“You can’t have a career in Art. It’s a hobby.”
This belief needs to be strongly demystified. I show you how it is possible to make it a beautiful career.

So, you want to become a Designer? | It’s possible.

  1. Art is not a career… Really?
  2. “Work” meant “Torture” in French.
  3. The world needs you as a designer.
  4. We need people who think out of the box.
  5. Product design is a serious and passionate career!
  6. From idea to reality.

Today, I still see plenty of people follow the “Corporate path” instead of listening to their “Creative calling”.

I receive messages about whom wants to become a Designer, but their parents want them to become engineers or doctors.

So they become average engineers or average doctors…

Choose your career path
Choose your career path

Beware of self-sabotage

I did this mistake. But it was my own choice.
My parents always supported me in all my decisions.

I sabotaged myself “wasting” 3 years studying Business and IT before I enrolled in my Design school.

I have no regret.
I did what I thought was the right thing.
It was part of my journey, I learned, and since, I fixed it.

It just took me longer than all my friends to realize what I really want to do in life.

While all my friends were already working, I went back to school at 22 years old, starting a Master’s degree in Product Design.

I graduated at 27 years old with honors.
Then I flew to Germany to work for Adidas.

Someone said: “Luck is a skill”.

So if you are in a similar case as I was, remember this.
When we do something we love, we put all we got to succeed.
So the higher chance you attract.

moano navigate in ocean - drawing animation
“Build your own boat to navigate”

If your choice is strongly influenced by your parents despite your wishes, don’t blame them.

They want your good.

Parents are human and they do mistakes like you and me.
It’s your role to communicate, educate them on what is Industrial Design.

Remember, you are RESPONSIBLE for your path.

With this mindset, you realize that even if things don’t turn as you wish, you can always do something.

If you are interested in Product Design, Architecture, Fashion, Car design, Visual Communication… I want you to avoid the mistakes I made.

So many talents are not happening, kept quiet or dormant.
Just because it’s considered “not reasonable” to choose a job or career by passion.


Since when,
Passion and Career should be separated?

Did you know

In French, “Working” is: “Travailler”.
It comes from the word “Trepalium”. Which means “Torture”!

Designer's meeting and presentation
Designer’s meeting and presentation

Working = Torture (Latin)
By definition, we have to suffer to have a job…


Let me share with you my 2cents opinion on this.

I hope it may help you realize how much giving a chance to your Industrial Design dream might be life-changing for: Long term happiness.

The world needs you to become a designer.

Design exists since mankind was sharpening stones to make weapons to hunt.
However, today, designers are more than that.

World Trade Center Station - Architecture - New York
World Trade Center Station – New York

Designers are storytellers.

They make the world brighter, more colorful, and full of sensations.
Customers are amazed, and happiness is created.

This is why a Designer is a high demand from the market and the industry.
A designer is not just a fancy position making stuff pretty.

They have a key role.

They create meaningful products that improve people’s life.
You fusions art and design to constantly innovate.

iMac message - Do More
Do more

Imagine a world without any designers.
The world would be so sad!

No Samsung, No Apple, No Nike, No Tesla, No creation…

The economy needs creative people to thrive and lift up everyone together.

“Design, vitalized, and simplified, will make the comforts of civilized life available to an ever-increasing number of Americans.”

– Raymond Loewy

We need creative people who think out of the box

Creativity doesn't need limits
Creativity doesn’t need limits.

Yes, the Design industry is not publicly well known.
Most of the time, we have no friend designers. So we feel pretty much alone.

But if you feel your heart beats for Design, do your research.
Don’t listen to the wrong voices that would kill your dream in the egg.

Do not assume. You need to verify the information yourself.
A designer is pretty much a rebel.

He keeps questioning the status quo for his design projects.

Start being a rebel today.
That’s how you can be among the designers who change the world.

The industry needs creative people and leaders who think out of the box.

I hope you realize how Art and creativity are deeply are fully integrated into the industrial system.

