How to start drawing from imagination (Basic perspective) / TIP 236

Hello ! It’s Chou-Tac,

(You’ll see a sketch from my VIP student Johnson at the end of this email.
He started my course on last November)

2 days ago, my neighbour came home.
She’s creative and love DIY for home decoration.

While she’s very creative,
she thought that Drawing is a talent that:
“We born with it” or “We do NOT born with it”.


She was terribly convinced about it.
That herself would never be able to draw !

So she never really tried…

Anyone who has the determination,
and the method to learn will succeed.

It is so much more simple when it’s well explained.

Because that Fake News are so persistent,
That discussion inspired me to create today video.
(Actually it inspires me to create the Design Sketchbook blog itself !)

It’s a simple tutorial for all beginners
who have difficulties to draw
a simple volume in 3D.

I show you that “Guessing” is no more the proper way to draw.
It is about a step-by-step method to start drawing from imagination for anyone.

If you haven’t done yet,
I recommend you to go through
the Designer Starter Kit to train your straight lines,
and learn more about basic perspective. 🙂

Make sure to claim your designer copy !

Alright, it is time to get your ball point pen, a paper and practice !!


PS: In few days (should be on Friday), I will need your help.
I am now preparing my Sketching course for Beginners to draw with a professional sketching level with confidence.
It is a step-by-step course. This is why I open only 1 or twice a year only.

And I would need your feedbacks
and telling me the obstacles you meet in a survey.

So I can know you more precisely how to help you personally. 🙂

PPS: Johnson, a VIP member of my course Sketch Like The Pros since last November 2018, has just send me a sketch he did from a recent sketching video I published on the blog about the Grinder. I thought it would be inspirational for you to see his progress.

Johson sketch from Sketch Like The Pros VIP Member The Design Sketchbook Chou-Tac

The Grinder sketch from Johnson following this video tutorial 

Johsonn sketch from Sketch Like The Pros VIP Member The Design Sketchbook Feedbacks Chou-Tac

My feedbacks for Johnson to adjust the perspective of its details.

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Hello ! My name is Chou-Tac. I am a product designer from France. If the sketching methods I’ve acquired aid me in my life and in my industrial design career, I believe that they can also help you reach your design goal as a student or professional. My aim to help you all along with your design projects and journey. Anytime, feel free to leave a comment in the blog or send me an email at [email protected] : )

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  • Kenneth

    Reply Reply April 17, 2019

    I find your site truly awesome. How do I become a member and start design sketching with your course? I am unemployed and have no money to pay for a design course. Thanks very much. Kenneth

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