’s a 7-month program where I can give you 1 to 1 feedback if you want to.
      The course is now ongoing so the registration is closed for the moment. If you are interested let me know, I can add you in the waiting list.

      You can have a look at this book I like. Sketching the Basics. It gives you good fundamentals of design sketching :).

      Hope it helps !

      • Hi Chou-Tac,

        If you could add me to the waiting list that would be amazing thank you! Do you know a rough date when the course will be re-starting? Thank you for the recommendation! I will be ordering a copy later.

        Thanks for all your help, and in the meantime I will keep practicing my lines, circles and boxes!!



        • Alrighty Ryan!

          About the date, I haven’t decided yet. I wonder if I should reopen before or after summer holidays. Do you have any preference yourself ?

          • Honestly, as soon as you have the time/availability. I loved the start guide and it’s got me back into sketching but would love to keep progressing. I bought a copy of sketching the basics. Haven’t had a chance to go through it yet but hopefully going to get a chance to sit down and work through it soon, thanks for the recommendation!

  • Hi Chou-Tac!

    I really loved you method. I’ve drawn by my “own perspective” shyly without confidence. It’s so nice the way that you explain! I’ve done many improvements on my sketchs! Thank you!

  • Waiting for online course sir..strter Kit helped me to pass my apitude test for university entrance..its awesome

  • Yo Chou-Tac my boi,
    I aint got any book today bro, Imma pretty mad ’cause ya know I’m all about dedication and stuff. Could you please make me a happy man for the night dude ? tha’d be great thx.

  • Hey Chou-Tac,

    I received guides 3 and 4, but I’ve checked my email for the 1st two, and it seems like they haven’t arrived yet. Would you mind sending them again to me? Thanks! Your videos have been helpful so far.



  • hi chou tac! Its great to know that there are people like you really helping out for beginners like us! I got directed to one of your videos for making drawing more realistic and iI found it very helpful! I thought I’d never be able to draw because my symmetry is never good. I am wondering does this geo
    metry applies to character design as well? i really love to make characters but people always say my drawings are flat…

  • thx mate , i got first guide from you, from know i want harder to exercise, i got problem with skecth skill, i hope can make it better.thx from indonesia

  • First of all, thanks for sharing this. and a question, there is a version in Spanish?

  • Hi Chou! I already signed up and recieved the 1st guide out of the 4… I was just wondering when the rest would get sent through? 🙂 Thanks!

  • Hi Chou, i allready signed up but i havn´t received anything yet. Could you help me out? Thanks, and greeting from Mexico!

    • Hello Isabella,

      The Sign up is below the picture of the eBook (top of the page) – where you can let me your email and first name.

      Let me know if you still meet some difficulties.

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