How to draw a sphere like a designer, in 1-minute video only!

I show you how you can sketch a sphere in just 3 seconds.
Because learning how to draw fast allows you as a Designer to drop your ideas instantaneously,
so you can share your ideas and get feedback from your classmates, teachers, colleagues, or boss quickly.

how to draw a sphere with fast sketching
How to draw a sphere with fast sketching

How to Draw a Sphere (Product Designer Technique)

If I ask 100 people to draw a sphere that shows volume,
I believe most will draw it using shading.

That’s great!
But this is a time-consuming technique.

As a designer,
speed matters to drop our ideas fast,
so you can jump from one to another as fast as possible.

In the video, I show you a super fast technique to draw a sphere,
that takes you only 3 seconds to complete.

I know you can do that “finger in the nose”!
It is a French expression meaning: Doing something easily without our hands.

Instead of shading the sphere, that would take minutes to complete,
I draw the sphere using 1 circle and 2 ellipses only.

Draw a sphere in 3 seconds easily!

2 Beginner mistakes drawing a sphere
Sphere Drawing: 2 Common Mistakes

The 2 common mistakes are:

  • first of all, drawing using shading.
    It is a legitimate technique but for a designer,
    there is a faster and minimalist way to draw a sphere.
  • The second mistake is to think in 2D and get a shape like a flat balloon.

Turn your paper at 45 degrees

Practicing fast-sketching drawing spheres freehand
Drawing ellipses for the contour lines

Practice time!

Draw multiple circles on your paper, then fill with 2 ellipses: Horizontal and vertical.
A sketching tip is to turn your paper at 45 degrees to draw with a natural arm movement.

Hope you enjoy it.
See you at the next TIP!



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