Today is the third day I play with Bender, from Futurama with the K.S. Challenge. I was bored in the train, so I was doodling Angry Bender again.

TIP 28 Doodle EASY

Doodle with a loose hand, and the wrist being NOT in contact with the table/tablet.
You might not be accurate, especially at start. However, it can help you to get better lines.
It’s also a good way to put ideas on paper fast.


streetfighter-futurama-theDesignSketchbook6Chou-Tac Chung Doodle Angry Bender, 2014

futurama-benderMatt Groening The Simpsons x Futurama
If you too think Bender is awesome, leave a comment.
Cheers !


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    • Great to see you here Marek.

      Did you know that The Simpsons are drawn in Korea ? If you look at the end of the movie, you will see an endless list of Korean artist name. They did a great job.
      I wonder if Futurama is also handled there.