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Welcome on board!

Hi! I’m Chou-Tac,

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  • I see a new cover, then I’m curious to download it again, because the book is very solid although it’s a freebies..
    All the best for the author..

    • Hi Mikhael,
      How are you doing?

      Thank you! The cover changed, but the guide remains the same.

      However, the blog has plenty of new content since! :))
      If you have any suggestions, or ideas for new freebies, let me know!

  • USA. Art has always been in my life is various mediums. MY LACK OF PATIENCE seems to brings gems like these along to get me back in tact

  • Hola, soy de México, me inspira mucho tu forma de enseñar a dibujar, tus videos y la información de tus publicaciones me interesan también.

  • Hi Chou-Tac,
    Your site on sketching is SO Inspiring! I am Estelle, I live in China. I am also French.
    I am landscape gardener and want to be faster with (hand)-drawings to present my garden designs. I am pretty convinced your kit, articles and videos will help to reach that goal!

    • Hi Estelle, I am glad you enjoy the blog, and that it helps you in your sketching journey as a Landscape Gardener. That’s might be an awesome activity in China. 🙂
      All the best for your projects 😀
      A bientot!

  • Kelantan,Malaysia
    I want to learn to sketch because I love drawing.I always drawing when I have free time and I hope this book gonna help me.Thanks

  • thanks, Chou-Tac, your tutorials are exactly what I needed to start sketching again. The book will help to keep practicing in sequence. great work!

  • I’m from central California and have an interest in urban design. My goal is to design walkable people friendly city spaces.

  • Thank you for sharing these awesome books for free. I’m from Myanmar. I always interested in art since I was a kid but didn’t get the chance to study it because of various reasons. Now I’m nineteen and I again want to persuade my long ignored hobby. I want to study fashion design and your videos and books helped a lot.

    • Hi, I got my BA in 2010 at the age of 50. For my final project I wrote a short story and illustrated it. I had taken a few art classes with the hopes that I would learn to draw. No such luck.
      Still trying, still plugging away at learning how to draw.

  • I’m taking an animation degree and was referred to your book. I caught a glimpse on how to sit while sketching, so from there I’m already excited.

  • I’m learning myself programming and game development on my own. And I want improve my drawing skills, in order to make concept art for potential additions to games I want to make.

  • Hi, Chou-Tac Chung – Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for doing the videos. They’re all really helpful!


    • I’m glad you enjoy David!

      By the way, in case you may be interested,
      the registration for my course ‘Sketch Like The Pros’ open this month

      See yah!


  • Hi 🙂 hailing all the way from Denmark. I´m getting into portrait drawing and I was hoping to learn how to draw, rotate and slice a 2 point perspective sphere from all angles (as it is the basis of sketching the head from all angles). I know I can just try and eye ball it but I´m a chronic overthinker and I want to know how to do it right haha 😉

  • Hey,
    I am a Mechanical engineer, I like solving problems. But I want to explore my career in the Industrial design field. I am hoping that the materials provided by you will guide me.

    • I also hope you will find valuable content on the blog during your journey Deep.

      You said you like solving problems, that’s definitely the quality number 1 of a designer! 🙂

  • Mr. Smith from Buffalo, NY
    I teach high school Architecture. I make every attempt to incorporate sketching into my curriculum. Always looking for tips, tricks and techniques to pass along to my students. Thanks for all the great work.

    • Hi Mr Smith,

      I hope you find plenty of content
      that helps your high-school students. 🙂

      Let me know their favorite sketching tips!


  • Hi I teach design in high school and I am looking for an easy way to teach my students to sketch for design communication. They lack a lot of confidence so ease of use is important.

    • Hi Graham,

      I do believe in “Quick wins”.

      Basically about giving simple exercises that beginners will succeed and bringing joy and accomplishment.

      The designer starter kit ia about this.

      That will help them realise they can do much better than they thought.

      And that when things are explain simply, anything is actually achievable by anyone, especially themselves! 🙂

  • Bonjour ! Je dessine en autodidacte mais cela fait des années que j’ai arrêté. Donc apprendre quelques techniques me permettra d’améliorer mes croquis et me remettre dans le bain avec plus d’aisance. Merci pour ce partage.

