I found some drawing in my luggage from when I was watching RIO2 in the plane. I was looking for paper, so I started to draw on the first paper available, the Air Sickness Bag.

I personally like animation. I believe that it helps me to give motion to my drawing lines, but also having a better understanding of 3D volumes for my product sketches.

TIP 34 Get a 3D vision

Train yourself at drawing things in multiple angles. Your 3D vision will improve. Start with some simple shapes such as cubes, cylinders.

Take a simple object in your hand such as a book, a simple glass, a CD, anything with a basic shape. Hold it on your left hand, study it and draw it.*

With some training, you’ll be able to draw anything from a simple side view as reference. Most of the things in the world being symmetrical, your brain will recreate the rest.

Rio Sketch bird from any angle.jpg
Chou-Tac ChungBirds inspired from RIO2

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