How do I draw good hatching?

Remember, draw your lines in a clean way. Begin cleanly, and end cleanly.

Meaning, try to keep even pressure and speed from beginning to end.


Chou-Tac Chung – Hand sketch, 2008


Alan-Levine-Syncopated ArtHOw to get evenly spaced lines
  • Count in your head steadily, like a metronome. For each beat, you draw a line.

  • Keep a steady speed in the drawing hand and wrist throughout the exercise.
  • Try different counting speeds, but remember that it’s not a race!

Alan Levine – Syncopated art, 2010

Hatching in limited areas
  • Draw a random shape.

  • Random-shape-with-hachureFill this shape with hatching. For the first two or three lines, use ghost drawing as necessary. Your brain will “calibrate”, or memorize the shape.
  • Cover the whole page with random shapes and nice hatching.

In summary

Draw lines that are:

  • Parallel, ensuring that you have the paper angled comfortably.
  • Equidistant, by using the metronome method.
  • Lines which do not exceed the calibration of your brain-hand connection gained by the ghost-drawing.

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    Muy bueno!. Great! . Want more guides!

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    Thanks for adding the tidbit about Ghost drawing as a way for the brain to “Calibrate” the movement before making the mark on paper. That alone has helped me a great deal!!!

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