How to draw good hatching?
Remember, draw your lines in a clean way.
Begin cleanly, and end cleanly.
Meaning, try to keep even pressure and speed from beginning to end.

I show you a hatching drawing technique that is simple to apply.
If you need it, you can train at drawing straight lines freehand first.
Make sure you draw also with the proper drawing posture.

They are the must-do habits for daily drawing.

Hatching is great for shading and creates contrast

Chou-Tac Chung – Hand sketch, 2008

How to get evenly-spaced linesAlan-Levine-Syncopated Art

A sketching tip to draw good hatching is to draw with a rhythm in mind.
You follow the metronome.

  • TIP: Count in your head steadily, like a metronome.
    For each beat, you draw a line.
  • Keep a steady speed in the drawing hand and wrist throughout the exercise.
  • Try different counting speeds, but remember that it’s not a race!

Alan Levine – Syncopated art, 2010

Hatching in limited areas

Use random form to draw good hatching inside
  • Draw a random shape.
  • Drawing hatching
  • Cover the whole page with random shapes and nice hatching.

  • Fill this shape with hatching.
    For the first two or three lines, use ghost drawing as necessary.

    Your brain will “calibrate” to the borders of your shape

Good hatching drawing summary

Draw lines that are:

  1. Parallel, ensuring that you have the paper angled comfortably.
  2. Equidistant, by using the metronome method.
  3. Lines that do not exceed the calibration of your brain-hand connection gained by the ghost-drawing.

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