To make your sketch pop out from the background, it’s essential to add a Cast shadow.
The “cast shadow” projects the shadow of an object on a surface (basically the ground surface).

I basically use 2 methods at drawing the cast shadow:

  • the Parallel source of light (Example: The sun)
  • the Diverging source of light (Example: A torch light)

Today let’s see first the most simple one, the cast shadow with the Parallel source light.
Follow the tutorial step-by-step, and you will realise how easy it is!

The cast shado will give more depth to your sketches. And as you will see, in Product design sketching, we will use hatching to draw them. It allows you to draw with efficiency.

Your aim is not about drawing a realistic drawing. But a sketch for anyone to undestand fast and clearly.

cast shadow-design sketching - source of light
Drawing cast Shadow from the sun

cast shadow-design sketchingcast shadow-design sketching a

See you for the next tip of the day about the:
How to draw a Cast shadow using the DIVERGING source of light.

Testimonial from John:

“When I’ve read your article, I was purely amazed at how motivational it actually is. It covers the real situation in life and how to achieve your vision and goal. I would really love to read your articles more in the future and get more involved in your future design courses.”


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