    • Avec plaisir Tania!

      N’hesites pas a partager dans les commentaires du blog, ou m’envoyer un email pour partager ton evolution! 🙂

      • Hello! I’ve always loved to draw, and after observing how a lot of the artists I admire, I realized how industrial design made them much more skillful in their works.

        This encouraged me to get back into doing the basics and really understanding 3D forms.

        I hope to be able to improve a lot by learning from here, thank you!

  • Hi, I’m Brazilian, my name is Ana, and i am an frustrated adult how quit drawing as kid because adults, that decides that i am going to persue my inner kid’s dream.

    • Congratulation Ana for following your childhood dream.
      That’s a great action you can definitely be proud of.

      If the blog can help you, it would make me very happy. 🙂

  • Hi, My name is Leon, From Liberia living in Nairobi. I love sketches and would love to learn to sketch

  • Soy de la ciudad de méxico, me interesa y me gusta mucho tu forma de exponer cada uno de los temas, ya que lo haces parecer mucho mas fácil y por eso no me pierdo ninguno de tus videos.

  • Soy de la ciudad de méxico, México es mi pais, y me interesa la información de tus libros y tus videos en you tube porque necesito aprender a mejorar la representación tridimensional por medio del bocetaje rápido de productos de todo tipo

  • Hello from Brazil! I wanto to learn the sketch to ilistrate n eBook on elkectronics! Best, Paulo

  • Actually I try to know and learn the systematic technique for sketching.
    It will help and encourage my professional practice and design preparing as well.

  • Hi, I’m Julius from Ghana. I’ve just started drawing and I’m looking for resources online to learn from.

  • I’m a self trained set designer Wood worker from Lagos Nigeria
    Thanks for sharing I really appreciate Sir ❤️

  • Hi from Belarus!
    I’m after illustration. I hope learning to sketch would help me to get in.
    Thank you for sharing so much!

  • Hi! I come from Poland, but I live in Germany, Berlin. I am carpenter and want to learn sketching to put my ideas on paper before creating them in wood and co. Thanks for all those easy to follow tutorials! I am happy to be motivated to draw every day!

  • Hello my name is Jan, I live in Perth, Western Australia. I am 72 years old and now disabled I want to fill my days with learning and doing. I decided to learn to draw – correctly. Finding this site has me thinking this may be the best way to start as I think that the basics are the best place to start. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge as I am very keen to learn.
    Best wishes,
    Jan from Perth.

    • Hello Janet,

      Yes, the basics are perfect to start sketching the “correct way” as you mention. Congrats for getting in that direction. You will enjoy drawing even more!

  • Hi! I live in Mexico. Im arquitech and i want to improve my sketching styale. Thak’s for give us the oportunity to practice using your product’s design.

    • i Come from Les Baux de Provence. Thé lockdown five me Time to draw and now i love it but i am zéro!

  • My name is Chris Richards from Asheville NC and I need to improve my skills to better present my original designs and inventions.

    • I’m looking forward to sharpening up my sketching skills for sneaker design. Thank you for sharing your talent and direction with us.

    • I’m from Arizona. I just started teaching myself how to draw because I’ve always wanted to learn but couldn’t even draw a stick figure without it looking like it had deformities of some sort. But in the past 6 months of self taught I’ve came a long way and hope to go a lot further. Thank you for the free book.

  • I want to crack the nid exam
    (National institute of designing)I am preparing for the exam right now ,I have ideas ,creativity, but I am.worst at drawing ,because of the worst skill of drawing I can’t exhibit my ideas on paper .I love to draw ,but idk how to draw even a straight line ,it will be curve

  • Thank you so much for making this content and for your fantastic YouTube videos! I hope to improve my hand drawing skills and at the same time become more confident!

