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Today we explore a powerful technique of How to draw bottles. I believe it’s powerful because you can use the same method to draw anything that is using a “Revolution”. In other words, anything that the profile turn in 360 degrees around a vertical axis. You may think of pottery.

This tutorial is using the software Sketchbook Pro, where we activate the tool: Vertical symmetry axis. Download Sketchbook Pro software

How to draw a bottle in video – using Sketchbook Pro and the symmetry axis

Real scene view point of the bottle - Industrial design sketching
Regular view point We tend to draw things from how we see them in real life. However, when you want to draw something, always ask yourself from which viewpoint you want to show it.

Front view point of the bottle - Industrial design sketching
Front view point for presentation boards for clients
Today we are interested to get a front view viewpoint. It’s easy to multiple the proposals and show to your project to your client for him to make a selection.

3 Strategy on How to dra Bottle
Sketching is about strategy. The video explain the 3 approach of How to draw a bottle. You will see that they are actually complementary. There is no right or wrong. It’s all about your own preference.

How to dra a Bottle soya sauce perfume bottle- Industrial design sketching
Draw anything like a Bottle of water, Soya sauce Kikkoman, bottle of perfume and so on.

How to draw bottles Sketchbook Pro - Industrial design sketching

ASSIGNMENT OF THE DAY: Observe all the things that use a “Revolution” similar to pottery. Take note of them and try to draw them on Sketchbook Pro. You can start with a dozen such as a glass, a flower pot, a base ball bat, a Pantone Tria marker, an ice cream cone… 🙂

Pottery – Picture from Faiencerie du Morvan – Made of an infinity number of ellipses.

Bonus - Bottle and personnalities
BONUS that is not in the video: It’s just fun to see how the packaging of the bottle can reflect the personality and the body shape of the buyer.
eg. For a sports brand of bottle such as Gatorade, the bottle is definitely sporty with a narrow waist. A bottle of soda is more massive, cheap tasty and big….

Hope it helps and see ya for the next tutorial ! And feel free to leave a comment or question.

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  • harvey

    Reply Reply July 24, 2018

    very grateful for the book.

    • Chou-Tac

      Reply Reply July 24, 2018

      My pleasure Harvey.
      Have fun and feel free to explore more tutorials on the blog to apply what you have learned :))

  • BioMan

    Reply Reply September 12, 2015

    Hi Chou, have you ever thought of using Krita, a open source tool for sketching? Krita is extremely powerful. I’d like your opinion on Krita and how it matches up with SketchPro or PhotoShop CS?

    • Chou-Tac

      Reply Reply September 12, 2015

      Hello Bioman,

      First time I hear about Krita. So I can’t tell you much more about it. Thank you for the discovery. I will look at it.

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