ryuStreet Fighter II x Futurama
I grew up playing Street Fighter. It was one of my favorite inspiration.

Still having Bender in my mind, How about mixing them ?

Capcom – Super Street Fighter II

A friend told me that fan art artist usually spend time on learning how to draw their favorite characters. Some become very good at it. However, they rarely spend much time on background. I realized that I am one of them.

Through the K.S. Challenge I actually started to explore more on that, and intend to improve.

streetfighter-futurama-theDesignSketchbook4Chou-Tac Chung Angry Bender II, 2014

Quick lines of Bender.

Add some details to make Bender in Ryu’s spirit.
I also started to add some perspective lines to create the space.

I add extra perspective lines for the “deepness’” of the background.

Create the decor getting some inspiration. Here, a street of Kyoto, Japan.
Remember to respect the perspective lines for the props as well.

TIP 27 Get a background in few minutes

Google some places, and get some inspiration. Identify the elements which are the most iconic.
Play with them.

Street_in_Kyoto_JapanI was looking for a Japanese background, where Ryu is from. Instead of replicating Ryu’s world, I remembered how pretty is Kyoto from my last trip there. This is when Google image can be very helpful. To get in a second the pictures you roughly remember in your mind.
The vertical panel with the Japanese writing is a strong element. Adding few of them make you already feel in Japan.

Pöllö Street of Kyoto, Japan

Street-bender-II-theDesignSketchbookLooking for inspiration can take few minutes, to all-nighter, or may even never come. I recommend to do not start from scratch.

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