We all know about Brainstorming.
I was thinking about using this creative drawing session with the “Doodle-Storm” technique.

Try, and send me yours by email at choutac@thedesignsketchbook.com!


It’s a real pleasure to get absorbed by the “Doodle-Storm” session – Drawing some free form of an Earphone.
I didn’t give myself a time limit (I had the whole night in front of me).

However, my aim was filling the full canvas of Sketchbook Pro
before I fall asleep on my Wacom screen tablet Cintiq 22.

To avoid distraction

(Facebook, Twitter, Emails…), I plug some earphone in my ears and watch a movie while drawing. I realized that I could get more productive and creative that way linking pleasure of drawing with pleasure of watching a comedy.



00:26 I am sketching on Sketchbook Pro

00:32 Many Designers love that software

00:37 It’s light, and reproduce a natural feel of a pencil

00:47 Sketch your first lines with a light pressure

00:54 Then, bold the lines with more confidence

01:10 Vary the size of your sketches

01:50 Fill the blank space of sketches

02:14 Train your vision, drawing in multiple views

02:28 Press Ctrl-Z (Undo) to explore different lines

02:34 Add a POP of colour

02:40 To direct the viewer eye through the board

03:01 Music from Bensound.com, India

I invite you to take a pen, traditional or digital and make a try !

It’s fun.

Send me your artworks ! at choutac@thedesignsketchbook.com. 🙂

PS: I made a similar creative sketching session of bags here.


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