Are you thinking about Sketching Daily (or at least more often)?
Let’s see the 8 benefits to draw anytime without pressure and happiness.

At the end of this article,
you may feel inspired to start drawing daily by tomorrow or even today! : )

8 Reasons why it is fun to draw daily!

  1. Take it easy.
  2. Green sketching.
  3. Never get bored with sketching.
  4. Drawing = Meditate.
  5. Discover new places.
  6. Daily drawing album.
  7. Connect with people.
  8. Drawing challenge!

Why? To feel inspired all the time!

I’ve just gone to an Ice cream shop.

Since I had a salty dinner,
I needed a bit of sweetness.

I upgraded my coffee ice cream
for this puppy face made of
extra white chocolate toppings.

Ice cream puppy drawing
Drawing on the ice cream cone paper

This puppy art was pretty creative and cute.
It gave me the feeling to draw something.

My ballpoint pen was in my pocket like every day)

  • I took the pen,
  • I looked around me,
  • Saw a lizard outside the window,
  • And draw it!

Find daily references around you to sketch.

Lizard drawing from the wall (Ballpoint pen)
It’s common to see them crawling your walls at home or any cafe.
(Lizard drawing – Ballpoint pen)

8 Reasons to Start Drawing Daily

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner
or a professional artist or designer.
There are plenty of benefits of drawing for leisure.

1. Embrace your mistakes

Garfield Comic

Drawing daily, you replace the “Fear of failing” with “Having fun at failing”.
You get used to seeing your mistakes every day.

Mistakes are your friends.
So take it easy!

2. Green sketching

Subway sketch on receipt
Drawing Subway interior design

Draw daily on any cheap support and it will help you
release the pressure of making bad drawings.

Drawing on an expensive Sketchbook
or Special “Layout paper for Copic markers” can paralyze.

Here you want to draw on free support:

You would have thrown these papers away.
Why not give them a second life with your input of creativity?
It could be pretty charming and creative.

+ Another great support to consider is your skin!
Draw some “ephemeral tattoo”, it’s washable. : )

3. Sketching is entertaining!

Drawing on a $1 note pad
Drawing on a $1 notepad

You hang out with your imagination.
You don’t need your mobile phone to entertain you.

Take anything around you as a subject to draw.
If you draw in public, and you found something,
feel free to laugh alone (like when you watch a movie).

Never get bored.
When you draw, it’s your moment.

4. Drawing = Meditate

Art is like Meditation
Art is like Meditation

Your body and mind don’t need any cigarettes,
drugs, or alcohol to feel better.

Anytime during the day, start drawing and you will escape from reality.

Your mind will be entering a bubble of creativity,
where noise around you has no effect on you – as well as your daily problems.

Your stress will disappear.

5. Find new places to draw!

Drawing monuments in Vietnam for VTV4, a National TV show documentary

Stop drawing only at home, office, or at work.
Start drawing in a new context.

Every new place is a new inspiration!
Arouse your imagination!

Get out of your routine, and draw new things in new places.
You could create a Travel sketchbook!

You will be more attentive to details and more connected to the present moment.
These experiences will help you to learn a lot more about yourself as well.

6. Draw with a sketchbook

Aferolombrada sketchbook
Aferolombrada sketchbook

Like a photo album, compile your sketches in an album.
It will record your souvenirs.

The day you reopen your sketchbook,
all your feelings at that moment
will come back rushing in your heart.

You are not only storing drawings but your emotions.
If you like the idea, you may start a daily sketch journal.

7. Draw with your friends and family!

Drawing with my friend in a restaurant (Singapore)

Drawing has something magic in anyone’s eyes.
Enjoy sharing these magic moments at drawing together
with your kids, friends, girlfriend, grandparents…

8. Start drawing challenge!

Concept Art drawing challenge – Inspired by Darren Quach

Don’t wait for Inktober or Produktober to start a daily drawing challenge.
They are amazingly inspiring.

the idea behind this is for you to do your own anytime in the year! :).

Some artists like to do it by theme.
For example Daily animal challenge, Daily People challenge…

If you study product design,
you could do a daily “kitchenware challenge”
or any category of product to focus on.

To me, I like to vary the topics by doing many challenges.

It’s a lot of fun!

Because I draw with a different style for, products, concept art, architecture, people, sneakers, fashion…

However, the most fun moment is when I experiment with new things by mixing my drawing styles.
(Example: drawing product design with a fashion illustration style)


See something cool? Draw it!
Drawing daily is as simple as that.
No pressure. No expectation. Just fun.

Some days, you will doodle something ugly, and that’s ok.
Because some days you’ll realize your progress, and do great things!
And that will be wonderful!

What’s next?

Kim is a baker from Seoul.
He has no great skill in drawing.
But great enough to express his ideas for his delicious creations.

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