To constantly improve at Design Sketching, we know that Practice is the key. But M. Procrastination like to call us one time in a while.

It may be a sign that we need a break. It’s ok. No harm.  Just don’t rest with him too long.* We all know how we feel comfortable watching movies on TV on the sofa with our dear M. Procrastination instead of practicing our sketching skills.

*If we don’t pay attention, we may procrastinate for weeks or months. Worse is forever.

I remember when I was student

And had a new project, it happened that before starting, my brain told me to clean my room… (Does it happen to you as well ?) I convinced myself that I would work better if the environment would be nicer. True. But in fact,  I was procrastinating. I kept myself busy to postpone my homework.* Why ? I was afraid to learn and face my mistakes and realise (again) that I am so far away from my goals. I could see so many great designers artworks on Internet, but it seams to be impossible to reach. So, I procrastinated and do nothing. Even worse. When M. Procrastination was away, these great influence motivated me ! When he was around, I felt weak.  

If such things happen to you as well, remember that:

“If you feel frustrated with all the things you can’t do. Then start with things you can do.” – Gitomer

  • It’s pretty ok to procrastinate that way. Cleaning my  room activated a first sense of accomplishment. The essential is to keep enough dedicated to carry on the School project.
Dream big

Only big dreams can intensively drive us to unexpected results and get highly motivated ! Each day is a baby step and an opportunity to get closer to our dreams. Soon, with more techniques and practice, you will walk, run and jump and get closer even faster building that momentum.

What I  do to keep Mr Procrastination away

Is to sketch anytime, anything, anywhere something I like. On the above picture, I was chilling in the shopping mall and stop at the pen corner of a stationary shop. I tried out some pen doodling some footwear. For these 5 minutes, that moment was mine. What I am going to say may appear abstract, but the feel I like so much while drawing is that mix of peace and excitement creating these instant sketches. And it’s good to remind your brain this feel.

TIP to help you start a project:

If you need to start a project and feel procrastinating. Give your self a contract. Cut all kind of social network distraction. Sit, and start drawing for FIVE minutes. If you like it, carry on. If your mood is still away with M, Procrastination, then stop. Simple right ?

The good thing about this method is that your mind and mood will often come back pretty fast. These 5 minutes may drive you drawing all-nighter. 🙂

Try and let me know your impressions in the comments !


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    • Hi Arpit,

      Recently a footwear academy opened: I don’t know much about them except of what’s happening on there website and media. I mean I havn’t visit them or talk directly to student from that school. But I have a good feeling that this school deserve to be considered. Check there website, you may want to connect with some of there student through Instagram.

      There is no specific way to become a Footwear designer. Some designers studied Product, other transport, or else… (I met a footwear designer who studied Sociology) Whatever path you take, what will count the most will be your portfolio and your passion.

      My personal opinion is that:
      – Footwear for men or ladies are not “only” a pair of shoe, or an innovation. It’s a culture. You may want to consider designing or working with a wider scope of products such as accessories, clothes, watches or maybe jewelries, cars… It’s all about stories.

      – Many designers who love sneakers actually love a specific brand. There is nothing wrong to be “a fan”. However, things evolve and today landscape may not be the same few years later.

      – Note that you don’t have to be a sneaker head to be a footwear designer. Mixing different aspect of design is always a great source of inspiration. That’s why I believe a Design education is definitely a good option.

      – As a designer, do not only love what a brand did in the past, but try to see how you could make that brand even more exciting.

      To help yourself to make the right choice, I would invite you to identify why you love footwear. Then you will know where to look during your research.

      Hope it helps.

      • My passion for footwear started back when I was in 8th grade. I play football(soccer) and back then me and my friends tried to solve problems regarding our cleats. I got so much involved in this that I couldn’t stop. And afterwards , I tried to get my mind in other categories as well. And thanks for your opinion man . means a lot to me. Unfortunately , my only problem is that I live in India and it would be really hard for me to go to USA for further studies after school.
        Right now , I have nid (India) and nift in my mind.