  • Hello Chou-Tac, I am Marina from Serbia. I study graphic design. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • I’ve always loved drawing but geneRALLY REfused joining a course. I’ve always wanted to be a desiger bit nevera took any Time to learn. HOPE TO improve with your guise AND YT videos

  • I am a student of Design… but my drawing skills never developed well… when I was 12yo when started copying from HQ’s… then tried to go to realism without practicing i thought i would be able to draw but not… this made me feel awful and I stopped drawing… till 2018 and got into college to study design I had to draw… felt a bit behind my classmate because they made good draws and when i looked at mine … an error make comparisons( dont do that). Now I have two years and half to graduate and i want to learn how to sketch and draw everything and find my own style and work with illustration!

  • I want to improve my skills to better support my students when working on sketching design concepts

  • Hi,
    I’m from Singapore. I am a teacher ,teaching design and technology. I want to be able to sketch confidently and communicate clearly through drawings.

  • I am a Mechanical Engineer. I do a lot of computer drawing every day, but I would like to express my self by sketching.

  • I’ve always known I have the talent for drawing/sketching plus I love art but I didn’t take further lessons to hone it into a skill. I want to take up Interior Design someday and learning how to sketch can help me become better at perspective drawings.

  • I’m a student in 3D computer graphics for games and film, but want to improve my artistic skills as well in order to be properly able to get my vision across.

  • I have been drawing since I was a kid but never took it seriously enough to learn/study how to draw properly. My drawings still look like a kid’s sketches. I regret wasting so much time as I want to be an artist who has the skill to paint whatever comes to mind.
    I also want to explore the field of Concept art; master environments and character design later on.
    I was trying to draw something as simple yet highly basic and important as “straight lines” and failed to get them correctly. I looked all over YouTube to find someone who can teach why my lines are bad. And I can say your channel is the only one that truly is helping me with the basics of: lines, circles and ellipses.
    And omg! Last night I watched the tutorial on how to draw ellipses and it has finally solved all the issues I had! like magic! my ellipses are not pancakes anymore!
    So, I find that designers are really great with such fundamentals so I thought I could use some extra help with this guide. Thank you for all the effort, you are really helpful 🙂

  • Trying to get back into sketching, I teach high school design technology and am looking for hints and tips to improve my sketching and pass on to learners.

  • I am a student and a freelancer, looking forward to be very good in design sketching and that’s why I’m here

  • Hi Chou-Tac,
    Greetings for the day.
    My name is Mahendra and I’m from India. I love to draw and I needed a good guide to improve my drawing skills.

  • from Switzerland, Suisse romande, et je parle français, I live near the lake of Neuchâtel. My nick name is Paxon which mean – package, amount – in french. Well i’m a local artist and work on some scenographies. I like to draw on paper and other different stuff but it is pratical to use some digital for the présentation of my projects. I used to do it on my samsung note but now i have note pad i went to sketch on it.

    • Bonjour!
      Je viens de lire votre introduction et je voulais vous dire bonjour d’Austin au Texas.
      J’ai commencé à dessiner il y a 2 ans. Je suis autodidacte. Le dessin est rapidement devenu une de mes passions.
      Sur quelles sortes de projets travaillez-vous?
      Je suis allée en suisse plusieurs fois. I love it!!

  • Hi, I did not receive the book till now. I am very interested to learn sketching. I am searching for good guidelines to learn this but I did not find anyone. Please help me.

  • Hi Chou-Tac, it’s nice to meet you… I came across your website by vigorous researching. I’m a struggling artist, I couldn’t get online courses but I got to see your work. I really love sneakers and shoes… I’ll love to be a great designer one day. I just don’t have the right materials to learn with. I really hope to learn from you along the way, Thank You.

    • Hi Matthew,

      I am glad you enjoy sneaker design so much!

      I have just finished writing a book about sneakers, and I would need some feedback to make sure everything is ok. Would you be interested in I send you a version before the official release?

      Let me know!

      Thank you!

    • Hello Chou Tac.
      I’m a former student of yours
      I started the sketch like the pros course but sadly never completed it, I’d speare you the long story and just say I’m back now…I still have a passion for drawing. I tried to see if could access the course link sent to my former account emansjo247@gmail.com but sadly I couldn’t…I really want to draw again, what can I do?

