A designer needs to draws without looking for perfection!
(Vlog in Tokyo, JAPAN)


This October 2021,
The doors of my online Design Sketching course: Sketch Like The Pros reopen!

I will show you how to master a professional sketching level even if you start as a True-beginner.

If you are looking for making a living from your passion for drawing ideas as a designer, I invite you to join the waiting list.

Hello from Japan!
Here in Tokyo (One of my favorite cities!)
I bring you to a shopping mall where we’ll do “Observation drawing”.

I will show you The Art of Drawing Fast & Ugly (Yes, it’s a Professional designer technique!)

Are you making ugly doodles?

Good news!
You are on the right track!

Yes, yes!

Today, I show you the behind-the-scenes of a daily designer routine.

I show you how a designer NEEDS to draw without looking for perfection!

Do you often see super neat sketches on the Internet?
They are awesome and many require hours of work.

they are the tip of the iceberg only.
And represent 10% of a designer’s timeline.

90% of the time,
a designer job scope needs to make “Ugly doodles”.

A designer needs to master a multi-level of sketching quality: 

From the ugly to the neat versions.


Because a low-quality sketch will respond to a Creative Research Goal.

While a neat sketch will respond to a Client Presentation Goal. 

If you want to learn more about the creative process,
I show you the 5 Phases to present your project to a Design company.

As a professional designer,
you constantly think about How to boost his PRODUCTIVITY.

Your work holds a key position.

Other departments (Engineering, Marketing, Sampling…) timeline depends on yours.

If you are late, they are late.

You can’t afford to make every single sketch amazing, realistic, or “perfect” to show your ideas.

You do not benefit from the artist’s luxury of taking years to complete a piece of art.

A good designer is a great time manager.
He multiplies the ideas and he gets things done within the deadline.

Perfection is counter-productive.

While most beginners are obsessed with perfection, most will fail… since they are looking in the wrong direction.

Do you rather show many great idea proposals, or 1 “expected” proposal?

If you want to surprise your client, the number of research matters.

Most of the time, your first ideas are pretty much expected.

The common solutions that your classmates, colleagues, or even clients may think about. Nothing much special.

Keep looking, digging for ideas to start getting surprising ideas!
Thinking out of the box needs a conscious effort.

Fall in love with creativity and the design process.

Don’t be scared of generating thousands of ideas drawing ugly.

It is part of the game.

During the Research phase,
your ultimate goal is a creative product.

Not a beautiful sketch. Ok?

In other words,
if you deliver a beautiful sketch to your client but is neither innovative, creative, or exciting, it will be just a beautiful sketch to hang on your wall or take the dust in a cupboard.

Know where are your priorities.

The real value of a designer sketch is to convey great ideas for your client’s brand and users.

Then only when you hold that great idea,
Spend time on making a “Power sketch”. 

To do:

Draw every day, anywhere, anytime!

Make sketching your lifestyle!
No matter who you are, good at sketching or not,
or how busy you are, you gotta love drawing as you breathe.

Stop looking for perfection, mother of procrastination.

To stands out from the crowd,
Master the techniques of Fast Sketching.


PS: A design studio rather has a candidate who can sketch fast, being creative than having the greatest illustrator.

Can you feel the difference? 🙂

In the design industry, a great illustrator is replaceable.
While an innovative designer is rare.

If by today you draw ugly, that’s the perfect start.
You should feel proud of getting started, as most beginners will give up early.

The best time to start was yesterday.
Start climbing the ladder step-by-step.

Soon, you’ll take the rocket for success if you decide
to draw with the right method and strategy.

SPECIAL THANKS to Yves Dalbiez and Mboso for realising this amazing Vlog video!
Yves Dalbiez portfolio: https://www.dalbiez.com/

By Chou-Tac

Hello! I am a Product Designer from France. If the sketching methods I’ve acquired aid me in my life and in my industrial design career, I believe that they can also help you reach your design goal as a student or professional. My aim is to help you all along with your design projects and journey! Leave a comment in the blog or send me an email at choutac@thedesignsketchbook.com : ) Chou-Tac

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