Hello! It’s Chou-Tac,

How are you doing today?
I know how we all have a busy life, and how many beginners have little time to pursue their passion for sketching.

Have you ever said: “I have no time to draw.” – “I feel guilty, I procrastinate and stagnate.” “Damn… I wish I could make it !”…

Let me help you with this with today’s “simple” trick.

But first, let me share with you the Big picture: Our life and agenda are shaped or dictated from other peoples’ priority – mainly coming from job and family.
We ought a lot of duties to others. At the end of the day, there is no much time left for ourselves. : /

But if you seriously wanna become a designer, you will have to commit and accept a Big change.
That quote from Thomas Jefferson inspires me: “If you want something you’ve never had you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”
You gotta taking ownership of your time and reshape your agenda around YOUR goal.

Think more for yourself.
Take care of your passion first.

Today. I wanna share with you a productivity trick.
You can start it today, and it takes a few minutes only if you are willing to change. “The commitment is relatively big depending on your eventual addiction or sentimental attach.” : P

It’s how a 5-minute action will save you tremendous and precious time.
What is it about? THROW YOUR TELEVISION AWAY! Ohoh!
It is a bit harsh, right? I want to show you how a TV is non-necessary for creative people. Worst, it’s harmful to creative people.

With a TV you are putting your precious time in the dustbin.
Politics, (bad) news, reality show, quiz games are not the content you should take inspiration from as a designer.

If you feed your brain of “pouh pouh information”, you will produce a lot of pouh pouh things!

I hope it make sense to you.

Tell me: How many hours of TV do you spend watching per day? per week? per month? per year?

Think about how when you reach home: how you mechanically take off your shoes, put your keys on the table, take the remote and switch on the TV.
Then remain motionless for 2 hours… at least.

Let’s do a quick calculation:
2 hours x 365 days = 730 hours of TV per year
730 hours / 24 hours = 30.41 DAYS of TV per year !

It’s equivalent to 1 MONTH per year wasted in front of a TV like a zombie!

If you could spend that time for sketching, reading or training software such as Photoshop or Illustrator. You could make a huge difference for your degree.

If you enrolled in a master’s degree. You would save literally the equivalent of 5 months of practice!

To become a successful designer you gotta switch your mindset as in a CREATOR MODE.

You gotta think: “I produce more than I consume.”

Information on TV is like junk food.
Don’t let your brain being washed by brainless entertainment. Think. Create. Go to museums, travel, observe real people. Talk to them. Be aware to the real world.

Skip the daily crap on TV. Instead, choose what YOU want and need to watch to improve.
The whole idea is to reconnect yourself with the world the right way.

Select carefully the content you wanna watch, so you can enjoy it to the max !

It could be a documentary from National Geographic, or the latest Marvel movie you are fan of to entertain yourself. Choose carefully what passionate you the most.
If you want to help others as a designer. HELP YOURSELF FIRST.You will gain in Focus, Time, Motivation. And results will come. Your time complaint will become opportunities.
You will build the life you want to be happy at work, and with your family doing things you love.

Have a wonderful day !

PS: I realise I never bought any TV in my life. Since university, I stopped watching it. I dedicated my time on what mattered the most to me: my homework, sleep and spending time with my friends.

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