Have you ever felt awkward to draw something when people are looking above your shoulder?

It happens that a sketcher suddenly can’t draw anything. Trying to sketch new things, he’s paralyzed and draws nothing; thinking that his sketch may be judged by people.

TIP#33 No failure, no progress

When you meet a difficulty, face it. You might not solve it easily, it may get you on nerves. Relax and take it as a game that you’ll get used to failing. Failing will be part of the routine.

Then you’ll take the habit of solving problems with a clear mind. #Dexterity

That’s actually one of the reasons I started the 365 Keep Sketching Challenge.
It helps to conquer my fear of failure. I try to show you the good and bad days.
But I aim to keep the main curve of progress rising.


Sketching anywhere, in the train, bus, plane, pen shop. I got used to drawing in public. It helps to draw without caring much about the people around you.

I was chilling at the Typo shop. They sell colorful notebooks, glitter pens, and all kinds of fantasy decoration things. As usual, I like to have a look at the pen corner.


The pens didn’t interest me much. What caught my attention was the long-dimension sketchbook size. I randomly took a pen and slid it on that beautiful paper. It’s somehow like how a surfer may feel when he sees a high wave coming. It was a pleasure to sketch on such a surface.

@Sole_consideration recommended me on Instagram to run a normal sketchbook through a bandsaw. I have never wished as much for a bandsaw. Smile


It’s the first time I drew a sneaker with a glitter pen.
It’s kind of girly and not appropriate.
Anyway, with no shame, I experiment.

That’s how we conquer day by day our Fear of failure.

How about you? What slows you down at improving sketching?

Let’s discuss it in the comment area below.


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  • My fear is imperfection …like when I’m sketching and I can’t get the perfect form of a object I end up drawing multiple lines over my sketch to try and find the perfect form , but in the end it just looks like I’m scribbling on the paper ….is that a bad thing ? Should I use the ghost drawing technique to avoid this ?

    • Hello Muhammed, yes you just need to relax and practice with the ghost drawing.
      To do it well make sure to do not rest your elbow on table or twisting your wrist. When you draw, the full arm is moving. 🙂