        • I also need to know moreabout technique. I watch video and the Pro Designer is using Ipad for sketch book, I wonder do we do like that with book and pencil? because guess drawing on Tablet and notebook is different. Should I start with tablet or sketchbook and pencil?

          • Hi Uyen,

            If you use a screen tablet like a iPad or Wacom Cintiq, it gets very similar to the process on drawing with paper.

            There are no perfect time to start drawing on tablet. However, drawing on paper is a must. It gets intuitive, and you can draw anywhere you want. It’s spontaneous. Take a pen, draw.
            While on tablet is: take your tablet, your pen, on the tablet, open the app, choose your canvas size… Ok it’s fast, but everyday… a regular pen will make a difference. 😉

    • Me too. I watch video and the Pro Designer is using Ipad for sketch book, I wonder do we do like that with book and pencil?

  • Hi, I’m Michelle from the US and I am unsure what direction to take when it comes to studies. All I know is I have a passion for art and learning so I will continue to create. Would you mind sending the e-book directly to me? Other people have mentioned they didn’t receive the e-book either. I am looking forward to using this e-book

    • To the ones who didn’t get the book, i tried with some diferent mail accounts and i only could get it with a gmail account

      • I was able to download it today using a non-gmail account. I put in a temporary email and it worked today for some reason

        • Thank you for the update Michelle.
          I am glad you received it.

          Sometimes email like to play hide and seek in the spam folder or Promo for Gmail accounts.

  • Have tried to get the workbook several times but not received it via email. Can you please send it directly to me? Am looking forwards to using this with my students.

  • I am studying Design and Technology teaching at University and I need to learn how to draw – this looks like a good method

  • Hello, from the US. I’ve always loved drawing and doodling as a kid. Drawing allowed me to be expressive about how I’d feel, but a lot of the time it was just I thought looked cool. As years passed I still drew but not as much as I’d wish. Luckily, recent events have led me to rekindle my passion for art. Now I’ve been left with a lot of ideas and concepts that I would love to see on paper, and through studying from books and teachers I can express them much better than I did as a kid.

    • That i s great you go back to your passion.
      Your ideas and concepts will definitely take forms with a good study of the basics of sketching :). Welcome Mackey!

  • I’m a mechanical design engineer and want to do more industrial design. I love seeing these beautiful industrial design sketches around and about and want to be able to bring my ideas to life like that.

  • Hi, I’m John From Colombia. I’d like to learn how to sketch like a pro like you because I love 3D modeling and I think I need to strengthen my analog drawing techniques, and 2D concepts.

    • Hi I am Denisse from California I am a interior design student . ( technically I still haven’t started school , but I am getting around to that )

  • I’m from Sweden.
    I want to draw for my own sake, doing fanart of games and comics I enjoy.
    But I need to start with the very basic of drawing.

    I have tried get the sketchbook 4 times now but nothing is coming.


  • I want to be able to think visually and share sketches that people can understand to explore ideas with others.

    • I love to draw so when I saw this sketchbook – it will add some much needed structure 🙂

      • I was very keen to learn the drawing from by 10th grade.But I cannot draw a proper one.

    • Hi I will be a Industrial Design student in fall of 2021. I want to get a head start on my sketching skills.

  • Hi, I’m from Germany, I just finished my studies in industrial design and finally feel ready and have the time to learn something real and useful. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!


  • hi i am Aquilla from philippines expert from drawing but dont know how to sketch i attended art class keep on drawing and imagine some things when i search how to draw a web appear and click it and thank you for a lot more inpiration thanks for replying me on my email have a nice day


    • Hey! I’m from France. Very valuable stuff. I’m improving by the minute with these guys!
      The lessons offer you a frame with simple advice and rules for the hand and pen in hand to accomplish what you set out to do.

      Thumbs up


  • hi i am Aquilla from philippines i am expert from drawing but dont know how to sketch i attended art class keep on drawing and i have imagine some when i search how to draw a web appear and click it and thank you for a lot more inpiration thanks for replying me on my email have a nice day


  • Hi,

    My passion has been designing cars for more than 20 years, I am totally an amateur, but still trying to learn and never give up drawing. I sometimes realize, my self already used many ideas on my sketches, such as lines, a feature to the car etc. way before I see them on the cars on roads or on the concepts. In this regards I see myself as a car designer, a successfull car designer:) I could’t get a chance to get an education on designing cars, but I keep learning. I keep sketching… And totally I appreciate you share your knowledge. Thank you.

