How to Draw with Bold Lines!

1. Beginner Sketching Mistake

Most beginners start drawing with a bold “monoline”.
They use only
1 pen pressure, and it often feels heavy.

That way, you can’t have many options for iteration.
And you sketches get easily overwhelmed by your mistakes.

It can be pretty discouraging, and anti-creative to “draw heavy”.

2. Start drawing lightly, then draw with bold lines

However, in Product Design, you need to start drawing all your sketches lightly.
You got to draw being very gentle with your pen (to avoid a heavy wrist effect).

So you will be able to:

3. The 3 basic types of line weight

In today’s video, I show you the 3 types of lines you need to know and practice:

  • The hidden line, thin
  • The volume line, medium
  • The outlines, thick.

These are the 3 basic lines to master among hundreds of lines.
Of course, the higher the amount of pen sensitivity you can master, the better.
But get these 3 first, and you will make a giant step in your learning journey of Design sketching!

A little TIP can make a huge difference.
See you in the next one!



To learn further about line weight, I invite you to follow this sketching tutorial for beginners:
Line-Weight Basics: How to Draw Expressively with Lines (

How Designers draw with Line Weight - Tutorial
How Designers Draw with Line Weight – Tutorial

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