Go from bored at home to Creative drawings

When I ask my friends how things going with
the confinement due to Covid-19, they tell me:

“Home is boring. Help!” 

And Yes, I agree. It is!

But I believe there are 2 kinds of boredom:

  • The “Passive Boredom”
    when you watch movies and scroll social media all day.
  • The “Creative Boredom”
    when imagination activates anytime, anywhere!

Before that, let’s so a quick check-up!

Are you addicted to screens?

scrolling anytime

Are you addicted to screens?

First of all, I invite you to count the number of screens you have at home:

  • Television
  • Tablets, Phones…

What we mainly spend hour time on is watching screens: Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snap Chat…

We are so much surrounded by screens.

We cant deny screen entertainment is fantastic.
But how come we have been so much occupied watching movies, at the end of the day, we still describe our days as boring?
Why don’t we have any feeling of Plenitude or Satisfaction?

To be fully happy, instead of being a passive spectator, we need to become active creators.

Are you losing from the Opportunity Cost?

wall e watching screens all time

Are you missing out something important?

We do meaningless actions that take over meaningful ones. 

We scroll feeds and zap content instead of drawing, writing, thinking on new projects…

Television and Social media are like “Sugar”.
They give an instant boost of satisfaction.
But what are the long term benefits?

We all have 24 hours a day.
Try to see how you spend your time daily, and how many hours it represents per year. This time could be precious for practicing new creative skills.

I shared previously on how you can save 5 months per year for your own projects.

Be aware on how “The Opportunity cost” impact your life, so you can start making positive change :).

Activate the “Creative boredom”

kid drawing with creativity and colour pencils

Creative boredom to discover your passion

In the ’90s,
we didn’t rely on so many screens to entertain ourselves. 

In France, television had 6 channels only,
and we didn’t have programs “à la carte” like Netflix.
It happened we get bored too. But it is ok. 

Child imagination travel randomly.
We would sing, play toys making stories, play marbles, tapping stuff to make music, whistle, or even cooking at home. And of course, drawing. 🙂

We didn’t found refuge on screens to compensate.
As well we say it is good to keep counting without using calculator, so you keep your brain alert. It is the same for imagination.

There is no minimum age to start to be creative!

At this time I call Creative boredom, you may find out a new Passion for yours.
There is no age to start.

Kids are fearless to try new things. Adults do fear.
So remember. No one is judging you.

No one will ever say anything about trying something new. Give yourself a chance to better discover a new passion no matter your age. How about inviting your family to participate in these playful activities!

Plant and Nurture your Creative Seed

planting seed creativity

You never know how tall your seed will grow. Nurture your passion.

This creative boredom was for me the seed of being a designer years later.
I didn’t know it yet, but I would enroll in a Design school once becoming an adult.

Before going to sleep, try to fulfill your day of something you will remember years later or feel proud to tell your kids, grandkids… 

Make your boredom become a source of creativity. 

Build something for yourself.
Learn a new skill. 

No matter what activity you choose during this isolation time, fall asleep with the feeling that today, you are a little better version of yesterday by trying something new. 

Think positive!
Isolation is the best time to discover and nurture your creativity!
Practice drawing like meditation. Give yourself a whole afternoon for drawing.

(Remember to put your phone in airplane mode, or better, drop it in another room. Your brain will forget about it. And you will feel a sensation of peace. 

Take care.

PS: A positive message from Aaron

Aaron level up his sketching design level during corona crisis confinement

PPS: A trick is to draw what you see on the screen watching a movie or a cartoon. 

Here is the link from when I was bored on a long flight and decided to start drawing the movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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