A great trick to make concept art engine more fascinating, is to give them a “soul”.
How ? By giving them hands, eyes, head, skeleton, anything related to human or animals, your engine won’t be just a robot anymore. You give “him” the ability to think, and being able of self decision of movement.

Yesterday I did some mini sketches to provoke multiple ideas. Today, I draw bigger.  I want to explore more on how to draw the small and intricate details of the machine such as the joints and “skeleton”. I challenge my observation skill and memory of form.

I believe that, if I could have a good library of mechanical forms in my mind, it will help me a lot at transforming almost any simple shape into a cool concept art engine. I am not yet convinced about it, but I want to test this theory.

Hope this trick will give you inspiration for your own Concept art engines.
See you guys for the next TIP OF THE DAY !

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