  • Hi there! I’m from Vietnam, I’m learning sketch because I like it and I want to achieve my dream. I am really like your website and book

    • Im a student majoring in Media Arts and Aninmation and getting a better understanding on sketches and all the fundamentals that it applies its better fir me ti understand
      Im from florida,

  • Hi,
    I really want to learn how to improve my perspective drawings, is there any other videos on this website, that you would recommend me to watch?
    Is there a Design community on this website, that I could join/ be apart of??


    You said, that I would receive the book in a minute, but it has been 9 minutes and I still haven’t received it yet?

  • hi, I’m Miguel Bernardes and I’m from Portugal.

    I am a product designer, and I feel that my weak point in the presentations was not knowing how to draw products.
    I know that this type of sketch will greatly increase my presentations and my confidence in making product sketch.

    • Hi Miguel,

      I agree, being able to draw the products you have in mind will drastically make a difference in your presentation.

      Don’t worry, sketching is all about a series of simple techniques.

      Let me share with you a tutorial about drawing a product using blocks: https://www.thedesignsketchbook.com/how-to-draw-plug-easy/

      You will be ready to start it after going through the Designer Starter Kit giving you the basics of perspective. 🙂

      Hope it helps!

  • I am from Australia

    Want to go into sketching various styles in “Parramatta Eels sketches” professionally. As a niche business I can incorporate my love of my NRL Rugby League team as a passionate supporter since 8.

    Have always loved drawing from old enough … I was always a good drawer through school. It always has come naturally to me, as other creative enjoyments in my life. Ready to take it to the next level!
    Thank you for wanting help me grow!

  • Greetings from Arizona, USA! I’ve always loved drawing and have a dream of being a concept artist, but lost my steam some time ago, and want to get back into it, from the ground up! And I know that designers have a strong sense of drawing fundamentals like form, connectivity, structure, etc. Looking forward to the book and seeing how it helps me get my groove back with confidence!

    • Hey Kym,

      You are totally right, for a concept artist, the key is a good understanding and practice of fundamentals.

      Soon, they will become intuitive, so your brain will fully focus on creativity!! That’s the crazy fun part where your imagination will have no limit.

  • I really love sketching mostly with boxes like a product designer. It really inspires me to sketch when I see an expert doing sketches.

  • Hi i am from delhi india
    and i am mechanical engineer and in product modelling thats why i wan t learn product sketching
    thanks in advance

  • hola soy estudiante de diseño industrial, me gustaría mejorar mis bocetos, mis sketching, aprender nuevas técnicas y poder mejorar con su ayuda. de antemano les agradezco

  • Hi I’m from Los Angeles California USA, I’m new to drawing. I want to learn how to draw in CAD form3D printing, and to relax and make art

  • Hello! i am a student in Dublin in Ireland and i am interested in mechanical and fashionable drawings and would love to learn to draw them!

  • I’m from Southern California, of good ol’ USA! I’ve always loved drawing and enjoy finding new websites like this, and just really like getting any tips I may not already know 🙂 My high school teacher told me something that sticks with me over 10 years later: “You learn something new everyday.” It turns out he was right, haha! And you’re never too old to learn, either <3

    • I am a product designer from India. I own my own design firm. I am learning digital sketching since most of my clients require digital copies than Hand drawn concepts. Wish to learn more techniques.

    • Hi Alexandra,

      Your teacher is wise.

      The world is generous of discoveries! For us to dig and explore. 🙂

      I hope you learn plenty of things on the Design Sketchbook blog.

      See you!


  • I too have not yet received the book, so I hope leaving a comment will force the system to send it to me!

