Emmanuel struggles to find time to draw.
Sometimes, he stops for days or weeks, and it feels like a hurdle to go back to drawing.
Let’s see how we can help him hack his mind to draw daily!

Message from Emmanuel

how to draw daily

Emmanuel asked me: “How to commit to drawing every day?”

When we learn something new, we put a cap written “STUDENT” on it.
We start learning very motivated, especially at the beginning.

But sometimes you may feel demotivated, and drop for days or weeks, or more… 

Don’t worry, that’s classic.
It can be solved.

But why does this procrastination happen?

Because drawing becomes ‘Homework’.
Who likes homework?

Not meee!! Behhh…

Traditional schools use the “Good boy” learning style-oriented. 

They reward good marks.
And punish mistakes.

That’s how we learned how to learn.

  • Do well your homework.
    If it is too easy for you, too bad. Same program for everyone.
  • Do not take any initiative.
    Or you may do mistakes and get penalized.
  • If you need help, don’t ask your classmates.
    It’s cheating.

You create a vicious circle of fear.
The more you draw > the more you scare to make mistakes > and the less you draw…

TIP 1 Wear the “EXPLORER CAP” to draw daily!

For a rebellious mind, like us, creative designers,
studying to have good marks does not appeal to us much.

We need another learning style.

I do not evaluate my students of ‘Sketch Like The Pros’ by giving marks,
but with encouragement and progress celebration!

Even for the small wins!
Because nourishing your love and dedication
for drawing matters to push our own boundaries.

No one knows oneself limits.
But for sure, further than you think.

To get the habit to draw daily, 
put your ‘Student cap’ in your pocket, (we’ll need it later)
and wear the EXPLORER CAP! 

You are not only a student, but you are also an explorer –
excited to make new drawing discoveries!

You don’t wait for a teacher to tell you what to draw. 

You are self-driven:

  • If you are learning how to draw,
    it is not because you have to,
    but because you want to.

It’s a thin mind shift to make that activates an emotional trigger to draw daily.

Man doodling ideas on notebook
Doodle many ideas on sketchbook

Do not wait to be a “grand master” of the fundamentals of drawing to start drawing your own creation.
Put them into practice ASAP by drawing real or imaginary products!


As an explorer, you love taking risks!

You are not scared to make mistakes,
because they help you explore new weaknesses you can fix!

Mistakes make you become stronger, you gain experience.

You feel rewarded when you find an obstacle and succeed to solve it by yourself.

When you feel lost,
you know you can count on finding the answer in the drawing fundamentals.


You understand that the fundamental techniques you learn are important.
But they are only TOOLS.

They help you go beyond your creative limits!

Learning to draw should be like a game!
Not homework.

It’s like trying to figure out how to beat the big boss
of a video game, you look for its weak point and elaborate a strategy.


“Ho wow! I wanna draw this awesome chair! 
Let’s figure out how!”

You select the techniques you need:

  • 2-point Perspective
  • Extrusion
  • Symmetry

And you build up your chair like a Lego!

Every time you face an obstacle,
the unknown response will feel like a gap you want to fill.

That’s how you will build a “positive addiction” to drawing.
Feeling eager to find the answers
as if you were decrypting a secret code, looking for a treasure.

TIP 2 Become a “Drawing Nerd”

Be eager to draw new stuff, like a “DRAWING NERD”.

Thanks to the Explorer cap, you feel empowered to draw more and more difficult things!

Your drawing motivation gets high, but when things get too tough,
you need to put back your student cap on your head.

Young man doodling on his note book
Love studying drawing techniques for hours


As a beginner,
this cap has the title of “Student”.

However, soon,
with experience, that same cap will be promoted to “STRATEGIST”.

A strategist is an eternal student with more experience.
He’s able to combine and pick the right sketching techniques to draw any product he wants!


Remember that nerds study a topic intensively because they are, first of all, passionate people.
They spend hours and days studying a topic from any angle possible.

It may not be “trendy” to be a nerd.

But I can tell you that being one is so satisfying when you elevate your art and design skills – without caring about what so-called “popular people” think.


Look for impressing your pairs, your community – people that matter.
Surround yourself with caring people sharing the same passion as you.

Ignore toxic people. They don’t matter.

Exchange your progress and keep drawing daily with your pairs!
They will expect to see your drawing progress.
And you too as well expect to see them level up!

You create that mutual expectation to see the other one shows up.

3 woman sharing creative time
Draw and share together your wins and mistakes

You create a virtuous circle of progress.
The more you draw > the more you want to improve and impress > the more you want to draw…

When I was a design student,
I used to exchange my drawings through Skype with my classmates, looking for ways to improve.
It was super fun to share our discoveries!

“Hey, your sketch is cool but a bit flat.
What if you would draw this using the bolding technique with line weight?

How to draw with line weight tutorial
Learning easy but efficient drawing techniques

You don’t have to learn alone. : )
With a drawing mate, you will go further.

Draw infinite possibilities!

Remember, when you learn a new drawing technique, try to find practical stuff to apply.

For example, you learn how to draw a cup using ellipses.
As soon as you master it, level up the challenge and find bottles, vases, pens, torch lights… to apply those same ellipses techniques!

How to draw bottles tutorial
1 technique lead to infinite proposals for the bottle design

Then, you will know multiple techniques and want to combine them to draw more advanced products, architecture, characters, animals, and insects…

Do you see how your scope of drawing can expand to infinite? 😀


To progress fast, think of a kid learning the alphabet.
As soon as he gets out of class, he reads anything he sees.

  • the school poster,
  • maybe the street names,
  • the restaurant menu,
  • the name of his favorite sweets at the shopping mall…
  • soon get his first comic book of his favorite Avenger.

For drawing, it is the same.
Learn the basics.
Then practice as much as you can in “real life” to become fluent!

Remember, as well as speaking/writing,
design sketching is a communication tool to convey your ideas.

DESIGNER = Explorer cap + Student cap

  • ‘Explorer cap’ looks for creative challenges.
  • ‘Student cap’ looks for master drawing fundamentals.

We have to hack our brains sometimes.
And revive daily our natural ‘CHILDHOOD CURIOSITY’. 🙂

Drawing on the floor like a child


A common mistake in trying to draw more is to set a calendar.
For example, ‘drawing every Monday from 8 pm to 9pm

Using a planner is a great intention!
But, soon it may feel like homework…


If the planner system didn’t work for you, make it simple.

Get your mindset goal set on Drawing every day!
you won’t need any planner that way.

Look for create a habit
So every day you start drawing, is effortless.

Make it relax. There is no specific time to draw.

A doodle on a receipt is also a drawing.
5 minutes of sketching in a cafe count too!;)

Drawing on a Starbucks receipt
Draw on receipts for fun!


Another reason why I like to avoid a planner, it’s because of the time restriction you set for yourself.
What if you planned 1-hour drawing, while you feel like drawing so much more.

When you get absorbed by your art, it’s no surprise to draw for hours, or even all night!
That’s a great feeling I wish you to have.

Doodle daily. Draw daily.

Embrace making mistakes.
Be better than who you were last week.
And your drawing discipline will strengthen naturally.

If your mood is not there, put back your Explorer cap.
Remind yourself that drawing is part of your life.

Drawing is a passion, a career. Not a hobby.

Remember, when you start drawing daily,
you step into that beautiful virtuous circle of progress.

The first step is the hardest.
Don’t think too much, follow your heart, and “Just draw it”!



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