As a Product Designer,
I find plenty of inspiration in Sci-fi movies such as Star wars and Concept art sketches.
* You can discover Edward Eyth interview who created plenty of sketches and innovation for Back To the Future II, Disney, MARVEL… that inspire nowadays creation such as the kitchen robot !

Recently I asked you on Instagram stories if you have Artbooks at home.
As I do believe they are crazy boost generator of motivation and ideas !

And I had the idea to create a video about the Artbooks I have to share with you. 🙂
From there let’s study one of my favourite one from Darren Quach: INKWORKS.

Drawing with ARTBOOKS CHALLENGE #1 : Artbook by Darren Quach : Concept art b
Many Darren Quach’s sketches are inspired by animals

If you wonder where to find artbooks,
I shared in a previous article about
where you can find the Artbook corner
in your local library in this article.

I invite you to go there, sit and explore
these beautiful art and design books about
Cartoon, animation, video games and so on !

I know how my friend and student Antonio from Spain love books;
and I am pretty sure you will like this post ; ).

If you guys wanna see more of these videos,
feel free to let tell me in the comments or by email at

Drawing with ARTBOOKS CHALLENGE #1 : Artbook by Darren Quach : Concept art a
Block time to sketch with no distraction, like if you do for watching a movie : )

In this first video of the challenge #1,
I wanna show you how you can progress faster being inspired by others.

Drawing with ARTBOOKS CHALLENGE #1 : Artbook by Darren Quach : Concept art d
Do not sketch for the aim to study only, but have FUN !!

Like how I did previously with this
concept art engine sketch inspired by Darren Quach‘s work before.

concept art darren quach x the design sketchbook chou tac chung
I definitely can’t hide how much I am fan of his work !

To progress faster,
I recommend you to copy other artists,
and explore multiple of styles you like.

Then mix them so you can create your own, and keep improve it.

You don’t have to copy 100% what you see.
Extract the elements to incorporate them in your own creation.

I personally like to import certain types of lines I could fine incomics, manga, fashion illustration into my industrial design sketches. So I can draw with emotion in my lines.

Have fun !


PS: Make sure to keep learning your Basics of sketching.
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  • Te agradesco tus ideas y comentarios , esperando que logre mejorar en todo a que se refiere al dibujo , que para mi es un medio de escape , pero no poseo mucha habilidad solo las basicas y algo torpes , vivo en venezuela y hay dias que lo unico que me llena es hacer algun dibujo aunque tosco , trato de mejorarlo , he llegado a hacer hasta 20 paginas para mejorarlo , pero a veces me cuesta demasiado plasmar todo lo que veo en mi mente , gracias ………………………