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Q: How to make an online portfolio?

Before starting,
I published an article for artists and designers
if you want to make your portfolio a Marketing Weapon.

it’s super easy to publish a portfolio online.

There are several platforms that allow designers
from different fields to put online their work and resume as well.

It’s like a fusion of [LinkedinInstagram].
They are the visual Linkedin.

If you are lucky,
your artwork may be featured on the homepage
– and you will get instant exposure for a few days.

It happened to me once, and I had a huge peak of visitors!
Felt super happy. Eheh.

But most importantly,
you will connect with your pairs from all over the world as an art and design community.


The most popular:
I have an affection for Coroflot which gathers a huge community
of Graphic designers, but also Product designers
(we also find photographers, illustrators, and calligraphers…).

Users are students, freelance, and other professionals.

  • Connect with other pairs giving them some “Likes” or appreciation of their work.
  • You can follow your favorite designer that inspires you and get in touch with him/her.
  • Made to welcome professionals at looking at your portfolio and resume.
  • Some international job offers are regularly added.
  • They publish some statistics, such as a Design salary guide, in case you wonder how to negotiate at your next interview.

Coroflot - Design portfolio homepage


The most stylish:
I never took the time to subscribe to Behance.

However, I love going there for getting inspiration for the high quality and creativity of the pictures.

You may find more works from art directors, photographers, graphic designers, and amazing illustrators.

Yet there are good works published by product designers but not as many as Coroflot (If I am not wrong).
Just the type of Product design in the search field will do.

The functions are very similar to Coroflot as social media.

Besides that, it seems to be less job research-oriented and focuses on displaying beautiful galleries.

Behance Design Portfolio homepage

A portfolio platform is great for getting exposure.

However, if you send your resume to a company,
I recommend attaching a portfolio in .pdf instead of giving your Coroflot link for example.

If you send your Coroflot or Behance link,
the recruiters may be tempted to browse other designer profiles.

You want your application to shine by itself.

Plus, the other advantage is to select the exact content of the pdf.

It means you can personalize your portfolio according to the company you apply for.
(Don’t put in all your work, keep some good stuff to show on the interview day – Remember, surprise the interviewer!)

Use Adobe Acrobat reader Pro to create the PDF portfolio
and set up the display by default in Full screen.

It will looks just neat and pro.
No side distraction.


How to make your own online portfolio website

On top of these platforms, you can create your own website from zero to a low budget.

You can create a website for free with WordPress (The most used website editor in the world).

You can choose a theme suitable for portfolios,
and put online your work in no time.

It’s not super user-friendly though.
A learning curve is needed.

So, if you do well, within a week, you should be done.
Don’t panic, you don’t have to be an IT pro to build a website.

What if you are allergic to IT?

You still can make your life easier if you consider Wix, or Squarespace.
They provide beautiful themes.

These options are not free.
Make a try and see what suits you guys.

For Wix, you can actually build up your website first.
Whenever you are satisfied and feel ready to publish, pay for their services.

You can take your time to build your portfolio up, and be ready to publish your amazing artwork online!

If you know other great resources on
How to publish online portfolios,
let us know in the comment below!

PS: Thank you Alessandro Millione for your question. 🙂


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