Draw thumbnails skipping the details|TIP72

Drafting the content for the sketching video tutorial, I took a break and sketched some Concept art thumbnails. It was fun!

I would recommend drawing your thumbnails without taking much care of details. Ignore or simplify them. Focus on drawing the main shapes with fluid lines. Your scene will come out dynamic.

The objective here is to get an expressive mood.

The phase of detailing will come later for the selected sketches only. That’s how you can reduce the time for the research of ideas. You will be able to allocate this extra time for detailing or rendering (or resting).

Thumbnails are a great way to visualize a scene in no time. One thumbnail could take less than a minute to draw. What takes time is not the drawing process, but the inspiration. That’s exactly what we target.

Draw fast to sketch as many ideas as we can.

Some professional Concept artists like to take half a day to focus only on that. Then, in the afternoon they select a few and explore them deeper. Instead of redrawing the chosen sketch in a big format. They scan it, scale it bigger, and use it as an underlayer. Simple, and efficient.

That’s all for today. Feel free to leave a comment.
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