  • Hi this is Brooke. I’m from Canada. I’m currently a fresh interior design student. I want to learn freehand drawing so I can sketch space, furnitures properly

  • Yooo, I’m Amelie from France and actually I would like to become ceramist of table art and then need to draw my creations 🙂

  • I’m from the UK and want to learn to sketch better as I am a building surveying student. I feel as though improving my sketching abilities will help me to create better designs for the properties I work on so I can help contribute to a buildings history by ensuring it captures the client’s needs and values.

    • Yes, sketching will be definitely the skill you need to create your projects Husnain.

      What you say is such The keys of success in Design: “Ensuring it captures the client’s needs and values.”

    • Welcome on board Yoel!

      Hope you find great content on the blog. Feel free to send me your questions if you have any in the comments or by email.

  • Hi, I am a civil engineering student and want to step into the design field….Thank you so much for the kit!!

  • Hi, my name is lisa. I’m studying interior architecture major from Cambodia. and I want to learn and improve my sketch drawings.

  • I’m here to learn industrial design because I would love to design products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing!

  • Hi;
    I’m from Singapore. i want to improve my drawing skills to be able to draw professional design sketches

  • I am from Canada. I am very interested in learning how to draw for my own pleasure in my winter year of life. I think that one is never too old to learn, more likely too old to become great, not my worry. I enjoy drawing and Ienjoy learning.

  • Hi I’m a industrial designing student in Turkey. I need it because of making it my job lol 🙂

  • Hiii,
    I am shailesh a Medical device designer & Developer from India. Want to improve my Skills of designing by Learning

  • Hiii,
    I am shailesh from India.
    A medical device designer & Developer. Want to improve my Skills of designing.

  • Hi, I am professor of Basics of Product Design from Germany and I am curious how you explain the basics of design sketching 😉

    Looking forward to receive the book soon….thanks!

  • Hola!! me interesa pues trabajo en el campo del diseño y me gustarí
    a perfeccionar el sketch para agilizar mis trabajos en el bocetaje…

  • I am a fashion and graphic designer for many years. I’ve always loved doodling but never really learned to sketch correctly. I love architecture and sneaker design and I want to learn how to sketch more easily and correctly from a different point of view. Thank you.

  • I am an Industrial Design student in the USA. I will be going into my senior year soon and I desperately need to improve my portfolio to find a career.

  • Hi, I’m Elena. I’m from Romania. I really want to learn how to draw correctly so I can study architecture and your book would help me a lot. Your sketches are wonderful!

  • Hey, I tried also to get the book by subscribing but I couldn’t I would appreciate very much if you could send it or indicate how to get it.



  • Hi,
    I’ve sent a few requests for the free design sketchbook but I’ve not received it yet. Is there a way you could send it manually? Love that you’re providing this material for free.

  • I’m from Romania and I am a car enthusiast..I currently study at a Industrial Design University..I hope this book will help me to improve my car sketches.

  • Hi!

    My name is Patrick and I am a qualified engineer. I am now training to become a Design and Technology teacher at secondary school, and would like to improve my sketching skills. Glad found this site!

  • Hi everybody!
    I’m a professional digital modeler, with a strong passion for drawing and sketching. Sometimes, along with the knowledge of new softwares, I want to improve my skills, so… here we are!
    Thank you very much for this book, I’m sure it will be very precious for my skills improvements..!

  • Hi! Registered and tryed to dl your starter book, but I dont receive anything. Checked spam folder etc. Anyways.. great site!!

  • Dude your content is awesome. I am glad I found it. I’m so motivated to learn from you! Thank you so much for all this content and inspiring others like myself

    • Hello Nat,

      I’ve just sent manually an email to you.

      By the way, can please help me check if the email plays hide & seek in the spam folder eventually ?

      Thank you!

  • Hi, I’m a professional industrial designer with many successful products in the marketplace. I have been sketching very small, roughly and quickly just to remember my ideas (so it doesn’t look very nice), then develop it directly in 3D modeling softwares. Now I need to add some beautiful sketches in my portfolio.

    • I see what you mean, on top of adding your sketches in your portfolio, it will also help you convey better your ideas to clients before going to 3D step 🙂

      I love napkin sketches. They can be more or less elaborate.