I received a message from Christopher.
He’s a woodworker and is fed up making drawings as “if somebody sits on them”.
I made a beginner video about:
How to Go from Flat Sketches to 3D Volumes!

How to Go from Flat Sketches to 3D Volumes
Take a pen, some paper, and take some notes! ✏️
Next week, I will prepare some product design tutorials for you.
And you, do you also feel your sketches are flat like a pancake 🥞 ?

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How to Stop Sketching flat in 2D and Start Drawing in 3D Volumes

Testimonial from Jim Yarr:

“Hi Chou-Tac

Thank you for your email and for your sketchbook (…)

Can you please offer any assistance as I’m anxious to begin your course method?

I enjoyed your video and I am inspired to express a newfound latent creative artistic expression.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.”

– Jim.

Jim Yarr testimonial sketching and creative artistic expression


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