How to draw Cast Shadow with Diverging source light easily!

We saw previously at the How to draw Cast Shadow using PARALLEL source light (such as the sun).
Today let’s see more about DIVERGING source light (such as 1 or multiple projectors).

To illustrate both techniques, let’s consider the volumes in the videos to be something you could hold in your hand. Basically, I consider that the “Parallel source light” would come from a (huge) wide source of light such as the sun.

The “Diverging source light” would fit better for small lights such as projectors.

Note: It’s all about scale.
If you draw an entire city with high buildings, from an eagle viewpoint, you could use the Diverging source light. It may give a more “dramatic” result.

Choose the graphic impact you want to give to your sketch.
cast shadow diverging source light with 1 projector
Cast shadow with 1 projector.

cast shadow diverging source light with 2 projectors
Cast shadow with 2 projectors

cast shadow diverging source light projectors
Cast shadow with a closer projector to the volume.

Try to draw a few and test a minimum of 5 different source of lights.
Take a pen and let me know how it goes in the comments below !

Note: Do not train using any ruler to trace the straight lines.
It’s a good habit to take from the start.
If needed, you can click here to get a tutorial on how to draw straight lines without ruler.

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“Hi, my name is Di from Jakarta.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
I’ve been searching for good resources to train my sketching skills, especially a product design sketching style.”

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3 thoughts on “How to Draw Cast Shadow | Diverging Source Light (from Projectors)”
  1. your cylinder does my head in,I thought the light source had to be shown at a right angle to the floor but that just looks like you have drawn the light on the rail at the top, but at the front of the cylinder and then connected it to the floor at the back. 🙂

  2. i’ve never seen someone teach shadows easier than this 😀 … thanks alot for sharing this with us ^_^

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