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I accidentally spoiled one of my sketch with water. But it was actually a happy discovery ! Let’s make it our TIP of the Day !

I was drinking a  bottle of water I just took out from the fridge. Because of the water condensation, some drop of water dropped on some of my sketches.

One sip of water and I got 7 “beautiful” stains.

But it’s ok. I actually don’t give much value to my sketches so it doesn’t affect me. When such things happened, tell yourself that you are able to draw a lot more anyway. As long as you don’t intend to show them to a client.

You can refer to the non damaged sketches on the article:

I guess that’s how I made this event a positive thing: If water can dilute my ink, why not playing with this ! It’s like watercolour !

1- Draw with a felt pen or Ink gel.

2- Use a brush with ONLY water. You are ready to paint !

That’s what I like in experimenting stuff. Being surprised when unexpected things happen.

Feel free to leave a comment, and see you guys tomorrow for the next TIP of the day !

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