Last November, the course Sketch like the Pros was launched. I was glad to see how it gather an infinite number of unique profile who have all in common the passion for Design sketching.


Today I would to share with you the story of the youngest student of the course. He’s still a teen and already shows a high interest and motivation for Design sketching. I can’t hide how I was surprised to see such a young boy enrolling. (I myself discovered my passion to Design much later during my 20’s.)

I believe his profile is pretty unusual and may inspire many others. Let me share with you more about him and simply interview our friend Hippolyte Lucas. 🙂


Hippolyte Lucas IDHey Hippolyte, tell us about you in few words.

Hi ! I’m Lucas Hippolyte, I am a 15-year-old-student and I live in Valenciennes, in north of France.

What are you hobby ?

Drawing is definitely one of my passion but I also play classical guitar for 8 years and I do Karate for 7 years.

What makes you thrill about Design ?

A lot of thing makes me thrill about Industrial design. A designer is a kind of an inventor where creativity is about thinking about a concept, an object then draw it and produce it through a whole process. It’s so interesting for me ! And Design sketching is such a new way to learn drawing.

How did you discover your passion for Design ? How does it all started ?

I discover this passion thanks to a friend who is an Industrial Design student at the school ISD of Valenciennes (Institut Supérieur de Design) in France. I saw and followed his design projects that attracted my attention. I made some research and I discovered a lot about the profession of Designer. And now, it’s a passion.

I copied this shoe from an other sketch one year ago. I find it rather good !

Do you talk about Design and design sketching with your friends (with the same age) ?

In general, not really. But sometimes, I have some discussions with friends about the work of a designer. They don’t really know what is it !

Who are your favorite artist, designers and/or brands ? And why ?

I don’t know enough designers to choose one favorite. But I really like Philippe Starck because he has created his own world in design. He has developed a talent that combine aesthetic with function in his products.

How old were you when you started sketching ?

I started drawing at five or six years old. Of course it was ugly at the beginning but after with training ( I copied a lot of mangas ). I developed my passion for sketching.

Do you believe in innate talent ?

If innate talent exists, it’s very rare. But everyone could create his own talent with a lot of work. The talent is for me something we can develop.

Do you plan enrolling to a Design school in future ?

Yes ! I would like to. I want to become an Industrial designer and follow my passion. So, yes I plan to enroll to a design school.

Any advice or tip for whom wanna start sketching ?

To learn design sketching, it’s important and necessary to start from the beginning. Don’t go too fast and take the time to learn sketching steps to steps.


Can you send us a picture of your sketching space and/or sketching tools ?

Hippolyte Lucas Desk

If you could draw something and make it become reality. What would it be ?

If i could draw something and make it reality, it will be something  in the field of the music. Maybe, headphones or a speaker…

Few pictures of your work

lucas hippolyte car design sketch .png
I drew some sketches, not a lot. But I drew this car two years ago.
lucas hippolyte Bakuman .png
1 or 2 year ago and it was very difficult ! I copied it from a manga (Bakuman). I was not very good at drawing from imagination.
starting sketching course lucas hippolyte.png
Exercise from the Module 2 of Sketch like the Pros – Training the 3D vision with contour lines and fluidity of lines.

If you guys have any question to ask to Hippolyte, feel free to ask him in the comment below or send me an email and I will connect you to him.

I am sure he will be glad to converse with you Smile.


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  • You have the determination to become an excelent Industrial designer, I am from Venezuela and i feel in the same way to improve my work as sketching with a hard work we can have and great future.

  • You have the determination to become an excelent Industrial designer, I am from Venezuela and i feel in the same way to improve my work as sketching with a hard work we can have and great future.