What you draw does not look alike your ideas?
I’ve prepared a simple tutorial for all beginners who have difficulties drawing from imagination.

I show you that “Guessing” is not the proper way to draw.
Drawing the right way is about the method I show you step-by-step.

If you want to know how to use your imagination to draw, you need to study the basics of perspective first. It will help you structure your vision in 3D so you won’t draw only flat drawings anymore!


My neighbor Bilitis came home to say hello.
She’s a creative person and loves DIY for home decoration.

However, imagination drawing seems impossible for her.

She thought that Drawing is a talent that:
“We are born with it” or “We do NOT born with it”.

The innate talent is a MYTHE!

She was terribly convinced that if she were not able to draw today, she would never be. It’s a pity because she never really tried drawing.

Anyone who has the belief
and the method to learn will succeed.

It is so much more simple when it’s well explained.

Because that Fake News is so persistent,
That discussion inspired me to create today’s drawing video tutorial.

Actually, it inspires me to create the whole Design Sketchbook blog! To show you that anyone can draw their ideas from imagination!

If you haven’t done yet,
I recommend you to go through
the Designer Starter Kit to train your straight lines,
and learn more about basic perspective. Make sure to claim your designer copy!

Alright, it is time to get your ballpoint pen, paper, and practice !!


PS: In a few days, I will need your help.
I am now preparing my Sketching course for Beginners to draw with a professional sketching level with confidence. I open the registration only 1 or twice a year only.

It is a step-by-step online course. And I would need your feedback
and telling me the obstacles you meet in a survey.

So I can know more precisely how to help you personally. 🙂

PPS: Johnson, a VIP member of my course Sketch Like The Pros has just sent me a sketch he did from a recent sketching video I published on How to draw in perspective a Grinder.
I thought it would be inspirational for you to see his progress.

Johson sketch from Sketch Like The Pros VIP Member The Design Sketchbook Chou-Tac
The Grinder sketch from Johnson following this video tutorial 
Johsonn sketch from Sketch Like The Pros VIP Member The Design Sketchbook Feedbacks Chou-Tac
My visual feedback for Johnson is to adjust the perspective of its details.


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