Do you draw clumsy sketches?
A great way to improve fast is to work on the quality of lines.
It all starts with drawing straight lines freehand.


How to draw straight lines freehand
How to draw straight lines freehand

Check your body posture

Many beginners wonder how to get started in Industrial design sketching.

But the common mistake that slows their progress down, is to draw with their wrist or elbow.
In other words, if your arm remains static on the table, your drawing will look stiff and awkward.

You need your whole arm and body to move to have a proper drawing gesture.
Your shoulder should be in movement.

If you are not aware of it,
a bad sketching posture can affect dramatically your results for years if you don’t pay attention to it.

You build long-term drawing confidence

At the end of this video tutorial:

  • You will gain great confidence using the basic movement of sketching.
  • You will get ready to go further to make your first steps in perspective drawing.

As soon as you master this,

Practice straight lines as a warm-up

Professional designers still like to draw straight lines as a good warm-up before a sketching session alongside drawing ellipses and circles.

It helps to warm up your hand muscle and start with good motivation! : )

Like how my friend JonhgHo Lee,
Director of programs and professor at the Samsung Art & Design Institute (SADI) says:

Sketching is like body language (…)
It is all about learning the right movement in a step-by-step procedure.

JonhgHo Lee, Director of programs and professor at the Samsung Art & Design Institute (SADI)

Let’s start!
It is gonna be a really fun journey! 🙂



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