“Product Design” is a serious and also passionate career!

Become a designer is a team work
Become a designer is a team work

You can have a serious career as a Product designer, like anyone studying in a business or engineering school.

On top of it, you will live with your passion daily!

Imagine you get paid, going to the office daily for drawing!
It is such a kid’s dream becoming a reality!

You get paid for doing what you love: Drawing. : )

How to become a designer | Interviews.

I invite you to watch more on the fascinating designer’s career:

Remember that designers have a key role in the industry.
They are as much or even more important as Engineers, Marketers, and Salespeople.

Make things happen from idea to reality

They are in close relation with all departments to make the product will at the user’s hand with the highest quality they can at the right time.

Protect your ideas to make a better world
Protect your ideas to make a better world

Michael DiTullo mentioned:

“It is easy to have ideas. But what is the most difficult is to protect it.”

During the creative process to the commercialization phase, you will face:

  • Engineering issues
  • Suppliers quality
  • Organization tight deadline
  • Costing challenges
  • Marketing vision disagreement

It is not going to be easy.
Your role is to solve problems and challenge the (im)possible.
And have the ability to make people believe in you as a creative leader.

If you have a crush for Art & Design,
give your best chances to create a life-long relationship for your career! 🙂

Hope it helps!


PS: Remember, to become a Designer, it all starts by communicating your ideas visually. Keep up learning how to sketch. : )

What’s next

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  • I am a Mechanical Engineer and I decided to pursue a career in industrial design. You are not the reason for the decision but you are definitely the reason I am still stuck on it. I have read your ebook and I have started reading all your articles. They are truly informative and motivating. I have started preparing for CEED exam here in India.

  • Dear friend Chou-Tac Chung
    You made my Day a happy day…
    Today is a special Day.
    I don’t know if you know what Day is today for us, Brazilian people, but I can remember you: Independence Day…
    It means a lot: historically, supposedly, it came to freedom a future BIG NATION. Practically, by the time, it came to mean a NEW CONSUMER MARKETING of stuff OF ALL KINDS…
    NOT necessarily GOOD stuff…
    So, I must say, you made me happy by listening to you encouraging your students…
    So I must ask you to ask them to study the example of Designers with a Humanistic & Humanitarian Vision, like Victor Papanek, a TRUE example to be followed, whose work serves as an incentive for achievement and HAPPINESS combined.
    I remember what you’ve said when I told you about the Japanese ” Wabi-Sabi “:
    __ ” It is a very interesting approach while we keep buying and throwing things away. ”
    __ ” It is also related about appreciating what we already have with an emotional feeling. ”
    __ ” Some objects may be rusted or tarnished. But the story we have created with it is in our heart. ”
    And about what you’ve said about the OPPOSITE of ” Travailler “:
    __ ” I hope it may help you realize how much giving a chance to your Industrial Design dream might be life-changing for: Long term happiness. ”
    __ ” The world NEEDS designers.
    __ ” We need creative people who think OUT of the box. ”
    __ ” The industry needs creative people and leaders who think OUT of the box. ”
    We must ask something ELSE: what KIND of HAPPINESS we’re looking for…
    Papanek used to ANSWER this KIND of question: __” How could the designer, who must (like others) make a living actually serve ‘real needs’ of human beings? ”
    • Remember Victor PAPANEK
    As Papanek traveled around the world, he gave lectures about his ideas for ecologically sound design and designs to serve the poor, the disabled, the elderly and other minority segments of society. He wrote or co-wrote eight books. How could the designer, who must (like others) make a living actually serve ‘real needs’ of human beings? “I have tried to demonstrate that by freely giving 10 percent of his time, talents, and skills the designer can help.” In other words, a willingness to volunteer.
    . •
    ” Zen-Clean Style ”

    __ ” PROJECT
    is a SEED
    to be thrown
    on FERTILE Soil … ”


    ” zen_studio_for_life … ”